Atahualpa 3.4.8 released

Still some issues… 3.4.9 is coming Sunday May 9, 2010, late evening.

-> Monday May 10, 2010

Please try this version 3.4.8 as 3.4.7 didn’t use existing settings. (Additionally, the download link was broken due to a missing slash http:// )

The changes since 3.4.6 are rather huge so yet another update (3.4.9) may be required until everything runs smooth again.

Download Atahualpa Version 3.4.8
(PS: Download numbers were reset after server move)

Note: The first 8 downloads had one little image path issue (hardcoded path to widget lists bullets in default style ata-default.txt, using one of my domains). Please download again if you have no little round bullets in widget lists, in the new “default style”:

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  1. Simon:

    Dear qbuster and other members,

    I have the exact same problem, but cannot find the bfa_ata4 button – which seems to solve the problem – anywhere. I am on WP3.0, using atahualpa3.5.1 (but also tried 3.4.9).

    In WordPress I simply do not have an ‘atahualpa theme options’ under ‘appearance’ ?

    Regards – Simon

  2. Angie:

    Thank you, qbuster!

  3. qbuster:

    It is in the Atahualpa Theme Options (Appearance) under Import/Export Settings. Delete the option ‘bfa_ata4’

  4. Angie:

    What does this mean: Delete ‘bfa_ata4’? Where is this?

  5. New SuperHuman:

    Cesarius, that sounds great. But unfortunately most people are not as technically savvy as you. We don’t know how to create “mirror sites” for testing. We wouldn’t know how to test if we could. “Test patches?” How?

    Most people rely on technical experts to take care of the technical end of things. We can’t all be experts at everything. You may be able to maintain a WordPress website, but I’ll bet my life you can’t write an article as well as I can.

    We need the experts to create themes that WORK! Yes I know there will always be plugins that break them, but I only use updated plugins, and updated themes shouldn’t easily break reasonably new plugins without issuing proper warnings.

  6. Cesarius:

    Quick and painless:

    1.- “If it works don’t touch it” It is your duty to make sure that all the parts that conform your site are working properly and by your standards and requirements. Once you achieve that you should upgrade only when the realese fix an underlaying problem or make an inevitable technnological upgrade

    2.- “If you have to upgrade make sure the thing works before goin live” It is only reasonable to keep an alternate site, mirror of your live one, for testing. You never know when the grelims are going to attack. Once you make sure that the new version works properly


    3.- “keep the pace” Check the new versions of the software you use. Testt patchs. Read forums help people so you new the new techs.

  7. New SuperHuman:

    I don’t believe the “Dan” above is spamming – I have had his exact thoughts. WordPress was supposed to be easy and it is becoming a nightmare with theme updates every few days, wordpress upgrades that break themes and broken themes that don’t work with plugins that aren’t maintained.

    There is no excuse for these theme releases not to work. They were not properly tested.

    The system is becoming a mess. The pros buy themes from developers who know how to program and make sure their upgrades WORK. That costs money. If this theme were open source that would be different, but as I understand it there is only one programmer? Who can possibly keep up with all the changes and bugs? It requires a dedicated team of highly skilled developers to keep up with today’s technology.

    This theme is free, so you are getting what you pay for.

    I too am looking for an alternative to WordPress, but I won’t mention any names so as not to look spammy. We all know who they are.

  8. dyoung:

    I am sticking with 4.6 for now, it works and the other newer ones do not.

  9. dyoung:

    wth is bfa ata 4? Ive tried all the upgrades after my 4.6 and they dont render correctly, also, why so many new versions in such a short time span? this is getting confusing! After upgrading, nothing on my site is showing—gee thanks.

  10. Bob:

    “Dan”; your thinly veiled attempt at advertising your spam product was ineffective. Marketing 101 & I’ll be sure to blacklist it now for that reason alone.

  11. Mahendra:

    Hi, For the benefit of others users who are facing problem to up gradation to 3.4.8, I would like to share my experience.I have updated from 3.4.6 to 3.4.7 that did not work then I installed 3.4.8 and it did not worked. it wad displaying only the footer line one header head. I deleted bfa ata 4 option also still it not worked. then i had deleted 3.4.7 and 3.4.8, and installed again 3.4.8 through the wp easy upload plug instead of filzilla. then i again delete bfa ata 4 and i activated 3.4.8 and it worked fine!

    I may suggest you to upload your file direct from wp easy plug in instead of FTP server perhaps it will work. also don’t forget to delete bfa ata 4

  12. Peter Luit:

    Will there be any special features within Atahualpa around the upcoming WordPress 3.0?

  13. Adri:

    Yeah, me too!

  14. francos:

    It do the same for me. Don’t work both 3.4.7 and 3.4.8!
    I have the 3,4,6 working fine ( I updated from 3.3.1->3.4.2 ->3.4.5)
    It seems that don’t reconize the css.
    The images don’t appears

  15. Dan:

    so many releases, so many bugs, so much hassle. you guys call this easy? xsitepro is probably much easier and just as effective. I’ll try it and let you know

  16. Will Chapman:

    My manual install of 3.4.8 (after importing settings exported from 3.4.7) was straightforward except for a missing logo. That was due to the image being located in /themes/ataxxx/images which, of course means it was left behind in the previous version.

    Could I suggest that a future version looks for a missing logo in /themes/images/ if it can’t find it in /themes/ataxxx/images/?

    Otherwise, the import/export feature is an excellent addition and may even prove to be useful for editing settings.

    Thanks for a great new feature….

    Will waterwaywatch.org

  17. Ferd:

    Nope, the theme still won’t activate. I’ll wait until I hear more.

  18. Ferd:

    I’m glad to posted this as 3.4.7 didn’t work for me. I’ll try this. Thanks for all you do!