Atahualpa 3.4.4 released

A few smaller bug fixes, see http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=3595

Please ask questions at the BFA WordPress Forum

Download Atahualpa Version 3.7.3

For a preview see http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/atahualpa

There will be no new version in Oct. I will be away for the first three weeks of October, with very limited internet access. The forum will be active but on the blog, comments will have to stay in queue until I am back.

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  1. Rahul Singhal:

    I just upgraded to WP 3.1 and the menu bar has stopped displaying correctly.

    It used to display a fixed width and now shortens to the length of the text in the menu.
    See the website for what I mean. http://www.saveamother.org

    any quick fix?

    I can also upgrade the theme, any suggestions on a stable build?


  2. didi:

    just amazing and clean, love it because its very fast compare to many themes.

  3. Alan:

    Love the theme, It does everything I want, except I am having the same issue as Candice, comment #67. I can change the .png out for anything that already existed in the “exclusive” folder ( example: I can replace logo.png with email.png and will have the email icon as my logo) , but it will not work for .png images that I import into the folder. I made sure that the image I am adding is only 60px tall and the file size is 2711 which is less than logo.png. I also changed the rights to 0644 after it would not load.



  4. AJ:

    Hello, Thanks for the great template, Im having one issue…

    on the post pages Im getting a code snippet at the top of the pages..

    I cant figure out why, or how to fix…any help is great.

    heres a link to page with error.

  5. Paul:

    The pages menu bar is very useful, and I use the dropdowns to provide a second level of info. But there are no (horizontal) flyouts, the next level down just covers items below where it springs from. Also, the dropdown right-hand edges are raggedy, and nothing I do will alter that.

  6. Jean:

    how to change the header image?

  7. Nextbig Blog:

    Thanks for this great theme , keep up the good work

  8. Sharon Jackson:

    Fast and Secure Contact Form by Mike Collis does not seem to work in this version. Can anyone recommend a contact form that will?

  9. dyuane:

    I trying to use the ata 3.4.6. how to get the vertical flyout to work in the left side bar? it doesn’t work right. I get a custom field but then my pages info goes below it.

  10. lockerz daveti:

    hi, a BIG BUG: title change can be updated on the page, always show the title of the first version saved.

  11. Nell:

    Really lovely theme and I love the ability to alter a lot of it. Unfortunately the use of tables just kills it for me. Whislt I understand your reasons, you jsut can’t escape from the fact that it’s not accessible. What a shame.

  12. metadrop:

    good looking theme thanks!

  13. Candice:

    I love this theme, but I’m having trouble replacing your logo.png with my company’s logo. I’m using this on a GoDaddy-hosted website, and I’ve uploaded my own logo (be-logo.png) to the same file folder as your logo.png (images-exclusive), but all that shows up when I save it is the alternate “business earth” words where the logo should be. What have I done wrong? I’ve reset the site to use your logo.png file for now, but I want to know how to replace your file with my own logo.

    Thanks for creating the theme, just need some help here.

  14. wax:

    Hi, I really like this theme as i can change most things the way I like. I only have one big problem; there is no place to add my Google ad’s. It would be really nice if there would be a opportunity to ad it to %bar1 or %bar2 . Are maybe a chance to put it above the main title. It’s PHP code. I now added it in the index.php but there is no way i can change the layout around the ads.

  15. Sarah:

    I have the same question as above. How do I go in and add my own custom header to Atahualpa. Please someone give me some instructions on how to get into it and upload my header, etc.


  16. Flynn:

    @Martin 56:

    The Atahualpa 3 layout is based on a table layout (with a twist) instead of only DIV’s for the following reason:

    In a DIV only layout, the right sidebar will drop below the layout and align to the left, in IE 6, if any content in any of the columns is even 1 pixel too wide. In all browsers it will look just fine, so without actually testing in IE 6 you wouldn’t even know.

    This is a problem that all fluid DIV only layouts suffer from. The http://matthewjamestaylor.com/ layouts don’t drop the sidebar but you can absolutly not have any borders between the columns with that technique – not even with images.

    Atahualpa 2 was a DIV only, so called “Holy Grail” layout, using the http://webhost.bridgew.edu/etribou/layouts/skidoo_redux/ layout technique, which is probably the best Holy Grail DIV only layout. But it drops too, as do all the other DIV only layouts – ALL of them. I worked very hard and very long on this issue.

    Finally, Atahualpa does not just “use a table”. If it just used a table, oversized content and non-breakable strings would simply expand the layout. It uses a table that is set to table-layout:fixed, and colgroup to set the sidebar widths, plus a wrapper DIV around the table. Result: Does not drop in IE6 like a DIV only layout always does. Does not expand with wide content like a table always does.

    Now, for a fixed width layout tables are indeed not needed. I might include a DIV only layout in one of the next versions but this might be a “Pro” version that you’d get as a donor at forum.bytesforall.com. Not “Pro” in a sense that it is harder to do, but I’d have to maintain 2 layout techniques then which will increase the effort for this – free – theme.

  17. David:

    How Do I change the image header. Are there written instructions anywhere?

  18. Bugs:


    I have the same problem as baszero (27th of Dec), it seems as as soon as you leave one comment on a page, then you do not have the option to leave more comments…

    I have checked all my settings and comments are enabled:
    – Settings->Discussion
    – On the page itself
    – I even checked the SQL, and the comment status is set to allow comment

    Comment works when there are no comment on the page, but the text field for leaving a comment diseapear as soon as a comment is posted!

  19. Fred Krueger:

    Great theme, Looking forward to using it on my next website. Keep up the good work.

  20. Chris:

    Does it work with WordPress MU 2.6.1?

  21. Mukul:

    hi! I am from Bangladesh. I am using Atahualpa 3.4.4 in my site. Its really great! I don’t know coding. Atahualpa help me to make such a beautiful site!

    Thumbs up to Atahualpa team! 🙂

  22. Jorry:

    I love this theme very much.My site http://harvestchem.iblogger.org are using it now.Thank you for your good job.

  23. Holger:


    One little question. WordPress 2.9.1 arrived and some girls and guys (incl. me 😉 want to know, if the latest release of this theme is ready for the upgrade of WP…



  24. Martin:

    I have to agree with the first commenter, rapunzelchen30. I’ve really been enjoying using Atahualpa and setting all the styles etc is a dream compared to normal css work.

    I am really surprised though to see tables used for layout. This really goes against the grain of modern, accessible web development. (See http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/tables.html) Tables should be used for data only, not for laying out or structuring pages, as per the W3C accessibility guidelines. Out of the box, WordPress is mostly AAA compliant, tables for layout in Atahualpa break this, as rapunzelchen30’s users experienced.

    I don’t want to just dis all your good work, but do you have a roadmap for replacing the tables used for layout? It’s really actually simpler to achieve the same layout with divs and styling, I’ve never come across any layout that could only be done with tables.

    I ask, because I’d like to use Atahualpa for a number of projects, but this breaks accessibility in such a major way that it’s going to be hard to justify to clients. If I know you have it in hand and on the way, then maybe I can live with it for a few sub-versions.

    I don’t think it would actually be that much work to swap out the tables, I could be willing to contribute if that would be a help.

    Sorry for negativity there, otherwise, great!



  25. Willin Wang:

    Language Pack seems to be imcompleted…

  26. Ideefixx:

    @ CARLO, I have the same problem:
    As soon as there is at least ONE COMMENT on a page, the form disappers and nobody can submit any other comments anymore…

    What is the solution for this bug??


  27. voice of south:


    Happy New Year. I am a admin of voiceofsouth.org and currently we are using your theme. I must say, your theme is relly nice. But, we are running a group blog where authors name with blog is relly important.
    But your theme doesn’t display author name with posts. We are not so expert to fix it. Could you please us on this issue? I mean what to do to display authors name with posts automatically?

  28. Pranav:

    Your theme is featured in wordpress & is becoming more popular everyday.
    I’m totally impressive by the way I can customise the website without having to know any coding scripting etc.

    Thanks. You guys rock!!

  29. Mariana Evlogieva:

    I love Atahualpa!!!

    2 of my blogs (http://13.interpres.org/ and http://igrata.interpres.org/) are using Atahualpa and I am very very happy! 🙂

  30. baszero:

    As soon as there is at least ONE COMMENT on a page, the form disappers and nobody can submit any other comments anymore…

    When will this be fixed? Workaround?


  31. Steve Sherron:

    I am running this theme on more than one site and totally love it. I have one site where I’m having a problem with “post preview”. It either will not show a post preview or so slow that it may show up 10 minutes after clicking the preview button. The problem appears in Firefox, Safari & Google Chrome.

    I’m running 3.4.4. I have switched themes also and run 3.4.2 with same problem. Anyone have any similar problems and find a solution?

  32. Howard:

    sorry for typo:
    title change CANNOT be updated on the page, always show the title of the first version saved.

  33. Howard:

    hi, a BIG BUG: title change can be updated on the page, always show the title of the first version saved.

  34. Valerian Kadyshev:


    Will Atahualpa will be continued and renewed for the latest WordPress versioned 2.9?

    Thanks, Valerian.

  35. John:

    Hello. Great theme! I am relatively new to the whole WordPress thing but already see its potential through your theme, thanks!

    I have a question though. Is there a post info item like %permalink% that only displays the URL (not the full links themselves) for the category and archive pages?

    I am trying to add a “Return to top” button in the footers of the post entries. Also, is there a way to move items that are in the post footers to the right (float right) while the rest of the items remain on the left (float left)? I want to be able to put the “Return to top” button in the far right of the footer box while having it remain on the same line as the other links and information already found in the post footer.

    Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!

  36. Chad McCullough:

    Great themes! I love that they are all very easy to customize. I can see that there has been a lot of time put into them.

    I’m using the BFA Imageless theme. Obviously, I want to keep the author information at the bottom of the theme. I think that when someone has put this much time into something, they absolutely deserver ALL the credit for their hard work. I don’t have anything on my site that is under any type of copyright. Is it okay (and even possible) to remove the copyright info at the bottom of the theme while keeping theme author information in place?


  37. Paul:

    I was about to go for Thesis but this looks just as good and it’s free. I came across from the http://bewealthminded.com site so I’ll soon be updating my Evanescence theme. If it’s as good as they say I’ll pop in a donation.

  38. cjt:

    Hi, Flynn.
    I posted an issue at the forum but one month past no one answered. The problem is content overlaping on safari and firefox.
    I’ had to change my template to another while I get no answer. Th picture is in my thread, at http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=4534
    Do you think possible to have an answer to that? I’d really like to continue using atahualpa…
    Thanks in advance,

  39. Josh:

    Just discovered Atahualpa. Looks like a popular theme. Got a few projects in mind for it. Thanks!

  40. Nanda:

    Buddy, you have done a great work. wishing you all the very best.

  41. himalibabu:

    hi admin,
    how could i install this theme to my blog could you please assist me.

  42. rjjrdq:

    That sidebar problem is not fixable. Had to toss it. Too bad, it used to be a good theme.

  43. Carlo:

    I must corrct my comment above: the ‘bug’ is not there, I was not using the ptions correctly. So never mind that…. The theme is so versatile that I don’t see what else one should need to make a great looking site.

  44. Carlo:

    What a supertheme! It makes everything else obsolete. I found one bug: post titles can’t be changed once they are saved (as draft or published). That’s all.


  45. Stacy Robertson:

    Great job guys. It is a very versatile theme.

  46. sove:

    Great template.I loıve it.

  47. Mark:

    How can we add a featured video before the contents on the homepage?

    So when I post video, it won’t go along with the common post, it will only stay at the top of the homepage.

  48. R4i:

    Many thanks for this! Have downloaded and works great.

  49. FrmClub:

    its very nice themes..

  50. coco:

    hi, i am using above theme to construct my site, and installed WPML, multilanguage, theme localization, managed to get the .mo files for desired translation languages, i need the TEXT DOMAIN VALUE of the theme please, so it can be inserted into the plugin.

    When the theme was created, the texts were wrapped in gettext calls. Each call includes two arguments – the string that needs to be translated and a second argument called the text-domain. This second argument identifies all the texts in the theme as belonging to it. You need to enter this value in the text domain field, so that WPML can load the translation file and assign it to the theme.

    Otherwise it is an awesome them to use – please help, thanks.

  51. steve:

    This is definately a very nice template , will be moving a bunch of my sites to this and will definately donate 🙂

  52. Angga:

    It’s great theme..
    I’m very like it

  53. Sove:

    This is a simply fantastic theme. Thanks a lot from TURKEY..

  54. Toto:

    Thank’s bro..

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  56. Flynn:

    @stillthinking: There are over 200 sites listed here http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=95

  57. Flynn:

    @Digg: There is a forum, see link at the top of this page, and we answered thousands of questions for free, including many time consuming customizations.

  58. Jay Ashman:

    when upgrading from 3.4.1 to 3.4.4 will I lose all my custom settings or will they transfer over seamlessly?

    When I go to upgrade automatically it says I will lose custom settings… so how do I back these up?

  59. Amanda Vande Zande:

    Wow, I love this template. I have designed a Green Webhosting site around it…www.gogreenwebhosting.info, and it just looks fantastic. Thanks for the great template!!!

  60. Digg:

    The owners of this theme will not start a forum anytime soon because they make money by offering advice and assistance ONLY for people who DONATE MONEY.

  61. Aj:

    Awesome thanks!

    Simply amazing theme, just finished my redesign at http://www.wpexplorer.com/ and it was really easy to get everything exactly how I wanted.

    thanks! Im thinking of donating soon!!!

  62. James:

    It’s great theme…I can customize and learn a lot from this theme, thanks

  63. Fad:

    i have Atahualpa 3.4.2 installed with lot of editing on styles.
    what happens if I install 3.4.4, will i lose all my configuration?

  64. Melody:

    This is a great theme. My sister site has decided to use it. Is there any chance that you’d make a bbPress Theme to match it? I’d love to see it!

  65. SBG:

    This is a simply fantastic theme. Good Lord, I love you. One problem, though — tables in the main column will bleed into right columns if the tables are too wide for resolution. How can I get them to stay within the main column or at least be obscured by the right columns?

  66. Jason H:

    Does anyone know how I could highlight or otherwise call out one of the pages in the page menu bar?


  67. homeworkerforum.com:

    I have the same problem with the share-this plugin (like Keith has with sociable). It doesn’t displsy.

  68. Hello Tim Davis « Alpha Johns Well:

    […] Here is a link to the latest theme which is installed on your new site. http://wordpress.bytesforall.com/?p=81 […]

  69. tw:

    great looking theme. using it for my blog now. thank you!

  70. Keith:

    Atahualpa diffinitely makes your job easier, however it doesn’t display socialable plugin correctly.

    I am using WordPress 2.8.4 with Atahualpa 3.4.4 theme template. How come the sociable 3.5.1 plugin show a break (icons on 2 lines) in IE and not Firefox (icons on single line)? How do I remove the break in IE that causes the icons to be on 2 lines when you add more than 9 social network icons?

  71. brandon:

    WOW,,,BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. You guys are amaizing, for someone who does not know php this theme is a lifesaver…

  72. haber:

    its very nice theme

  73. 少爷:

    Does this theme has Chinese support?
    Thank you.

  74. stillthinking:

    Hello Bytesforall team! I just wanted to thank for you making such a terrific theme. I am so happy, thrilled and pleased with my customizations.

    I am currently unemployed, or else I would be hitting that donate button.

    I do have a suggestion for you.

    Can you start a Atahualpa blog directory? I am dying to find other bloggers who use Atahualpa and see what their customizations have yielded. I can’t help but think that other bloggers are just as curious as I am.

    Thanks again!

  75. Deepesh Divakaran:

    Ohh… Thanks for the new release. You guyz are doing a great job, a real great job.

  76. Designumstellung und Mobile Theme auf nodch.de | nodch.de:

    […] mit dem alten Theme war ich irgendwie nie richtig zufrieden, nun nutze ich als Basis das Atahualpa Theme von BytesForAll. Das gefällt mir im Backend wesentlich besser und ist flexibler was die Darstellung angeht. […]

  77. dee:

    Updating to the current version was easy and thus far everything is working smoothly. I will be contributing again….you guys are the best. Thanks for sharing your themes with the wordpress community.

  78. Marcio Rocon:

    Fantastic Version! Thanks..

  79. rapunzelchen30:

    Hi there!
    I love Atahualpa and within my small community started a real hype about it. Since I started using it 15!! of the Bloggers i know personally, switched to this theme.
    There is only one point that concerns me: I do not know much about HTML and CSS programming. Nevertheless a challenge that i am unsure on how to handle: My blind readers cannot “see” my entries – all they get is references to tables rather than content.
    Is there an accessible Version of this theme in the pipeline or are you suggesting i rather look elsewhere for that?
    I can imagine how much time it took you to get this far, so mine is probably a stupid demand. But nevertheless: better be outspoken about accessibility as the web-community is getting older and blindness as well as sight impairedness is a well spread disability.
    I would happily look forward to a reply!

    Thanks in advance!

    Moni*Kroemann* from Essen in Germany