Google’s new own browser “Chrome”

Just stumbled over the download link for Google’s first own browser named “Chrome“. It seems to be pretty standards compliant. Wraps long strings, knows max-width and min-width, everything looks alright but I have not tested it much. One browser more to test sites on in the future but it looks like Google is NOT going to annoy web developers with strange behavior and whatnot.

One new feature is that the tabs work separately, so one tab with a broken site shouldn’t be able to lock up the whole browser. That’s something the new IE8 is going to have, too, but the Beta 2 of IE8 did not wrap long strings, and didn’t resize images either, when I tested it, even though IE7 does both. Quite a disappointment but probably due to being Beta still. Another feature of “Chrome” is, you can have “anonymous” tabs (where cookies etc won’t be saved) while surfing “officially” in other tabs – at the same time.

Will be interesting to see how the browser market shares are going to look in the near future. I guess “Chrome” is going to be a big success, and that it will hurt Firefox.

Just letting you know that existing and new themes will be tested in “Chrome”, too, from now on, in addition to Firefox 2 & 3, IE 6, 7 (and soon 8), Opera 9 and Safari 3. (I test in IE5 and 5.5, too, but don’t see them as mandatory considering their very small market share)

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  1. Shaina:

    I am getting some alignment issues when i am checking my page in Google chrome. I have used different hacks to fix alignment issues in IE6, IE7 and Firefox 2.0, But I am not understanding how do i fix them in Google chrome. Please suggest me some solution.

    Thank You,

  2. Fred:


  3. Ash:

    I didn’t see a way to comment over on the Themes page. I am using Bytes For All and realized that when I am on a Page, there is no link to take me back to the main blog page and there is not a ‘Home’ tab on the main page. How can I set this up?

    Thank you,

  4. admin:

    @erik: Thank you for reminding me of Browsershots. I knew about it but you made me look again.

    I currently have IE 5, IE 5.5, IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Opera 9.2, Opera 9.5, Safari 3.0, Safari 3.1, Google Chrome, Netscape 8 and Netscape 9 installed, which account for a combined browser market share of ca. 97 percent (if Safari 3.0 and 3.1 display the same on Mac as on Win XP) as per http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=2

    Browsershots would be too slow while I am in the layout development stage but I will use it as a final check for even better browser compatibility, a theoretical 99 percent browser coverage should be possible.

    Note to readers: Regarding the numbers of hitslink: I am aware that they will vary greatly between different audiences. Internet Explorer is leading across all sites but Firefox may be the market leader among computer or internet savvy visitors. That doesn’t affect the total browser coverage numbers, though, not even on a per-site basis, if the 10 most popular browsers are covered by a theme. The internet savvy visitors aren’t going to use exotic browsers, just other (but still: popular) browsers, such as newer versions of Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome.

  5. erik:

    Also, if you go on http://browsershots.org/ you have the possibility to test browser capability with screenshots of your url. It’s really handy if you don’t want to install all those browsers.

  6. erik:

    Yeah, I adopted immediately even if I sometime find some bugs (with dropdown menus for example)

  7. George Toms:

    Google Chrome is really fast!
    Now I can sort 200,000 records inside of Browser (Chrome) just in 1 sec. (Faster than Microsoft Excel):