New WP Theme: Montezuma

A new WordPress theme: Montezuma

3 columns, fluid width, widget ready, options page, Auto SEO features, optional 2-tier navigation for “Page” pages, and some more…

Visit the test run and download page for “Montezuma”

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  1. Tim:

    Is there a way to make it so gallery images just scale themselves to the browser window size? I upload full size images to WordPress but when the colorbox takes effect it is way larger than the browser window. Most colorbox plugins allow page scaling, but I can’t find the code anywhere in the source files. Am I missing something?

  2. Leon:

    The plugin WP Photo Album Plus doesn’t work with Montezuma theme, but it works with other themes.

    The symptom is incorrect posting of the gallery lines, twice, above the header, causing the actual website header to be buried under multiple lines of rubbish. Have a look at http://www.lu.co.za/gallery/

    Does anybody have similar problems? L

  3. Leon:

    I’ve been testing the Montezuma theme for a few weeks on my ramblings blog, and very satisfied in general. The colour scheme is great.

    However the CSS is struggling with pictures in general (I try to use a small picture with every post) and specifically with the WP Photo Album Plus plugin. It seems like the text is not wrapping properly.

    In fact, the WP Photo Album Plus plugin is completely broken and displays an entire piece of stuff before it displays the header. I think this is a problem similar to what other users are reporting. I’m going to leave the broken code on my blog for a few days if you want to check it out under http://www.lu.co.za/gallery/

    Can somebody shed some light on this issue?

  4. Söve:

    I’m puzzled because your sample seems to wrap images fine..

  5. Pdazzler:

    Love the look of the theme but having a wierd problem with image alignment or wrapping. Initially I could not get the text to wrap at all so I added some script to the css style sheet based on a wordpress page. http://codex.wordpress.org/Wrapping_Text_Around_Images

    Now text wraps unless I put in a paragraph break then first paragraph wraps, 2nd paragraph heads to bottom of image….

    Only pluggin I thought might conflict TinyMCE Advanced but turning it off had no effect.

    I’m puzzled because your sample seems to wrap images fine although I don’t see paragraph break there…


  6. Michael:

    looking to increase the width of the left hand column – where is this located?

  7. Gary Grant:

    I found the header image instructions and successfully updated a new image.

    Looking forward to theme update!

  8. Gary Grant:

    Hi folks,

    Experienced WP user here – except that I’m a complete newcomer to dev stuff. I have decided to set up this new blog to show how easy it is for a neophyte to create their own blog.

    My problem is that I can’t seem to find a way to change the header image. Am I blind or is this beyond my scope of talent?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  9. Chris:

    I am developing a blog using the Montezuma theme – I love it! I have a question: In the right column, is it possible to make the tags invisible?

    You see I have lots of tags and they are getting out of control! I have looked through my dashboard and tried a few things. Any thoughts really appreciated.


  10. Nikolas:

    Hi! good blog. Interesting and beatifull theme. Thanks!

  11. glitchline:

    Looking forward to the updated version that works with wordpress 2.6.2. Thanks, I’m using Atahualpa 2.21 on my other blog.

  12. admin:

    @Karen Minder Hurd: Yes, I will post it here.

  13. Karen Miner Hurd:

    Kewl. I’ll wait. Color pickers will be awesome. I’ll hold on changing my banner then too. Will you just post the new theme on this site? Thanks.

  14. admin:

    @Karen Miner Hurd: The Montezuma theme will get a major update within 2 weeks or so. The underlying code is a bit messy at the moment, even I would have to look around quite a bit to find all the colors in the theme. Not only would it take me long to guide you through it, all the directions that I could give you now would be obsolete when the new theme is released (all the line numbers etc. would be wrong). I can only suggest that you wait until the new version is out. It will have color pickers for every area of the layout, and will be easy to configure.

  15. Karen Miner Hurd:


    Thanks SO MUCH for such a great theme. I’m using it in WP 2.6, and so far so good. It’s the first time I’ve used a template for a hosted site. The options page is wonderful – thank you! I was able to change the size of the sidebars to fit my opt-in form and it was very easy and looks great. I would like to do just one thing and I don’t know how to do it.

    I’d like to change the main color of the template from the lavender to either a taupe, sage, or soft tan/orange color. I know ZERO CSS or HTML. Is there a way to do that?


  16. Venesa:

    Is Montezuma compatible with WordPress 2.6 the latest version. There is also supposed to be another version in due out in Oct/Nov this year.

  17. Venesa:

    1. I am trying to understand what this nofollow/dofollow stuff is all about. There are a lot of plugins out there. I was wondering if the Montezuma theme is already safe from whatever this is. Do I need these plugins for the theme?

    2. Have you had a chance to look at where the code for wp-email (page above) problem should go? See my reply #30 in response to your #28.


  18. Venesa:

    Just had a look at this. I am not sure how it works if I do this as in item 1. Then how do I get the information to appear and be select in the postmetadata box area (I think this is what it is called – postmetadata) It reads posted on…under…RSS…Leave a reply… – thenI wanted the print and the email text which is why I thought that Lester had placed it in the singlepost.php.

    I am already using your item 2 for any individual pages that I want them to print. The print works. The print also works as above in singlepost.php. The email doesn’t work on a page using item 2. Again it puts 2 blank pages above and 1 page on the page.

    What change to the theme would make pages appear above?

  19. Venesa:

    With reference to your item 1. – Lester’s note for installation says to put it in single.php, post.php, page.php or theloop.php. He said to find

    and place it underneath it. So I did and I put it in single.php as that was the only place that had the above code.

    Anyway I will now try your idea. and put it in index.php.

    Note that I did the same thing for his wp-print. Do I need to move this to index.php?

  20. admin:

    As for the WP-email plugin: Which method to insert the email link are you using? http://lesterchan.net/wordpress/readme/wp-email.html

    1) The general one, where you put this code

    <?php if(function_exists('wp_email')) { email_link(); } ?>

    into index.php

    2) or the one where you put


    into individual posts (through the wordpress editor)

    If you use the first method, put that code into index.php, right before or after the follwing code, which can be found at line 12

    <?php the_content('More »'); ?>


    As for the other plugins, I would have to know the names or better yet, the URLs of those plugins.

  21. Venesa:

    Okay thanks for the info about the images. I had no idea about that. I just assumed it natural to have this feature like in Outlook email where you attach or put an image in the body of the text. Anyway I will look for a plugin. Thanks so much for that info.

    The forms are to be placed on the page in the middle column. In one plugin (after making a page) you can align the form to where you want to eg top, middle, bottom and use x and y axis ‘*px’ to align. This will put the form where you want it on the page but the blank page above the navagator will still be there. No matter what you change it to.

    The other plugin WP-email by Lester Chan (he does a lot of WP plugins). I haven’t changed anything in his plugin. Yet it puts 3 forms on the page. Two above the navator and one on the page. The one on the page apears to be okay.

    I also had a third plugin that I uninstalled. It too did the same as the two plugins above.

    Sorry about all this bother. I just thought it was the theme producing these weird things. I do very much appreciate you and your wonderful theme which is making my first weblog look great. I hope that you will want to see it when I’m finished. Cheers.

  22. admin:

    @Venesa: Posting images in comments is not possible in WP blogs. There’s probably a plugin for that but I haven’t installed something like that here.

    Where on the page do you want to place your plugin or form. Below the navigation bar, at the bottom, in the middle column, in a sidebar…?

  23. Venesa:

    How do readers attach a file or insert an image or photo when they ‘Leave a Reply’?

  24. Venesa:

    The problem is that any plugin that wants to put a form on a page seems to think that the page starts above the navagation bar. Above the whole montezuma theme page) So you have scroll down the page to see your montezuma page.

    I can send you a screen dump but I do not know how to add or attach an image or a file to this ‘leave a reply’ section.

  25. Leandro:

    Thank you for your response! I’m loving the theme more and more every day I use it.

  26. admin:

    @Venesa: I didn’t understand the problem. What exactly is not working? (I am not doing anything with the page ID’s in this theme, and the source code starts with a <body> tag. )

  27. admin:

    @Leandro: Seems like the problem has gone from your site, or was only visible while you had a post on the front page with an image that was too wide for the main column. I can see the issue on Ann’s site though and can confirm that IE6 drops the columns if you post an image that is too wide for the middle column. (depends on your sidebar width settings and the browser screen size)

    I came up with this fix, for the case:
    – IE6 &
    – browser viewport 1024 px &
    – image in post to wide for the main column

    In wp-content/themes/montezuma/style.css

    ADD, at the bottom

    .entry img {
    /*limit images in posts to max 96% width in all browser except IE6 & older: */
    max-width: 96%; height: auto;
    /*limit images in posts to max 96% width in IE6 & 5.5, if they are wider than 580 pixels: */
    width: expression(this.width > 580 ? "96%": true);

    This is for the default layout. For your 2 column variation with the wide main column you should change 580 to around 780.

  28. Venesa:

    Okay things are going good. I’m on a roll now.

    I have a problem with two different plugins and I’m thinking it may be the theme. They both want to create a page above the whole weblog page (a whole blank area above the navagation bar). This is where it thinks the page is to start. These plugins are using a page I created and you tell the plugin the page ID (or you put a code in square brackets in the HTML part of the page).

    Any ideas what may be causing this?

  29. Leandro:

    Oh, I noticed that while in the site the demo works OK, other sites using it (like Ann’s, in the first comment here) have the same problem, I mean, it has nothing to do with my tweaks.

  30. Leandro:

    Hello, I wanted first of all to thank you: the theme is wonderful, the exact colour combination I was looking for. I modified it a bit to make it look a bit more me, being the main modification taking off the left column, by setting its width to 0. I have only one problem (one that I can’t solve, at least) with it: the right column looks good in Firefox, but it’s way below all posts in IE 6. You can see that at my site (http://seikilos.com.ar/seikilos/). Note that this only happens when you’re looking at the main blog page; single pages, archives, categories, all work OK with the right sidebar. Any ideas?
    Thank you again for the great work!

  31. Venesa:

    I just wanted to let you know…Due to the sidebar problem with the widget, my partner added the following to the header.php file:

    .unleft {margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}

    Note that we added this above the following line in header.php:

    #left-column .inside ul, #right-column .inside ul {margin:0; padding: 0; list-style : none;}

    The we added ‘unleft’ (just a silly name made up at the time) to the text widget image “class=”.

    This solved the problem which is great.

  32. Venesa:

    Okay the page centering is working now. So forget the page centering. Although I do not understand why the sidebar is such a problem.

  33. admin:

    @Venesa: I tried but couldn’t replicate your problem I am afraid. I would have to see the whole thing in action.

  34. Venesa:

    I am using WP 2.5.1 and all the latest other products eg appache and mysql etc. These are on a linux server. I have a 19 inch moniter attached to my Vista notebook. I see the server as I am attached as a network and do all the work from here. I do check the output of my work on the server which uses a smaller screen in linux. Except for the colour tone differences of the screens each looks the same.

    Today I wanted to have an image CENTRED on the page (not the sidebar – this may also help with the sidebar problem). All was fine – the image centred on the page – except that I noticed that the left sidebar items under the widgettitle were all centred. As soon as I changed the image back to LEFT they all left aligned again. I am not sure what is occuring on the right sidebar as I a couple of text widgets and they have not even moved. I think they are controlled by their own filed not your theme.

    I look forward to your help. Thanks so much.

  35. admin:

    I tried it here http://www.bytesforall.com/wordpress-test/6/ and it seems to be working (except for the recent comments widget in the left sidebar which needs a little fix). I checked this at IE6, IE7 and FF at 1024px screen size. Could you tell me about your configuration please, incl. your WP version. I am sure I’ll be able to fix it (Leaving now but as mentioned above I look at it again Fr / Sat and find the problem I am sure)

  36. admin:

    @Venesa: I will try to have it solved within a day or two

  37. Venesa:

    Fixed the dart2 problem but if using the default worpress text widget for text or images in the left sidebar then the text or image will never left or centre unless you put it in the right sidebar. The right sidebar then appears to be okay. Altough both left and right sidebars if text widget is left aligned then your next widget will wrap (be placed to the right directly beside the text widget)which moves your next widget off the page to the right.This does occur with a couple of other fluid themes I have tested but is okay if using a 3 column fixed theme. This sidebar is really causing me some headaches so I hope you can assist. I would like the theme to be correct. Thanks.

  38. Venesa:

    Hi again. Thanks for the info so far.

    Having a problem with the sidebars. Every widget that I place on the sidebars is interferred with by the little arrows. The widget will be on top of the arrow images. Any idea on how change this? Thanks

  39. admin:


    To change the text size of the top navigation bar

    In wp-content/themes/montezuma/style.css

    At around line 137, find

    #modernbricksmenu ul{font: bold 11px Arial;

    and change to, i.e. (for a font size of 15 pixels):

    #modernbricksmenu ul{font: bold 15px Arial;

  40. admin:

    @vee: I would have to look not just at my themes but at that plugin as well which I am unfortunately not able to do in the forseeable future as I have some cleaning up to do.

  41. vee:

    … that’s bytesforall 1.11, by the way

  42. vee:

    Hello again

    Forgot to mention – I tried the Bytesforall theme which is similar to Montezuma and that one had no problems with the flash galleries. I’m still comparing but I haven’t yet been able to figure out what’s causing the problem.

  43. vee:

    Yes, I too love this theme and especially the code commenting which is done the way it should be done. Very nice.

    I have a small bug with my installation. I’m using the ‘wp-simpleviewer’ plugin to create flash galleries. These galleries show fine on a homepage, single-page or single-post page but they don’t show on a categories or archive page. Instead there is just a default message for non-flash enabled browsers. Clicking on a post link then brings up the post and flash galleries in all their glory.

    Is there an easy cure for this? Thanks for any help!

  44. Bunny:

    This looks like an awesome theme. Question: Is there an easy way to make the top navigation bar & text a little bigger? I’m struggling with the code as we speak.

  45. Jennifer Cannady:

    I LOVE it!! Love that it has those added features so I don’t have to mess with plugins and a lot of customizing and it fits my family/kid theme! Look foward to something similar that is just as flawless!

  46. admin:

    Thanks a lot, it is very appreciated.

  47. Ann:

    Two thumbs up!

    Crystal clear installation and image replacement instructions.
    Concise, clear explanations of theme options.
    Attractive design and logical layout.
    Not a single problem during upload, install or while beginning to customize.

    This was the first theme I used that offered theme options built in to the admin panel and I love it. No more opening files, looking for where code is coming from and when I did need to see the code, it was clearly commented.

    I added to the footer, I know it told me not to modify, but I had to add a rave review of the theme for my visitors. If this not ok, just let me know.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!