New WordPress theme: Atahualpa

This just in: Atahualpa, a new 3 column, fluid width, white Theme with changeable logo and header image. Go to the download and test run page for Atahualpa

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  1. phoenix:

    How i customize atahualpa like http://www.orkutpapa.com please let me know i am new in wordpress.

  2. NICA:


    HOWEVER, when I click on the archives or categories, it will only show 1 excerpt. How can I make it show all the posts under that category? Or at least 10 posts per category/archive?

  3. NeuroToxic:

    I think that it’s a great WordPress theme. I tried it today and it worked faultlessly for me.

  4. Sparky Holden:

    I am having the same problem with text not wrapping around images in a static Page. Tried the fix you advised to another in this thread by editing the theme in CSS and no change. It wraps around in the editor view but not when you preview site.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Pandacan:

    Hi Hope,

    Insert this code inside the loop: (remember, no spaces in the tags)

    1. To display the author without the link:
    Author: Written by:

    2. OR to display the author’s posts:
    Author :

    Atahualpa loop is inside the index.php.

    For more information re:Authors, visit this link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Author_Templates

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hope:

    I have 2 questions.
    – Is there a way to display the time, date and author on Posts on the main page? All I get it the title on top, and then the option to comment, etc below the post. I want author to show as i have a few writers.

    – Left Sidebar. My background Image only goes down as far as the text. How do I fix this so the background check pattern will go all the way down to the footer?

    Can you help? Thanks so much.

  7. jhay:

    please disregard this… thanks!

  8. jhay:

    Hi, I have started using this theme for my blog, however like Miss Elle’s previous question, I can’t see my older or newer entries. I have also tried the code for the content, and it working fine…. Only the new/old entries I want to fix.

    Thanks for this awesome theme!

  9. admin:

    @Nic Brisbourne:

    The lines are defined in

    header.php, line 106-107

    #footer {background-color: #ffffff; border-top: dashed 1px #cccccc; padding-bottom: 1px;}
    #inner-column-container {border: dashed 1px #cccccc;

    (change “dashed 1px” to i.e. “dashed 3px”. Other options than dashed are “solid” and “dotted”.)

    and in style.css, look for multiple occurencies of

    1px dashed #cccccc


    dashed 1px #cccccc

    and make the same changes as pointed out above.

  10. admin:

    @Leah: To change that

    In wp-content/themes/atahualpa/style.css

    at around line 161, find

    .entry p {clear:both}

    and delete or comment it, i.e. by changing that line to:

    /* .entry p {clear:both} */

    Should you have similar problems with lists in a post, you could delete or comment line 160:

    .entry ul li, .entry ol li {clear: both}

  11. Leah:

    P.S. For an example of the issue see this old post: http://omommawrites.com/2007/12/21/gloves-in-a-bottle/


  12. Leah:

    I’m also having issues with text wrapping around images. It will align left or right, but only wraps around 1 paragraph, then next paragraph gets pushed down below it so there is a huge space between the first paragraph and second. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your hard work, you are excellent!

  13. Miss Elle:

    Nevermind! I used the advice you gave to the user on your “Had to take a time out” post.

    Thank you! Now it’s 100% perfect! I love the options you added on this theme, as well… How unique! You have my love.


  14. Miss Elle:

    Hi! I LOVE this theme, it saved my ass last week when I uploaded it – my theme really sucked.

    However, I was wondering if there was a way to add a “more posts” link or “previous posts” link to the bottom of search result/category pages? When I try to view all posts in a category, I can only view so many, and can not view previous posts that do not fit on the result page.

    Do you know a way I can add one?


  15. Matthew:

    Hi, awesome theme! Only problem I’m having is with text wrapping around pictures. I’m using the new WP 2.5 and set the alignment to “Left” (class is alignleft). This doesn’t seem to be working… any suggestions? BTW, when I do it just like this in other themes, it wraps the text, only does not work in your theme.

  16. Nic Brisbourne:

    Hi – great theme, and I think my site looks really nice now. The only thing is I was thinking about experimenting with more weight on the dotted lines between the header image, side bars and main post area.

    Is that possible?

    thank you!!!

  17. Stixx:

    Perfect worked like a charm. Thanks!

  18. admin:

    @ Stixx:

    The theme does this intentionally, it displays excerpts of posts. Clicking on the title of a post takes you to the full post.

    To make it display the full posts on category pages, do this:

    NOTE: This will switch on full post display for alle “archive” pages (including category pages) and all tag pages.



    at around line 41 – 43


    } else {


    } else {

  19. Stixx:

    Love your site, but I have a quick question about this theme. It’s probably the best looking theme I’ve used up to date, but only little hiccup is the categories, when I click on it it directs me to the archive of each category with just an excerpt. I’ve been trying to change it so it just takes me to the posts I’ve made but nothing. Is there anyway I can change it so when I click on the categories it will directly take me to the posts.