Athualpa 3.5.0 released

This has fading header images as a new feature plus a new style, see /atahualpa/styles/ata-adsense.txt

Discuss this release at the forum

Download Atahualpa Version 3.5.0
(PS: Download numbers were reset after server move)

Thanks for the Belorussian translation by Patricia

Check the languages section of the forum for this and other translations. I will update this list and link to other translators as well.  Feel free to send me a PM on the forum if you don’t appear here within the next weeks.

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  1. larry:

    Great theme. It has so many options.

  2. Harris:

    Cool theme, I will try it on my personal blog. Great work, Thanks, Keep it up.

  3. Taylor:

    Yes!!! I have been trying to figure out how to do a fading header image rotator. Thank you!

  4. Johnny - ForumSiders:

    That is a very nice theme, I will definitely consider this for use.

  5. Amanda:

    Help! I have these black bars above and below my header image. Why are they there and how do I get rid of them?