BFA Imageless

A new 3 columns fluid WordPress theme, widget ready ready and with options page.

This theme is totally imageless. You can customize every single color of this theme on the options page.

Auto SEO options: Add “nofollow” or “noindex, follow” to specific pages and links, auto generation of meta keywords and meta description, and optimized title tag.

Go to the BFA Imageless download page.

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  1. طراحی وب سایت:

    i am using your Bfa .. and it Works .thank you so much
    طراحی وب سايت

  2. Flynn:

    @Amapola: I think you posted this on WordPress.org too? Just to see whether there are 2 users now with Atahualpa & Podpress. I’ve already looked at it a bit and couldn’t find anything. Are you putting that tag [display_podcast] into a post while being in HTML mode in the WP editor? Does that plugin allow to put that tag right into posts (instead of just sidebars etc…)? And it works with the “default” theme?

  3. Amapola:

    I am unable to get podPress to work in the Atahualpa them. The widget works just fine but when you post [display_podcast]in a post all that shows up is “[display_podcast]”

    Does anyone have any pointers on how I can get [display_podcast] in posts to work?

  4. admin:

    Your site seems to be offline. If I can see the error in action I will gladly fix it.

  5. gestroud:


    I’m using your BFA Imageless theme on my site and am having a problem with it and the PodPress plugin.

    The podcast player and its links appear fine on the home page, but when I go to single.php, nothing appears.

    Would you be able to give me some pointers in correcting this? I am determined to use the theme, because I looks perfect on my site.


  6. admin:

    I will have to (and WILL) update this and my other themes within the next few weeks. Each one has a few points that could/should be improved.

  7. elvis:

    Hi, just noticing that the ‘postmetadata’ colour is missing from the BFA Imageless settings.
    not to take away from the fact its a great theme!