Atahualpa 3.1 released

About 20 errors fixed, Archives page and a few screenshots added to the admin pages. I’ll add a changelog tomorrow. Visit http://forum.bytesforall.com to discuss the theme or leave a comment here.

UPDATE: Downloads #1-20 had one remaining error: checking/unchecking sidebars on/off wouldn’t stick. This is fixed in the download below – version 3.1.1

UPDATE: 3.1.7 released – CLICK HERE for the new version

If you cannot save the theme options for seemingly mysterious reasons please see http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=39 for a fix – your host probably has the PHP security add-on “Suhosin” installed . I’ll reduce the amount of currently ~215 separate options to less than the PHP-Suhosin default (max of 200 variables per post request) by arranging some options into groups (arrays), in the next version 3.2.

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  1. esra:

    temayı ço sevdim ancak bazı arkadaşlar bu temanın hataları olduğunu söylediler

  2. linkinstreet:

    Hi Flynn, a little question. I added a “related post” plugin, so right now I want to add the appropriate function to the single post page. Can you direct me how do I do it?

  3. ADEM:

    bu temayı severek kullanıyorum ama bir yerlerde biraz sorunum var şu siteler neden türkçe değil

  4. RevReese:

    Just upgraded from an earlier version, going through the options figuring it all out now! brilliant job! Thankyou!

  5. regis:

    duh ! sorry for that one…

    love you theme !

  6. Flynn:

    @regis: On the home page the post titles are links that’s why there’s an extra option for those

    Style post/page titles on multi post pages:
    Post/Page Styling -> HEADLINE Box: Links

    Style post/page titles on single post pages and “page” pages:
    Post/Page Styling -> HEADLINE Box: Text

  7. regis:

    Hey !

    No is there a way to change the title texte font and color on the home page. I could only change it on ‘single post/page’. Is there a way to change it in the home page using the options menu ? Or tweaking the style.php
    (for the later I didn’t find the bit to change)

    Thanks in advance !


  8. cjt:

    hi flynn,
    please ignore my last comment. it´s fixed.
    the problem was using .html on the permalink. doesn’t works with it… don’t know why.

  9. cjt:

    hi flynn, great job!
    there’s something going wrong, however.
    please pay a visit to my site and try to figure out why comments doesn’t work…
    thanks in advance!

  10. Flynn:

    @mad: A plugin is probably causing issues with the CSS file. If you open the stylesheet http://www.yoursite.com……../style.css.php in your browser there’s probably a hint to that plugin at the top of the output of the stylesheet file. This will probably not happen in the next version that is coming within a few days

  11. mad:

    Great Job! I have a minor issue: When I switch to the new theme the font changes to times new roman and there is no way to change it to thamoa or any other fond (I tried it with the theme settings, no luck) I am running wd 2.7. Thanks for your help!

  12. AgusBagus:

    Hi, I have solved my problem. File css generated by style.css.php contains error php code like below:

    Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at …/themes/atahualpa3/style.css.php:5) in …/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/wordpress-automatic-upgrade.php on line 119

    It seems not compatible with automatic upgrade plugin.
    I removed the error code from css file, and now it works perfectly fine.
    Thanks for this great plugin. 🙂

  13. AgusBagus:

    Hello, I love this theme, configurable and fantastic. I have been using it since version 1, and now upgraded to version 3 with a little error. Font of my blog is not Tahoma as in setting, but Times New Roman. I tried to change to different fonts with no luck. It always show as Times New Roman. I hate Times New Roman. Anyone faced this error before. Please need your help!!

  14. Comanco:

    Using “GymbrookeSportsNews” I get the following error message “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” Yet the link they provided does work and the subscriptions by email is activated. If you create a new account I think it would have to be through a google account that allows adsense to be included in the RSS feeds. You probably can still have the kind you have on feedburner and the adsense included feedburner/google account that I have.

  15. Flynn:

    @Comanco: In that case put


    into that field. That feedburner link of yours works, they might have changed the procedure and may now be using only the Feed Title (GymbrookeSportsNews) for both the “subscribe by email” and the “subscribe to posts” link. It used to be (and still is for my a few months old account) two different IDs – a number for emails and the feed title for posts.

    I’ll create a new feedburner account and update the theme instructions accordingly if it’s changed

  16. Comanco:

    I have followed the steps as indicated in the two text areas there is No number. The smaller area has the following

    –href=”http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=GymbrookeSportsNews&loc=en_US”>Subscribe to Gymbrooke Sports News by Email–

    Feedburner may have changed after being taken over by Google. If you have transferred your account as I have it now indicates feedburner.google.com The steps indicated are very clear as to where it should be located but there are no numbers? Logging in at feedburner or through my google account now gives me the same info in the text boxes and neither contain numbers. The feed email feature is activated and working if you use the link. What you see above is what is in the smaller text box.

  17. Flynn:

    You’d need to look for a number as described in the theme options -> RSS Feed Links

    * Login to your Feedburner account
    * Click “My Feeds” -> “[Title of the feed/site in question]” -> “Publicize” -> “Email Subscriptions”
    * Check out the two textareas. Both contain the ID somewhere in the text. In the bigger textarea it appears as …?ffid=xxxxxxx…, in the smaller one as …?feedId=xxxxxxx…
    * xxxxxxx is the number that you need to put here

  18. Comanco:

    Is it possible the format has been changed since being taken over by google? This is what I find following the steps indicated in one of the two text areas.Neither appear to have a number?
    Subscribe to Gymbrooke Sports News by Email

  19. Flynn:

    This is explained inside the theme options, please look again

  20. Comanco:

    RSS E-mail link – where can I find the ID of the Feedburner feed on the feedburner-google site. It has the option of email subscription but I don’t see a specific ID as indicated. I don’t believe I can sign back into feedburner since the account has been transferred to feedburner-google?

  21. Flynn:

    Thanks a lot, Tom. You have been very gracious.

    If you’re happy with the current state of your site I would recommend that you wait a while for newer versions of both WP and Atahualpa. WP could need and probably will get a bit of improvement i.e. in the comments area, and Atahualpa will also get a few fixes and improvements http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=65

    The fixed width and the “turn sidebar on/off” (incl. on a single page basis) are integrated though. You should not need to do manual customizations as far as I can see. Also, Atahualpa 3 would not overwrite anything of Atahualpa 2 but rather be installed as another, new theme.

  22. Tom Guilmette:

    Hey Flynn,
    Congrats on getting version 3.1.1 out! I put it in a directory on my site just to try it out new. Great new theme interface and there are plenty of options.

    Here is my problem, I fear updating my “Flynn Customized” Atahualpa theme because I do not want to lose any of my stuff and/or special formatting. I am also running WordPress 2.6.1 for fear that the same will happen if I upgrade to version 2.7.

    What should I do? Will things get screwed up? Like you, I have put a ton of work into my website with your help over the past few months.

    By the way, I just sent some money your way for all your hard work on this project.

  23. admin:

    @Oracle: Thanks that’s a little bug. Slashes get stripped but I need to make the slashes inside the dates stay in version 3.2

  24. Oracle:

    @admin: Thank you!

    One problem I spotted:

    Under Post/Page Info Items, I added these for all 3 BYLINE. Is it normal that \of will get reset to of everytime I saved the option? It seems like I have to update them everytime I updated the option under other sections.

    Before clicking Save changes:
    %date(‘l, jS \of F Y’)% %edit(‘ | ‘, ‘Edit This Post’, ”)%

    After clicking Save changes:
    %date(‘l, jS of F Y’)% %edit(‘ | ‘, ‘Edit This Post’, ”)%

  25. admin:

    @Comanco: See “Post/Page Info Items” on the theme options page.

  26. admin:

    @Oracle: See “Page Menu Bar” -> “Font Size & Face” on the theme options page and add “bold” like this

    bold 11px Arial, Verdana, sans-serif
  27. Oracle:

    Just upgraded and it is a great theme! Thanks for the great work!

    Is there a way to change the fonts for the menu bar to BOLD?


  28. Comanco:

    Below each post using v. 2.21 the following information and options were available.

    December 16th, 2008 | Category: Sports | Print This Post | Email This Post | Edit | Leave a comment

    I now have the date,category and leave a comment showing only. I am using WP-Print 2.40 and WP -Email 2.40 – I completed steps for plugins upgrade but options not showing up I also do not have the edit link below posts?
    Any advice appreciated.
    WordPress 2.7.

  29. admin:

    @Comanco: Add

    text-align: center;

    to “Post/Page Styling” -> “HEADLINE Box: Text”

  30. Comanco:

    How do you set the post title to center?


  31. Donal:

    I’m glad I held off on installing this but will now do so over the weekend. Thanks for the updated version.