A new 3 columns fluid WordPress theme.

A few highlights:

3 columns, fluid 100% width with customizable sidebar widths
Changeable logo and header images
Widget ready
Options page with Auto SEO options
Valid XHTML and browser-safe.

Test run Atahualpa
Download Atahualpa 1.0

NEW VERSION 2.0 2.01 released, click here

Atahualpa WordPress Theme

License: GPL 2

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  3. ali:

    hi! i have been trying to download BFA Round Tabs version 1.0 from download link you given there but the result is that there is no file on server to download. please help me i need that theme.

  4. Joep Maas:

    What will happen if I change the footer code so it will not display the “Powered by WordPress & Atahualpa” part.

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