See you in 2009…

I am leaving for 2 days in the mountains. I’ll answer the remaining comments and forum questions until Jan 2-3 and release a new Atahualpa version a few days later. Happy new year and see you in 2009…

Google’s new own browser “Chrome”

Just stumbled over the download link for Google’s first own browser named “Chrome“. It seems to be pretty standards compliant. Wraps long strings, knows max-width and min-width, everything looks alright but I have not tested it much. One browser more to test sites on in the future but it looks like Google is NOT going […]

All open comments answered, updates coming next

I answered all open questions as far as I can see. Within a few days I should have installed WP 2.5 along with a neater system to test and showcase the current themes in various WP versions up to 2.5) and on a huge sample blog loaded with lots of content to test all kinds […]

Had to take a little timeout

My wife bought a house and I had to replace the mouse with the rotary hammer for a while. I’ll need another few weeks before I can get back to my WP themes. Just letting you know that this site and the themes are still being maintained. Theme updates and new themes are coming soon […]