Atahualpa 3.1.7 released

With this version more than 30 bugs have been fixed since the initial 3.0 release. New in this version 3.1.7:

  • there were no next/previous comments links on the first page of comments in WP 2.7
  • the “added backslashes” in post footers started appearing again in the last release
  • the Archives page didn’t work right
  • WP-Postratings is a new item than can be used in Post Info Items. It was planned long ago but didn’t work in the last few releases.
  • a few more small bits and pieces

I tested this release with the following plugins, all turned on at once in WP 2.7: Business Directory, Commentluv, FeedBurner FeedSmith, Get Recent Comments, LMB^Box Comment Quicktags, Sociable, Subscribe To Comments, WP-EMail, WP-PageNavi, WP-PostRatings, WP-PostViews, WP-Print, WP-Syntax and WPG2

NOTE: To escape literal strings inside of dates in post info items, a hash sign # must be used now instead of a backslash.

How To update from 3.x: Upload the theme and overwrite any existing theme files. (if you made manual edits to theme files, you’d have to re-apply them). Existing theme option settings would keep working.
How To update from 2.x: Upload the theme like another new theme. It will co-exist with 2.x. Select the new theme in the WordPress admin area.

UPDATE: 3.1.8 released – CLICK HERE for the new version

Discuss the theme at the BFA Forums or leave a comment here.

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  1. silverlight development company:

    Impressive! FYI, it still says “Atahualpa version 3.1.3 -. Check out” is the configuration page.

  2. shopfitouts:

    I am having the same problem as Tabela…

    How can we move the navbar under the site logo successfully?

    I love version 3 though.

  3. tabela:

    Hi – I’d like to move the navigation menu to under the logo. This was pretty easy code edit in version 2 but seems next to impossible in version 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Tambrey:

    TRDRpB TYVM you’ve solved all my prbloems

  5. seobrooklyn.com:

    Thanks for your hard work, this update is helpful. @tcounts, I’ll have a look at the template but it should just be a modification in the header.php

  6. Nidan:

    I run out of ideas how to get the gallery to a bottom of an article. It doesn’t matter where i place the (nggallery id=#) or (gallery=#), it always show the gallery on top of the article. I’d really like to have it after the text again, and not on top. (EG: http://www.danigg.ch/ferien/sudengland/)
    I use Atahualpa 3.4.4 with wp 2.9.2
    Please tell me it is possible somehow.
    Thank you

  7. Elizabeth:

    Hi, I’m using the Atahualpa theme for 3 websites – one for me and two for clients. I love the flexibility but I’ve been unable to find a solution for one question – I want to justify my page menu bar so that the page items distribute evenly across the full width, which is set at 1024. Is this possible?


  8. Dan Walter:

    Great theme. I have one problem. While I have seen it listed before, I cannot find a solution.

    My logo will not work. In fact the logo.gif files will not work. The huge-logo-gif file works great. I cannot find this file ANYWHERE (I have looked for an hour). It is not in the images folder and I have never touched it.

    Any suggestions?

  9. Ujwal:

    I want to reduce the size of the header on each page. How do I do that?

  10. Mar:

    Hi, I am wondering how to center the blog title? I have tried entering “text-align: center;” into the “Blog Title” styling field and this moves the blog title to the right, but it is as if the blog title is in a table cell that only takes up 1/2 the width of the website, so the blog title is still well to the left of the center of the page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  11. Meg:

    this may be a dumb question but I cannot figure out how to change the background of the body box from white to black. can anyone help??

  12. Ree:

    So many question, too few answers. Love the style, but my header image floats off the page when the page is resized (made smaller). I don’t see where I can make that stop, and I don’t want to center my image.
    I’d prefer for the page not to resize at all, Is there a way to stop this? Or, at least change it to where the logo (header image) stays put?

  13. oide:

    I don’t know what is going on. Since I upgraded to v3.31 and then installed the v3.3.2 patch my site is defaulting to the WordPress Default Theme every few hours. Any ideas.?

  14. pam:

    newbie here. Trying to set up my site and have a number of questions. First one being how do you get the images to rotate faster? It only happens upon refresh, and sometimes it sticks on one picture. Also, what image size will not make the pictures too stretched out?

  15. ChrisW:

    Great theme – I’m still exploring all the options. But how do I move the “Powered by…” message inside my configurable footer? I’m very happy to keep these links in the footer, but I’d like to be able to arrange them alongside my other footer content more easily. I’m new to WordPress, so I don’t know where to look for the code that outputs these links. Can anybody tell em where to find these links so I can move them?

  16. Michael Torner:

    Finally something new for me to learn and I am already subscribed. You can contact me if you need to. 😀

  17. colin:

    How do I center the header? and how do I make each page link a differnt color?

  18. Marcis Gasuns:

    ru_RU.mo is still free to do? I can do it.

  19. Derek M.:

    Thanks for sharing this theme and continuing to update it. It is one of the nicest and customizable themes I’ve came across. Keep up the good work.

  20. pmphilipps:

    Gassspppp!!! This is THE wordpress theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Boudewijn:

    Great theme!!!

    thanks for all the hard work.

  22. Wesley:

    The sidebars works in V2.2.1 but not in V3.1.7. No display for the sidebars. But the mai content remains in good shape. Any advice? Basically, i have V2,2,1 and V3..7 co-exist at this point of time.

  23. xxxevilgrinxxx:

    Scratch that, I just figured out something that works, although it’s now necessary to click on the colour bar to the right of the picker before a change will take…weird

  24. xxxevilgrinxxx:

    hello 🙂
    Under “Body, Text and links” in the options page in 3.17, I can’t seem to change the default link colour. I’ve tried both the colour picker and just typing in a hex code, and neither seem to take. I’ll keep trying but if someone’s got a fix for me, I’d love it, thanks 😀

  25. Karen - An Artists Garden:

    Flyn – sorry – I have worked it out formyself now – so please just delete comment. I have also made a small donation.
    It really is an awesome theme – you have made it so workable even for CSS illiterate people like me.
    Warm regards

  26. Karen - An Artists Garden:

    Flyn, I have just upgraded Atahualpa 3, and you have done amazing things with the theme – thank you.
    I am a bit confused (sorry old grey cells – dont always take on board new stuff)
    I want to make the font size a bit bigger. In the old theme I had it set at 90.
    and I want to change the colour of the Titles of the widget box.
    Please could you point me in the right direction

  27. Manon Michel:

    Hi, I’m getting this message whenever the Post Feeds link is clicked:

    XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity Location: http://blog.microroastcoffee.net/wordpress/?feed=rss2 Line Number 2, Column 1:

    Anyone know what’s going on?

  28. Lozza:

    How I can float the page or category menus to the right?


  29. Gary LaPointe:

    This is pretty amazing with all these options!!!

    I don’t see anything on how to have info at the tops of Archive pages like “Posts tagged with _______” or “December 2008” or “Category ________” . Is it in there and I’m just missing it?


  30. Angela:

    Thank you for your theme. I am having problems with other browsers though. The header is not showing up in firefox and my embedded flash video is not showing up in Safari. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  31. Rick:

    Hi Flynn,
    Have you had a chance to take a look at my comments re posts 58, 57 & 51? Any advice would be appreciated.

  32. zhouk design blog » Will I be a Posting Fiend?:

    […] out on figuring out this whole blog set up (not as easy for me as I had hoped, although, using this atahualpa theme helped tremendously), or I may have just been trying to focus on too many things at once.  Now […]

  33. Lauren:

    Can you please tell me how to move my page menu bar from the left side of the page to the center, and add more space between the page names?

    Thank you!

  34. Flynn:

    @tcounts: 61
    This should be even easier now, see Atahualpa Theme Options -> Header -> Configure Header Area

  35. tcounts:

    Hi – I’d like to move the navigation menu to under the logo. This was pretty easy code edit in version 2 but seems next to impossible in version 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  36. Gretchen Noelle:

    First off, thank you! I just switched to my own domain, switched to wordpress 2.7 (from blogspot) and found Atahualpa and loved it. I am really happy with this theme ad am impressed at how it looks. I am adding my own touches and found a similar problem that was mentioned regarding the rotating header image. Mine also cycles to a lot of blanks. I don’t think I have any dots (ref #55) on my image files. Is there something else that I can change or edit to make the images show up? Thanks!

  37. Sonar:

    Hi Flynn, thanks
    small requests. in comments.php this code

    <input class="text author" type="text" name="author" id="author" value="" size="30" tabindex="1" /><label for="">

    not valid in validator.w3.org then _e(‘author’,’atahualpa’) return russian word ( or othes not english)

    and I can not understand why I have never called comments.php only comments-paged.php (put a label to detect)

  38. Rick:

    Thanks for the quick reply Flynn. I modified the code, but no images are displayed. Do I still need the “if” statement…

    if (strpos($header_items,’%image’)!==false) {

    at the beginning of the header section? I tried it with and without the if statement, but still no images.

    Any advice would be appreciated,
    P.S. you can just contact me at rickoco at truereckoning.com is you want.

  39. Flynn:

    @Rick: 41

    This is a rather huge change in code. Try this: In bfa_header_config, cut and paste

    // Header Image
    $header_image = '<div class="header-image-container" style="background: ...
    ... ~17 lines of code ...
    $header_image .= '</div>';
    // END of Header Image

    right after this:

    $logo_area .= '</td>';
    // END of title/description

    and wrap the (copied & pasted) code into <td>…</td> like this

    // Header Image
    $header_image = '<td ' . $header_rowspan . 'valign="middle"><div class="header-image-container" style="background: ...
    ... ~17 lines of code ...
    $header_image .= '</div></td>';
    // END of Header Image

    Note the added code (opening and closing TD tags). Further adjustments might be needed, I have not tried this

  40. Flynn:

    @Cornelcus: Technically you can, but in that case: Please Donate. See the Paypal donate link at the top. Any amount is appreciated.

  41. Flynn:

    @Andy: 45 & 50
    Your header image starts with a dot and your host has probably set the server to not display files that start with a dot (so that .htaccess files won’t be displayed publicly).

  42. Flynn:

    @Shafique: 44
    Sure, and huge-logo.gif was meant as an example. You should be able to put logos of any size there

  43. Flynn:

    @CuddlyCats.net 43

    The Willy the Cat theme is still rather fresh, it should work on WP 2.7

  44. Flynn:

    @nandu 42
    Try adding the google code before or after

    <?php bfa_header_config($bfa_ata_configure_header); ?>

    in header.php

  45. Rick:

    Hello Flynn,
    I really like your theme, but I’d like to include the rotating images between the logo and search box area in the header instead of having a separate image section. Can you tell me how to make that change please? Send a reply to rickoco at truereckoning.com

    You can see the style changes I’ve made at blog.truereckoning.com if you’re interested. (no content yet, just design)


  46. andy:

    Shafique, thanks. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with browser caching if that is what you mean. I have the same website on 2 different servers, 2 different domains. Image rotation works fine on the older server, not on the new one.

    You can refresh 30 times, and 20/30 you will get no image. Not just the same image – no image. This is with wordpress 2.7 and php5.

  47. Shafique:

    @Andy: Have you clear the cache?

  48. andy:

    Re. Comment #45 – rotating header image blanking out appears related to the server the site is on (php5, godaddy), works fine on this server: http://www.sustain.ca

    Just wondering how/where I can add a css item for page menu bar text once clicked (down state?). Link text is white, menu item bg color is solid green, but when clicked, the bg text goes white again. Would be great if it could retain the hover text value once clicked (black) Ideas? (black link text dominates to much)

  49. Widiantoro:

    Thank you for great theme, I just wanted to say a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

  50. Cornelcus:

    Hi, the theme is excellent! Congratulations. I would have a kindly question – am I allowed to remove the links from the footer of the page (Powered by WordPress – WP Themes by BFA Webdesign)?

    Thank you in advance.

    Respectfully yours,
    Cornel Bindea

  51. Andy:

    Just uploaded 3.1.7, and am finding rotating header images cycles to a blank – which seems to be a complete lack of header image. There are no blank images in my image/header folder – just wondering what the culprit may be?

    I reverted to the default Atahualpa header images, but found the same problem – please verify by visiting: http://www.minihomeparks.ca and refresh a few times to get the blank…

    Thanks in advance for any help

  52. Shafique:

    Hi there. Just updated my blog with 3.1.7. Just want to know i found huge-logo.gif in the images folder. is there any possibility to use it as logo because the length is good 444×47.

    Happy New Year Flynn!

  53. CuddlyCats.net:

    Hey, I am using your Wildcat theme on my Funny Cats Blog at http://www.cuddlycats.net/

    I was thinking of upgrading my wordpress to the latest version 2.7 wanted to know if the theme would still work fine with it because I don’t know if I can downgrade it back just in case the theme does not work. Let me know.

  54. Nandu:


    Your theme looks good. I would like to substitute google ad (wide skyscraper) instead of the header images. How can I do that?

    It would be great if you enable google adsense into the theme in the next version.


  55. Terry:

    Re:33. Cheers Flynn…That is now crystal clear.
    Happy New Year!

  56. Ragge:

    I will try this at home… Thank you for all your help. Now it’s just one more thing… HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😀

  57. Flynn:

    @Ragge: 38
    The language file is broken, please see here http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=82

  58. Ragge:

    @Flynn: Thank you so wery much. I added the .post table td…. to CSS Inserts. Problem solved. I use tables in every post to control the alignment of my pictures 😉

    Just one more thing. I tried to make a norwegian language file. I followed the instructions in your readme file, but when I tried “new catalog from pot file” I got several error’s. (Can not test it here). Any ideas?

  59. Flynn:

    @Ragge: It seems that all your posts are inside of tables (which are styled to be left aligned by default and take precedence because they are inside of div.post-bodycopy and thus more specific). Maybe you created the posts somewhere else and posted them into the wordpress editor and that’s where the tables came from?

    Anyways, you can either remove the tables from the post or add the text-align: justify; to either

    div.post-bodycopy p {
    ...other existing styles...
    text-align: justify;


    .post table td {
    ...other existing styles...
    text-align: justify;

    You can manually edit style.css.php or put one of these 2 styles (without the …other existing styles… line) into Atahualpa Theme Options -> HTML/CSS Inserts -> CSS Inserts

    The latter (CSS Inserts) would be more elegant as it would survive a theme upgrade.

  60. Ragge:

    Oh… Here I use IE6. At home I use Firefox 3. it’s the same with both.

  61. Ragge:

    I have added text-align: justify; to the BODY Box again, but still nothing.
    The code:
    div.post-bodycopy {
    text-align: justify;
    does’nt show in style.css.php. I even tried to add it manually, but the text is still not justified.

  62. blp-koeln:

    Hi Flynn,

    thx for the fast reply, I’ll wait for the update :-). Here is another question.

    I try to get all “headlines” into the same size. As you kann see, I changed the Headlines of the widgets and of the pages. But for widgets I used “font-size: 1.5em;” under themeoptions/widgets and the same under themeoptions/post/page styling. As you can see, I now have 3 differnt sizes in my headlines, one size in the sidebars, one on the pages and one on the posts. Were do I have to make the changes, that i can change them into the same size?

    Thank you

  63. Flynn:

    @Terry: There are 2 types of changes you may have made:

    a) The regular way: Theme option settings via “Atahualpa Theme Options”
    b) If you wanted customization beyond the existing 215 theme options: Manual edits to theme files such as index.php, functions.php etc…

    If you made manual edits to theme files (by opening a file and editing it with a text editor) then you would have to re-apply those changes to the respective file in version 3.1.7. For instance if you edited header.php in 3.0 you’d have to make those changes in header.php of 3.1.7 as well as you will be overwriting the old header.php with the new header.php while uploading 3.1.7 as /themes/atahualpa3/ (the same location where the older version is).

    Changes you made via the “Atahualpa Theme Options” would be preserved in the WordPress database. You would not have to change all the “Atahualpa Theme Options” again. The new theme version will get the existing theme option settings from the database (which will not be overwritten by uploading a new theme version).

  64. Terry:

    Hi Flynn. Great theme!
    Needed a little further elaboration on comment 20 (theme settings, overwriting theme files).
    Like the commenter NLC, I am worried about modifying settings and then losing them on later updates. When you say just copy over new theme files, does that include everything in the Atahualpa theme folder on the host server? If no, then which files do we NOT overwrite, in order to preserve settings?
    Could you inform as to which file holds the settings/configuration so that I could back it up.
    Thanks in advance for your help. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  65. Flynn:

    @Heidi: I see, you’re using a 2.x version. To remove the hard coded area in 2.x, edit sidebar2.php and delete everything between

    <?php if ($ata_rightcolumn_width != 0) { ?>


    <?php 	/* #############################################################
    Widgetized RIGHT sidebar area starts here    ########

    Delete only what’s BETWEEN those two code excerpts.

    To style the widget titles, edit “Atahualpa Theme Options” -> “Sidebars: Title Color:”

    The actual CSS for the widget titles is located in style.php if you want to manually edit it.

    h3.widgettitle {
  66. Heidi:

    @Heidi: 13
    See “Widgets” -> “Widget Title”. Put something like
    color: #cc0000;
    into that text box

    I looked at the sidebar.php file and the css style sheet – i cant find anywhere i can type the color in where it changes color. maybe i need specific instructions?

    @Heidi: 14
    You’d probably have to change into the right sidebar first. See drop down menu on the top right at Site Admin -> Widgets: “Left Sidebar” [Show] (Button)

    The Recent Comments and Popular Posts are not widgets I added – they just came with your blog template I guess – so they are not listed in the drop down at all – thats why I cant remove them as I would with any other widget. (nkotb.ca)

  67. Flynn:

    @Ragge: It’s currently neither in BODY Box nor in POST Container (it should be in BODY Box) on your site (the one linked with your name). Could you try again, click “Save changes” and check your http://yoursite.com/wp-content/themes/atahualpa3/style.css.php to see if it contains:

    div.post-bodycopy {
    	text-align: justify;

    And if it does, and it still does not work, could you tell me the browser in which it doesn’t work.

  68. Flynn:

    @blp-koeln: A German translation is already available and will be included in the next version which is coming within a few days.

  69. Ragge:

    @Flynn: I tried both on “BODY Box” and “POST Container”

  70. blp-koeln:

    Hi Flynn,

    great Theme. I did a lot of changes but changing the frontend language für my users still drives me mad. At least because I am a total beginner and most of the time, if something works the way I want, I fell like finding a perl or gold in the rhine. Isn’t there a german translation for that and if so, were can I find it?

    tx and cu

  71. Flynn:

    @NLC and Heidi: Sorry, I somehow missed your comments

    @NLC: see comment #20

    @Heidi: 13
    See “Widgets” -> “Widget Title”. Put something like
    color: #cc0000;
    into that text box

    @Heidi: 14
    You’d probably have to change into the right sidebar first. See drop down menu on the top right at Site Admin -> Widgets: “Left Sidebar” [Show] (Button)

  72. Flynn:

    @Ragge: 23
    Have you put that into “Post/Page styling” -> “BODY Box”?

  73. Ragge:

    Hi. I have a problem justify the text alignment on the posts. I have tried to add “text-align: justify;” under Post/Page styling, but it does’nt work. Can anyone help me?

  74. Tarheel Rambler:

    Flynn, congratulations on successfully addressing many of the “undocumented features” of Atahualpa 3 with this latest release. I am a huge fan of this theme because of the flexibility and am very happy with where things stand now.

    One of the things that I am most pleased with is that with this theme and WordPress 2.7 there are several plug-ins that I no longer need because the functionality is built in. That’s a huge plus.

  75. Ragge:

    I have now deactivated all my plugins, and activated one by one. There was two plugins that caused the problem with Nextgen Gallery. Why this only happens with Atahualpa 3.x I don’t know but I can manage without them:

    WordPress Tweaks 1.8
    WordPress Database Backup

  76. Flynn:

    You could just overwrite the existing theme files. The existing theme option settings would keep working

  77. Holger Nietgen:


    I´m using an older Version of the 3. How can I upgrade to the new one without loosing the preferences?



  78. kemix":

    I will try this update version.
    great job

  79. leg med nye medier. Eller noget.:

    […] Bytes For All – WordPress Themes » Atahualpa 3.1.7 released (tags: wordpress theme) […]

  80. Ragge:

    I use WP 2.7 and Firefox 3.0.4. I had the same problem with editing pages in both Atahualpa 3.1.3 and 3.1.7. There may be Nextgen or another plugin combined with Atahualpa that results in this problem. I can check later by deactivating plugins.

  81. NLC:

    I want to save the configuration of the theme. How i can do this?

  82. Heidi:

    p.s. and if you can tell me how to remove or move the ‘popular posts’ and ‘recent comments’ so that I can add other widgets above those on the right side – they don’t seem to me movable or deletable from within the widget area. Thank you so much!

  83. Heidi:

    Im sure this is a really boring question for you – but I dont know anything about html and i would like to change the sidebar title headings from the GREY color to a Black or Red to match my theme….Can you tell me which area I can find and edit the title colors?
    Thank you so much! Please email 🙂

  84. NLC:

    How i can update from 3.1.3 to 3.1.7???

  85. Flynn:

    @Jesse Jarzynka: 3
    I am waiting for WordPress to add the newer version

    The searchbox connects to the bottom in all browsers for me. I saw one example where it didn’t but there it was on purpose it seems (or by accident): A horizontal bar was added between layout area and header image (%bar1 or %bar2) and the bar was set to have a border at (only) the bottom and a height of 5px. Which LOOKS like the searchbox does not connect, but it does. I even changed both the layout area height and the margin around the logo image and it always kept connected. Please show me an example if it’s still not working for you. You’re right, there’s a very small margin in Firefox. Will fix in next release.

  86. Flynn:

    @Ragge: 8
    It’s a CSS issue in Firefox 2, Safari and Chrome. Works in Firefox 3, Opera and IE 6, 7, 8. The image CSS needs to be adjusted a bit. This will definitely be fixed in the next release.


  87. Flynn:

    Are you sure about not being able to edit pages? I just checked and it worked fine. Which WordPress version do you run? As for Nextgen I’ll look into it.

  88. Ragge:

    I love Atahualpa, but you should test it with the plugin Nextgen Gallery. When I use 3.x I can’t manage several galleries, and some of the pictures does’nt show on the page. Another problem is that I can’t edit pages when I use 3.x. So I still use version 2.21. Works fine, but I like the new features in 3.x, so I hope the bugs will be fixed in the future. TNX for a wonderful theme 😀

  89. Stefan Ljungwall:

    Beautiful and filled with a lot of nice features!
    I’m definitely going to try it out some day. 🙂

    A Happy New Year to you, and all the other readers!

  90. david sb:

    Great theme. I’ve changed dashes to solid lines — not a major change, but one I like and was able to do. The number of options is astounding, and I plan to use this for courses.

  91. Flynn:

    @Jesse Jarzynka: Sorry to hear that. I’ll move the button to the right and make the other buttons much bigger in the next release

  92. Jesse Jarzynka:

    Ouch. Well I would suggest moving the “Reset All” or at least giving it a confirmation dialog. There goes a few hours work…

  93. Jesse Jarzynka:

    Yep looks good now. A few other things: the link on the wordpress site still lists/links to 2.21 – http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/atahualpa#post-189

    Also on this version there appears to be a spacing issue with the border around the search box where it doesn’t connect to connect to the HR underneath it on Firefox browsers. This is not an issue on 2.21.

  94. Flynn:

    @Jesse Jarzynka: Thanks, should be updated now

  95. Jesse Jarzynka:

    Awesome! FYI it still says “Atahualpa – version 3.1.3 available. Have a look” on the them config page.