See you in 2009…

I am leaving for 2 days in the mountains. I’ll answer the remaining comments and forum questions until Jan 2-3 and release a new Atahualpa version a few days later. Happy new year and see you in 2009…

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  1. -AmRaN-:

    Your theme is da bomb! Keep up da good work!

  2. blp-koeln:

    thx a lot

  3. Wade:

    Is there a way to get a category RSS feed from the Atahualpa 3.1.7 theme? Btw, it is awesome!

  4. Guillaume:

    Happy new year, and thanks a lot for your wordpress theme, it’s really great !

  5. blp-koeln:

    Happy new year and have fun in the mountains :-)

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    [...] The rest is here:  BytesForAll WordPress Themes » See you in 2009… [...]

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