Atahualpa first theme to reach 1 MILLION downloads at wordpress.org

Thank you very much, dear Atahualpa users.

Thank you, donors. Without the donations I wouldn’t have been able to put that much effort into Atahualpa.

Thank you, Paul and Larry, for helping me on the forum over at forum.bytesforall.com.

Atahualpa 1 Million downloads at wordpress.org

Thanks also to all the people who wrote nice things about Atahualpa on their sites, and to the translators that provided language packs. And thanks to those who answered questions on the BytesForAll forum, the WordPress forum, or elsewhere.

Here are some more numbers: According to Yahoo Atahualpa is used on over 5 million pages (not sites). Google lists 15.000 sites or pages for “link:wordpress.bytesforall.com”, that’s more than it shows for “link:wordpress.org”! (Google returns only a fraction of actual sites for a “link:” query).

Atahualpa has a high keeper rate, too. This is what Otto from WordPress says: “We show 131 themes that have a user base greater than 10k active installs. Atahualpa is currently ranked 5th in that list.

Atahualpa is being maintained since 2007 and will keep being updated and improved. It will get the long overdue technique for saving assets into the WP uploads folder and many other things, one by one.

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  1. Alexis Cruz:

    Thank you for creating this wordpress theme,i use it with pride on 3 of my blogs.

  2. raj:

    My review on Atahualpa theme is 10 on 10.Excellent theme.hats off to the Atahualpa theme designers and devlopers.

  3. Cusco:

    Hi, I have a little problem, I have updated my WP to the new 3.5 and now the post pages doesn’t work. Please can you give me any suggestion to fix this problem? also I’m very curious how you selected this name, because Atahualpa was a Peruvian Inca. Thank you for your help.

  4. casas de apuestas:

    how i can download this theme?

  5. androidhowtoguide:

    Love this theme, due to its large variety of options, i think its way better then other so called paid themes.


  6. Nikhil Naik:

    That’s really fab! good going, congrats and all the very best for your future projects.

  7. David Hamel:

    Serait-il possible de faire en sorte que les images d’en-tête (header) puissent être affichées depuis le dossier “Médias” comme cel était le cas auparavant en les renommant (atahualpa_header_1,…).
    Merci d’avance
    D. Hamel

  8. Josordoni:

    Hi, can I check something with you? I love the Atahualpa theme, but I have updated my WP to the new 3.4.2 and now the post pages simply won’t work. It has been suggested by an IT friend that the theme might need updating to remedy this? Is this something I should consider? I haven’t updated my Atahualpa from 3.7.7 as it worked fine, and I couldn’t be faffed to reload the header and other prefs, but at the moment it is unuseable. Any suggestions? The post page won’t allow me to click on the html tab or to highlight and link any text.

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  10. Laurie Lamberth:

    Thank you for writing the Atahualpa theme! I use it for my blog at laurielamberth.com.

    Now, I am setting up a new blog and want to use the Atahualpa theme for it, too. My blog is ahstruck.wordpress.com — we are still getting our domain and hosting set up, so for now are building our blog on WordPress.com.

    BUT – when I search the themes on WordPress.com for “atahualpa” — NOTHING IS FOUND. Is the Atahualpa theme no longer available? Or is something else wrong?

    Help, please! I need to get this blog going and am stuck, hard, trying to locate the Atahualpa theme.

    Many thanks for your quick response.