ThemeFrame Release is getting closer – Last chance to get into the Beta Users group

ThemeFrame is at Beta 11 now (Update: now Beta 15)

The opportunity to get an unlimited lifetime license for only $80 will be over soon. The price of the official release will be significantly higher, but this won”t affect existing Beta users.As of today there are over 500 Beta users.

To get ThemeFrame Beta, visit ThemeFrame  and see the 3-step process described at the bottom of the page.

Here is a new ThemeFrame Video, here is the Forum where you can ask Presales questions, and here’s a current screenshot:



ThemeFrame is a very visual WordPress Theme Creation tool that runs on your desktop, in a browser. It creates unlimited standalone, white-label WP themes that you can use on unlimited sites for an unlimited time, you can even distribute/sell/give away the themes you create with ThemeFrame. ThemeFrame is not a WP theme itself, it does not install inside WordPress and does not require WordPress to run. Themes created with ThemeFrame don’t need ThemeFrame to run, they are standalone Themes in their own right.

Some Highlights:

  • Drag & Drop Layout items
  • CSS Inspector with Live Preview
  • Color Pickers & Size Sliders
  • Creates Standalone Themes
  • Creates White-Label Themes
  • Browser-Safe, incl. IE 6
  • Up to 6 Sidebars
  • Over 20 custom widget areas
  • Export / Import Themes
  • FTP Transfer built in
  • … actively developed, with active forum, with moderators

ThemeFrame creates typical WordPress themes where everything is at the expected place, with a common structure based on page templates. This causes slightly more legwork if you wanted to do manual edits, but it is much easier to understand and most of the WP related info on the web is geared towards themes with a page template based structure.

You’ll be working with real CSS (just not typing it) and with typical page templates following the WordPress template hierarchy.  ThemeFrame doesn’t try to lock you in or make you learn proprietary techniques or code. You can take a TF created theme, open its files in a text editor and edit the files if you wanted to.

ThemeFrame is for

  • site owners
  • web designers
  • web developers


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  1. Investorenkapital:

    Very good tool, but I ve the same question if it works on MAC?

  2. Borsa:

    Thank you for creating this tool, it’s extremly helpfull.

  3. dfdsjumbo:

    great tool. has helped me very much

  4. Gnomo.org 2004 – 2010 (new Utilitypc.info) » Wordpress adward:

    […] e mi piace anche che sia al momento… ancora del tutto free a differenza dell’ottimo framework prodotto dall’efficacissimo team e che in versione Beta tester… costa gia’ 80 […]

  5. Louise Varre:

    Hi, I am also interested, but trying to learn some more about it before I spend 80$ – any reviews, test drives, feedback?
    Love Atahualpa, so very interested in testing this ThemeFrame.

  6. Oscar Gonzalez:

    This is awesome, I just thought I’d tell you. I’m glad to be part of the beta group and so glad this is getting so much work. It has its quirks but its great! Thanks for Atahualpa as well!

  7. robert:

    great tool. has helped me very much.

  8. rentalcarengine:

    I am using atahualpa on a wp multisite and have chosen this theme for several of the sites. How can I change the header images so that each site has a distinct header image. Is this possible when using MS?


  9. JB:

    Will ThemeFrame work with shared hosting on HostGator?

  10. Frank:

    Will it be possible to import my current Atahualpa-Theme with it’s configurations into ThemeFrme?

  11. Gnomo.org » Un themeframe.. da bytesforall:

    […] wordpress.bytesforall.com. Piu’ di ogni parola puo’ valere il video demo che si puo’ osservare qui Prometto molto bene anche se gode di molti concorrenti (anche free) sul mercato ma non mi sembra cosi agguerriti… NON E’ FREE.. e anzi costicchia anche in questa fase di “beta offerta” a $80 … che sta giungendo al termine dopo di che e’ annunciato un prezzo molto piu’ sostanzioso (non ancora definito) . Da quello che si intuisce nel video non serve una preparazione particolare in quanto a php se ci si limita all’uso di default del programma (gira solo in locale, niente di “on line”)… servno invece idee piuttosto chiare sul lavoro che andranno a fare i css e ovviamente su cosa si vuole ottenere. Il team di sviluppo e’ lo stesso che ha partorito il tema (free) del blog dello Gnomo e lo stesso anche del tema dell’ex UTILITYPC… non produce moltissimo , anzi poco ma molto nel dettaglio e da qualche tempo si e’ guadagnato la sua schiera di fedelissimi (tra i quali ci sono anche io perche’ considero questo e il tema di Utilitypc due ottimissimi temi per WordPress). Sinceramente la tentazione di acquistare questo framework e’ tanta ma non mi sono ancora deciso , ho pero’ deciso evidentemente di parlarne dopo aver osservato il video di cui sopra… […]

  12. Flynn:

    @ Darin: Custom templates (and more default templates) can be added now in ThemeFrame.

    @ Gilbert: The created themes should support most plugins but I haven’t tested specifically for those big plugins/apps

    @ Adisegna: I see what you mean, that kind of layout I will include but it’s not included yet. At this stage (now Beta 17) created themes can be used for active sites. It just hasn’t the full range of features yet and the user interface can and will be made smoother/more intuitive, with more contextual help.

    @ Unfortunately a trial is not possible currently but I hope to implement a time or feature limited trial after the Release Candidate is out

  13. Darin:

    This looks like a great piece of software…we had recently discussed the Atahualpa theme at our WordPress meetup entitled Code Free WordPress…and a suggestion was just posted to have a meeting on ThemeFrame. This was the first I’ve heard of ThemeFrame. I currently use Headway for quick and easy layouts, however, I like that your product is a theme creation tool and not a theme itself. I am a beginner at design/development and always appreciate great tools to help in the process. Thanks for the great work!

    I’ve noticed it mentioned here and in the forums; does the latest Beta allow for creation of custom page templates?

    Are there any plan to include the creation of Custom Post Types or any other edits to functions.php to include in the theme output?


  14. Jack:

    Thank you for creating this tool, it’s extremly helpfull.

  15. Gilbert:

    Will themes created with ThemeFrame support plugins and widgets, such as BBPress, BuddyPress and others?

  16. Adisegna:

    Looks great! Will you be able to create a full width header and footer with the body 600 to 800 pixels? How does this compare to Artisteer?
    Lastly, can the themes created with the Beta version be used on active sites?

  17. Claude Needham:

    Is there any way to check out the beta before paying $80?
    The idea is amazing. From what I can tell you have accomplished something quite special with this product. But it would be nice to test drive — even just around the block — before making the purchase.


  18. ndattai:

    hey Pro

    Love your theme

    Thanks a lot!

  19. Murray:

    I would certainly support the idea of being able to use it with a hosted server rather than a local server. If that’s available now, then I’m in!! 🙂

  20. pow:

    As a followup to #19, is there a way to have a totally clean page with nothing but the background and no sidebars?

  21. Craig Atkinson:

    Is there a way to trial this, to make sure it can do the things I want, before paying the $80?

  22. bramv:

    @Interested. The excellent Atahualpa Theme shows the capability of this team, that is why I don’t need to test a trial first. By the way, their offer is 80 US$ for beta testing now (AND no additional 100 US$ when the beta is over).

  23. polo:


    can i upload these themes to http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/ ?. I create a theme with artisteer but wordpress say there are enough themes createt with artsiteer. Is this with ThemaFrame the same?


  24. Christian Zumbrunnen:

    Thanks Flynn, looking forward for the possibility for a live trial – if it will get one.

  25. The Crane:

    Atahualpa is one of the best themes ever. User friendly and so very customizable. I’ve used it for several of my sites. How’s the beta version going. Ready for launch yet?

  26. Flynn:

    @Robert: #17
    …weeks for a Release Candidate

    @wall murals: #19
    Yes, you can have between 0 – 6 sidebars per page template.

    @Interested: #20
    It’s not turned into a real executable yet, I might be able to create a test version sometime later. Also, the themeframe.com web site is getting more info & screen shots within the next days

  27. Flynn:

    @Christian Zumbrunnen: #16
    1) It can run remotely but is being developed towards being used locally. I may have to split this into 2 versions because some users seem to actually prefer the hosted approach
    2) This would be something for later on, with low priority. Thanks for the offer but I could cover German myself.

  28. Interested:

    This seems like a great product, but I cannot trust in a product if there is not a trial version to test out. $80 in beta, & over $100 when beta is over is a lot of money to just hand out without seeing if this program is right for me.

  29. wall murals:

    Does it have a squeeze page functionality? In other words can you create a page without sidebars?

  30. Mike:

    Thanks Christian, I will do that

  31. Robert:

    I have donated in the past and appreciate Atahualpa. Thanks. 🙂

    Want to get this App. Looks great.
    Since I have to pay my taxes… 🙁 …the $80 is held up for a couple of weeks… Do you have an approx. ETA for full release? Is it weeks? months?

  32. Christian Zumbrunnen:

    Extremely cool!
    I just wonder:
    would it be possible to run on a server instead of a local web server? (I think it should, can’t see any reason yet why not, but as you explicitly state that it runs locally I would love to know)
    2) Is a multilingual interface possible/planned (I’d love to help and would be willing to translate to German

  33. Flynn:

    @Vernon 14:
    Currently not but this is coming soon, within a few weeks max. The latest feature (Beta 15) is the ability to add custom images

  34. Vernon:

    Very nice! Can you create new page templates? (In addition to what I saw in the video?)

  35. catchyourjob:

    It will helps developers a lot. I will buy official release ver.

  36. Flynn:

    @ wadams92101 11:
    Currently all customization is done in ThemeFrame, and the created themes have no control panel themselves, but this was planned from the beginning and should be implemented within one of the next releases.

    @ 10:
    I have not looked enough into the new WP multisite feature but I’ll add it to both Atahualpa and ThemeFrame within the next 1-3 weeks.

  37. wadams92101:

    What does the backend of a theme created by Themeframe look like? Is there an admin menu, or is all customization done at the themeframe level?

  38. wadams92101:

    Thank you Flynn. I found the video. It was very helpful and quite impressive. By “MS Network” I mean WordPress MU after 3.0 upgrade. I was wondering if a theme built with ThemeFrame is one that could be used on a multi-site network with different header images and other style characteristics on different sites in the network?

  39. Flynn:

    @wadams92101 #8:
    ThemeFrame runs standalone (not as a WP plugin or theme) and creates standalone, white label WP themes based on your styling and settings – which you configure on 2 dozen option pages

    A video link is in the post.

    I didn’t understand the part about the “MS Network”.

  40. wadams92101:

    I’m not quite understanding what themeframe is. Do you have a demo video? Is it like Studiopress’s Genesis? Or DIY/Thesis? Any advantage on an MS network?

  41. Bookmom:

    And it’s now at Beta 12. Development is happening quickly at the moment!

  42. Flynn:

    @noam #4:
    The price will be in the $1XX range.

    @Craig Atkinson #5:
    Atahualpa will not be replaced, it is a configurable theme and ThemeFrame is a theme creation tool, they are quite different.

  43. Craig Atkinson:

    Will this replace Atahualpa?

  44. noam:


    I don’t have the $80 right now, but I will buy it for sure once it’s out (assuming the price tag will remain at the same level of affordability?).

  45. Atith:

    Fantastic..It helps developers a lot. I want to work with this frame.

  46. Flynn:

    It works on Win, Mac and Linux and any other OS where you can run a commonly used browser such as FireFox, Safari or Chrome.

    Currently ThemeFrame requires that you install a local web environment first – such as Wampserver (Win), Xampp (Win, Mac, Linux…) or Mamp (Mac). This requirement will be gone in a later version where a Webkit (Safari, Chrome) browser and PHP will be packaged with ThemeFrame.

  47. Craig Atkinson:

    Dies this work on mac?