Atahualpa 3.3.2 released

One more bug, a (potentially) relatively serious one was found (the <BODY> tag might be messed up under certain conditions). If you already installed 3.3.1 there’s no need to update again, it’s enough to apply the patch below

Changed files:

  • header.php
Download Atahualpa Version 3.4.6

If you already installed 3.3.1, you DON’T NEED to update:

Apply this patch for header.php (instead of updating) (see post #2 in that thread)

Several users asked: Will my settings be lost if I update. Answer:

  • The Atahualpa Theme Settings will NOT be lost as those are saved in the central WordPress database.
  • If you manually edited theme files, those would obviously be lost IF you overwrite them while uploading the new theme files. However, you can upload the new theme version into another directory at /wp-content/themes/ and run both (or multiple) Atahualpa versions at the same time, i.e. one at /wp-content/themes/atahualpa3/ and one at /wp-content/themes/atahualpa332/. All Atahualpa versions would share the same Theme Settings (everything you have set, edited or inserted at Appearance -> Themes -> Atahualpa Theme Options), but each theme version would have its own theme files.
  • After you uploaded the new version into its own directory, you can apply your manual file edits on the new theme files, and if something goes wrong you can always switch back to the older theme version by selecting the older theme at WordPress Site Admin -> Appearance -> Themes
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  1. Carolyn:

    The directions in 3.3.3 say to upload my favicon to “/atahualpa3/images/favicon/”. There was no such folder under my public-html, so I created the whole path and uploaded a file called favicon.ico — it works on my old site that I’m transferring, so I’m sure the file is OK. Specified in the ATO to use favicon.ico. No luck.

    Anyone with any idea of what I’m doing wrong??

    Otherwise love the theme!

  2. Söve:

    I have same problem with Linda.Please inform us about that subject in a short time.

  3. Jessica H:

    Hi, I run this theme on several of my sites. For some reason, on my http://www.anglershavenresort.com site the pages open in new windows in IE and Safari, but my other sites don’t do that. Can you help me? I really want to keep the site with the Atahualpa theme, but need the pages to link in the same window.


  4. Helene:

    I decided to help and sent the post in your social bookmarks. I hope to rise in popularity.

  5. jose perez:

    Dynamic Image Header for Theme Atahualpa.

    You may have nice “flash based” header pictures that autochanges with slideshow effects using “NextGEN Gallery” plugin and making following modifications.

    This theme is one of my favourites. I have implement the whole coding for VERSION3.3.2 if you like you can do so just following 3 step instruccions:

    1.- Replace the content of: bfa_header_config.php file in “functions” directory for the CODE BELOW
    2.- Replace in the CODE BELOW “http://peppoweb.com/demowp01” for the actual URL of mail page in your WP blog.
    3.-Replace in the CODE BELOW:

    file: “http://peppoweb.com/demowp01/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/xml/imagerotator.php?gid=7”,


    file : “http://peppoweb.com/demowp01/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/xml/imagerotator.php?gid=XYX”,

    where XYZ is the GALLERY ID you want to use.



    function bfa_header_config($header_items) {

    global $bfa_ata;

    if (strpos($header_items,’%image’)!==false) {

    include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/functions/bfa_rotating_header_images.php’);


    if (strpos($header_items,’%pages’)!==false) {

    // Page Menu Bar

    $page_menu_bar = ” . “\n”;

    if ($bfa_ata[‘home_page_menu_bar’] != ”) {

    $page_menu_bar .= ‘‘ .

    $bfa_ata[‘home_page_menu_bar’] . ‘‘ . “\n”;


    if ($bfa_ata[‘levels_page_menu_bar’] == “”) {

    $bfa_ata[‘levels_page_menu_bar’] = 0;


    $page_menu_bar .= bfa_hor_pages($bfa_ata[‘sorting_page_menu_bar’], $bfa_ata[‘levels_page_menu_bar’],

    $bfa_ata[‘titles_page_menu_bar’], $bfa_ata[‘exclude_page_menu_bar’]);

    $page_menu_bar .= ” . “\n”;

    // END of Page Menu Bar


    if (strpos($header_items,’%cats’)!==false) {

    // Category Menu Bar

    $cat_menu_bar = ” . “\n”;

    if ($bfa_ata[‘home_cat_menu_bar’] != ”) {

    $cat_menu_bar .= ‘‘ .

    $bfa_ata[‘home_cat_menu_bar’] . ‘‘ . “\n”;


    if ($bfa_ata[‘levels_cat_menu_bar’] == “”) {$bfa_ata[‘levels_cat_menu_bar’] = 0; }

    $cat_menu_bar .= bfa_hor_cats($bfa_ata[‘sorting_cat_menu_bar’], $bfa_ata[‘order_cat_menu_bar’],

    $bfa_ata[‘levels_cat_menu_bar’], $bfa_ata[‘titles_cat_menu_bar’], $bfa_ata[‘exclude_cat_menu_bar’]);

    $cat_menu_bar .= ” . “\n”;

    // END of Category Menu Bar


    if (strpos($header_items,’%logo’)!==false) {

    // Logo Area

    $logo_area = ”;

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_search_box’] == “Yes” AND ($bfa_ata[‘show_posts_icon’] == “Yes” OR

    $bfa_ata[‘show_email_icon’] == “Yes” OR $bfa_ata[‘show_comments_icon’] == “Yes”)) {

    $header_rowspan = ‘rowspan=”2″ ‘;

    } else {

    $header_rowspan = ”;


    // Logo Icon for WordPress and WPMU

    if ($bfa_ata[‘logo’] != “”) {

    $logo_area .= ‘blogid . ‘/files’;

    // see if user has uploaded his own “logosymbol.gif” somewhere into his upload folder, version 1:

    $wpmu_logosymbol = m_find_in_dir($upload_path1,$bfa_ata[‘logo’]); $upload_path = $upload_path1;

    // try version 2 if no logosymbol.gif was found:

    if (!$wpmu_logosymbol) {

    $wpmu_logosymbol = m_find_in_dir($upload_path2,$bfa_ata[‘logo’]); $upload_path = $upload_path2;


    // if we found logosymbol.gif one way or another, figure out the public URL

    if ($wpmu_logosymbol) {

    $new_logosymbol = str_replace($upload_path,

    get_option(‘fileupload_url’), $wpmu_logosymbol);

    $logo_area .= $new_logosymbol[0] . ‘” alt=”‘ . get_bloginfo(‘name’);

    // otherwise: print the one in the theme folder

    } else {

    $logo_area .= get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’) . ‘/images/’ . $bfa_ata[‘logo’] .

    ‘” alt=”‘ . get_bloginfo(‘name’);


    // if this is WordPress and not WPMU, print the logosymbol.gif in the theme folder right away

    } else {

    $logo_area .= get_bloginfo(‘template_directory’) . ‘/images/’ . $bfa_ata[‘logo’] . ‘” alt=”‘ .



    $logo_area .= ‘” />‘;


    // END of Logo Icon

    // Blog title and description

    if ( $bfa_ata[‘blog_title_show’] == “Yes” OR $bfa_ata[‘blog_tagline_show’] == “Yes” ) {

    $logo_area .= ”;

    if ( $bfa_ata[‘blog_title_show’] == “Yes” ) {

    #$logo_area .= ‘‘ . get_bloginfo(‘name’) . ‘‘;

    ob_start(); bloginfo(‘name’); $logo_area .= ‘‘ . ob_get_contents() . ‘‘; ob_end_clean();


    if ( $bfa_ata[‘blog_tagline_show’] == “Yes” ) {

    # $logo_area .= ” . get_bloginfo( ‘description’ ) . ”;

    ob_start(); bloginfo(‘description’); $logo_area .= ” . ob_get_contents() .

    ”; ob_end_clean();


    $logo_area .= ”;


    // END of title/description

    // is any feed icon or link active?

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_posts_icon’] == “Yes” OR $bfa_ata[‘show_email_icon’] == “Yes” OR

    $bfa_ata[‘show_comments_icon’] == “Yes”) {

    $logo_area .= ”;


    // COMMENT Feed link

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_comments_icon’] == “Yes” ) {

    $logo_area .= ‘‘ . $bfa_ata[‘comment_feed_link’] . ‘‘;


    // END: of COMMENT Feed link

    // Feedburner Email link

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_email_icon’] == “Yes” ) {

    $logo_area .= ‘‘ . $bfa_ata[’email_subscribe_link’] . ‘‘;


    // END: of Feedburner Email link

    // POSTS Feed link

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_posts_icon’] == “Yes” ) {

    $logo_area .= ‘‘ .

    $bfa_ata[‘post_feed_link’] . ‘‘;


    // END: of POSTS Feed link

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_posts_icon’] == “Yes” OR $bfa_ata[‘show_email_icon’] == “Yes” OR

    $bfa_ata[‘show_comments_icon’] == “Yes”) {

    $logo_area .= ”;

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_search_box’] == “Yes” ) {

    $logo_area .= ”;



    // Search box

    if ($bfa_ata[‘show_search_box’] == “Yes” ) {

    $logo_area .= ”;

    $logo_area .= ‘



    // END of Search box

    $logo_area .= ”;

    // END of Logo Area


    if (strpos($header_items,’%image’)!==false) {

    // Header Image

    $header_image = ‘

    The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..

    var ppwxyz = {

    params : {

    wmode : “opaque”,

    allowfullscreen : “true”},

    flashvars : {

    file : “http://peppoweb.com/demowp01/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/xml/imagerotator.php?gid=7”,

    linkfromdisplay : “false”,

    shownavigation : “false”,

    rotatetime : “6”,

    showicons : “false”,

    overstretch : “true”,

    backcolor : “0x000000”,

    frontcolor : “0xFFFFFF”,

    lightcolor : “0xCC0000”,

    width : “1024”,

    height : “150”},

    attr : {

    styleclass : “slideshow”,

    name : “ppwheader”},

    start : function() {

    swfobject.embedSWF(“http://peppoweb.com/demowp01/wp-content/uploads/imagerotator.swf”, “ppwxyz”, “100%”, “150”, “7.0.0”, false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr );





    // END of Header Image


    if (strpos($header_items,’%bar1’)!==false) {

    // Horizontal bar 1

    $horizontal_bar1 = ‘ ‘;

    // END of Horizontal bar 1


    if (strpos($header_items,’%bar2’)!==false) {

    // Horizontal bar 2

    $horizontal_bar2 = ‘ ‘;

    // END of Horizontal bar 2


    $header_item_numbers = array(“%pages”, “%cats”, “%logo”, “%image”, “%bar1”, “%bar2″);

    $header_output = array($page_menu_bar, $cat_menu_bar, $logo_area, $header_image, $horizontal_bar1, $horizontal_bar2);

    $header_items = trim($header_items);

    $header_items = str_replace(” “, “”, $header_items);

    $final_header = str_replace($header_item_numbers, $header_output, $header_items);

    echo $final_header;




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  7. dhani:

    request: please add the “links.php” page templates.

    everytime i upgrade the template, i should manually add the links page template. not much, but will be convenient.


  8. linda:

    Where so I remove the overlay?
    I have done this in older versions and I cannot for the life of me find it.
    My logo is dulled by the overlay.


  9. gotogirl1113:

    Flynn, This theme is wonderful and made my site so easy to get up and running! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this! I donated and everytime I customize something that is so easy, I would gladly do it again.

  10. Wolfman:

    Fine job, fine job. This theme works AWESOME with simplepressforum. I was able to work the theme colors to fit the forums and remove the sidebars when calling it with ease. Now I don’t mind doing some going but I am fat lazy and this saved me a ton of work!

  11. Jim:

    Hello @59 Mike, @58 designer666, @56 Nadja, @55 Herman!

    You should all log in over the on the ByteForAll Forum where your questions/problems can be addressed much more efficiently.


  12. John Mauer:

    IE stops if it finds MS Word formatting code; Firefox does not. Check to see that you did not paste text into the visual window from Word by looking at the HTML window. (I’ve made this mistake already… 🙁 )

  13. Mike:

    How do you edit the footer… I want to get rid of “WordPress · WordPress Themes · Premium WordPress Themes” at the bottom of the pages.

    I was in the footer.php but I don’t understand it.

  14. designer666:

    I’m having trouble with profile pages… (author.php) I created a author.php from the index.php and have a few plugins; profile-pic, get author profile, and author avatars.

    Currently when i click on an blog member pic on the index it takes me to the author.php i create that shows the members posts and a little info above that i added but i can’t get the profile pic to show?

    Any suggestions. Thanks.

  15. Darrin:

    This template is great. I don’t make any money from my little blog, but it’s so good, I’ll still consider donating if it works out.

  16. Nadja:

    I would like to change the header image but I dont know how. Is there any kind soul who can help me out? I dont know anything about CSS but I love this template a lot.


  17. Herman:

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. But the site is completely fine in Firefox but NOT in IE (Internet Explorer). I have been searching everywhere, but couldn’t find a solution. Could someone please help. I am very excited with this theme and don’t want to change. Thanks.

  18. Jason:

    So I switched to this them and the meta section isn’t there so I can’t figure out how to login to my WP site. Any ideas?

  19. eevee:

    Hi.Atahualpa is a very good theme and I very like it. I find some thing in the search box.When I use the search box,it show the post is hided image(original can show image) and i use flash-video-player(plugin) will show the code in the search page.Is it will fix in the version.Thx

  20. Jurjen:

    I downloaded several plugins like world clock and lightbox gallery. They do show in my wordpress dashboard in the plugins. But if I activate them, they don’t show in the widgets (or not properly). How can the plugins show up in my widgets (properly)?

    Thanks a lot!

  21. Curtis:

    Great theme. Unbelievable work.

    I have one request, could you please add an option for setting the background color on the ‘header-image-container’ div? There is an option of the image, but I had to hack the code to add the background color.

    Thank you again for this theme!!


  22. Bob:

    How do I add menu items to thr kicker page?

  23. cjt:

    ok, i havent got an answer for the previous question, which is important, and i have another question already:

    is it possible to fix an image on the main page header and rotate others on single pages?


    p.s. don´t forget to see about those viruses.

  24. Brent:

    I’m wondering if the new version will fix my header problem?

  25. Harrison:

    Nice theme. Many options. Not a lot of 3 column themes out there that are good. I’m going to try it for a while.

  26. Jim:

    @David – #40 = This sounds more like a WordPress installation problem than something specifically related to Atahualpa. You should get over to the WordPress Forums http://wordpress.org/support/

    @William R. – #41 and
    @bert – #43

    You guys should come over to the BytesForAll support forms http://forum.bytesforall.com/ where these troubles/questions will be answered quickly.

  27. Free Wordpress Themes:

    Pretty awesome advancement!

  28. bert:

    atahualpa 3.3.2. : wonderfull theme. very hihg potential. there are some items i cant figure out though. the vertical cats menu in header should be a horizontal drop down menu ; the sidebars float and align with the middle of the body, they should be fixed ; there is this “;” above every post entry ; if i set the minimunm whith for the body box in the layout field, nothing happend … anyone else having these problems any one having a solution ?

  29. Jim:

    @Jenny 36 & 37 — you should log in over on the BytesForAll forum where more and better help is available —

  30. VR:

    I am using the latest release. But I do not see the category menu bar at all. Do I have to activate it somewhere?

  31. William R:

    I am using the newest version Atahualpa 3.3.2 and think it is most likely the most complete theme I have ever used. I would like to control the rotation speed of the header images, I want the images to auto rotate not rotate with refresh only. How can I do this and where would I place the code?
    Thank You Very Much for your help.

  32. Daivd:

    I hope someone can help me. I’ve switched my WP blog to Atahualpa. Now, several of the pages in my WP-ADIM have gone completely blank. They are:

    1. Themes mane page
    2. Theme editor page
    3. Installed plugins page

    I love this theme, but I want to switch back to my previous theme and play with this one “offline” for a while.

    Can someone tell me how to switch back to a previous theme if my “Themes” page has bone blank?

    Thanks… much appreciated.

  33. Clay:


    I’m quite new to tinkering with items up the hood and I have a very basic question. If I want a link bar (rather than the page bar or category provided in the theme) in the header area, how do I manage that? I don’t see the settings under the options but I could be missing it.


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  35. jenny:

    follow-up on my comment dated 4/21 @ 12/33PM…

    I am getting the same multiple errors at the top of my blog that says:

    Thank you.

  36. jenny:

    Hi, I am a newbie and this is my very first blog. So I would appreciate any guidance from any current user who is familiar with my issue described below. I am using the latest Atahualpa 3.3.2.

    I am getting the same multiple errors at the top of my blog that says:

    Does anybody know how to fix this?

    The error can be seen when using Internet Explorer7. The issue does NOT exist when using FireFox. I know the issue is within the “header.php”. But I don’t know what piece of code needs to be fixed or to be added where? Please help. Thank you

  37. Dave:

    I’m wondering about how the search engines spider the Atahualpa theme? I’ve used an older version and noticed that some spider preview tools show that some of the theme code is being read by the search engines. Therefore it could be hurting SERP results. NOTE I’ve used the Atahualpa’s built in SEO tools and other SEO plug-in tools to try and solve this issue. Any input on this issue. Some spider preview tools include http://www.seochat.com/seo-tools/spider-simulator/
    If you have a website that does NOT show the Atahualpa theme code with these preview tools I’d be very interested in the solution.

  38. John Mauer:

    On the archives pages [multiple by month], the Continue Reading kink does show. The only way to get to the full story is by category. Is there a way to fix this? I’m using 3.3.2.

  39. gidibao’s Cafe | Atahualpa (in italiano):

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  40. Gav:

    This is a fantastic theme. Very similar in features to the premium Theses theme that everyone is raving about. One big difference is that Theses presents the main content column to the spiders first as per this 3 column layout:
    If the authors can address this then I think they would have a theme that competes on every level.
    Tremendous stuff. Well done.

  41. John:

    I am a complete novice to php and wordpress and my xhtml experience is very limited. I am delighted with the these but would like to replace the floral image with some custom content which will include a graphic and a set of links. Is this possible? Can you help me get started?

  42. Mack:

    Would be nice if you could change the collums from one side, both collums to the left of right …

    Very nice theme.

  43. Flynn:

    @Simon: 21
    What do you mean with “new posts link”? The newest posts will always be listed on the blog homepage. If you want to have the “new posts” (the blog homepage) on another page than the real homepage domain.com/, then set a static page as the front page and set another static page for the blog posts, both can be done at WP Site Admin -> Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays

    BTW: One or several of your header images don’t show because your image software added “.LCK” to the file name: header6.jpg.LCK

  44. perdox:

    Hi Flynn. How do you get the comments to be numbered sequentially as they are here? I’d like to do that too.

  45. mark:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  46. Linda Taylor:

    Hi! I want to start off by saying that I love this theme, and thank you for all of your hard work.

    I have placed a Flash banner in the Header, but I am having layering problems. I don’t know which elements to put my z-index on. So, I want to be able to put a background image on the masthead (z-index: zero, right?), then I want the Flash banner to sit over that (higher z-index number on div class inside, right?), then I want the tab horizontal navigation to be visible over the Flash. Which element to I put an even higher z-index on? Or do I have this all wrong?

    I appreciate your help in advance =-)

  47. John Taylor:

    Hope that donation was ok – appreciate your work.

  48. Film the Blanks:

    Quick question – how do I change the colour/style of ’24 comments on…’ and on the comment text itself.

    I think I’ve got everything else working but this just remains black – I see that the font is dictated by the general text options – but it has no effect on colour.

    Many thanks for the theme – absolute lifesaver, donation will be forthcoming.

  49. prolove:

    Thank you for your theme.
    It is very nice and useful.
    I like it.
    Please continuing to update.

  50. GµårÐïåñ:

    Flynn, thank you for getting back to me and I figured that too but here it is making a difference. If I change the reading option I referred to, it actually affects the site and how many articles are shown and whether in full or summary. NO matter what those settings are, the setting for Atahualpa that I referenced makes no difference whatsoever anywhere on the site. I have tested this repeatedly and intensely for HOURS and still nothing 🙂 Any ideas why two seemingly unrelated settings are working against each other?

  51. Simon:

    Atahualpa is great, but I can’t get a ‘New Post’ link/button.

    Hi, I’ve downloaded and tweaked Atahualpa for ‘http://www.thechutes.org.uk/wordpress/’ but I can’t see how to get a ‘New Post’ link or button on my ‘index’ page. Its probably me being thick, but can anyone help?

    Thanks, Simon

  52. Flynn:

    @Perry Karipidis: 17
    All Atahualpa versions on the same WordPress installation would share the same Theme Option settings. So what you suggested would not work. You’d have to manually add CSS styles to the bottom of style.css if you wanted to have different colors in two Atahualpa versions on the same WP installation. Each theme version has its own style.css but the dynamically saved settings are shared between all versions.

    @GµårÐïåñ: 18
    Those settings should not interfere at all since the do different things. If you mean the “For each article in a feed, show []Full Text [] Summary” option, that is for feeds, whereas Atahualpa Theme Options -> Posts or Excerpts is for the actual blog

    dp: 19
    You can remove the “Home” link added by the theme, at Atahualpa Theme Options -> Page Menu Bar -> Home link in Page Menu Bar

    There is no option yet to show different titles on the menu tab and on the page body yet but I plan to include this.

    To show the title tag for items in the page menu bar, see Atahualpa Theme Options -> Page Menu Bar -> Title tags in Page Menu Bar

    To show tooltips for certain words in the post body, look for a plugin for tooltips, i.e. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bubble-tooltip/

  53. dp:

    Hi. I am using a fixed page as my home page, and am sending my posts to a page called “Blog”. The problem is that the “Home” tab and the page tab I created to be my home are both given tabs (which show identical pages), which is redundant and klunky. Can I not either delete the Home tab, or even better keep it and let it have a title on the page itself that doesn’t show up as the name in the tab (i.e. Hello!). Just to be clear, I would like my Home tab to say “Home” but allow a different Name on the page itself. Otherwise, I would just like to remove the home tab.

    Also, I would like to have the ability to hover over select words in the web site and have boxes (not sure what they are called–“pop-ups” or “baloons” or whatever) with explanatory info, like definitions or what-not. Is that possible?


  54. GµårÐïåñ:

    I wanted to begin by saying this is a wonderful theme and thank you for making it. However, I had a couple of questions about the theme and not sure if this the right place to submit a potential bug. I have noticed that with the WordPress->Settings->Reading options set, Atahualpa->Options->Posts or Excerpts options that are set are not honored and will not be effective. Is there a workaround needed or is this something that’s a bug? Thank you.

  55. Perry Karipidis:

    Hi Flynn. The description you give above re the settings almost answers I question I have about using the atahuualpa theme. Let’s say that I have set up my site with this them and everything is working perfectly and looking the way I like it.

    Say I wanted to have everything the same except change the COLOR scheme of my site. Nothing else, just the color scheme like the hover colors, text color etc. How would I go about doing this?

    I’m thinking: create another folder on the server and say call it atahualpared for my red version. Then I can just select this them from the admin panel when I wanted to. Would this be the way to go?

  56. Georg:

    A very beautiful and impressive theme!

    Some time ago I made a Danish translation (en dansk oversættelse !). Now, I have updated it. It is available at Temaet Atahualpa.

    There is one thing I cannot figure out. In the post-footer, the date is wrongly formatted for a Dane. See the picture here: http://easycaptures.com/7421828045.

    The name of the month is in Danish, but I want something like “j. F Y” in stead of what seems to be “M jS, Y”. Is there an option somewhere, or is this a feature request?

    Thank you very much for any suggestions!

  57. The Baby:

    What I still new. thanks for the theme is given, very comprehensive.

  58. Zefgat:

    I’ve been searching for a good, customizable theme. For days…

    Here I’ve found probably the best theme ever! Well done and thank you very much!

  59. Lara:

    Hey ya,

    Fixed the favicon issue! totally wrong file name….all good now 🙂


  60. Lara:

    Hey ya,

    I changed to Athahulpa 3.3.2 and fixed the header issue, but I can’t get my favicon to work. I have the exact same file in the old favicon folder and the new one (have also tried removing, renaming and test with other favicons) but no joy. Any ideas? I’m sure there’s a simple button I haven’t pressed or the like. This is driving me crazy!


    P.S. I also wish to commend on the theme – it’s been super!! Will be donating once the site is 100% going ahead.

  61. Flynn:

    @Thayer: 7
    Where in the options does it say that? Do you have the newest theme version?

  62. Updated theme on website | joeflasher.com:

    […] I’d like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to the people over at Bytes For All for coming up with and maintaining the […]

  63. Corrina Gordon-Barnes:

    Thanks – this was super easy even for a non-techie like me. You’re fantastic.

  64. oide:

    Thanks for a great theme. It is so versatile!

    I always leave the old theme directory in place just in case and rename the new one. The latest offering does it all for me. I installed v3.32, then using FileZilla I copied my options and images sub-directories from the old to the new.

  65. Thayer:

    I am working on my feedburner links and noticed that my feed for feedburner is http://feeds2.feedburner.com. But in the Atahualpa options page, it only shows the feeds.feedburner.com.
    Is there a way to change it to feeds2?

  66. Sherley:

    Awesome! Thank you for the theme and the upgrade!

  67. RichardF:

    Worked a treat! just up loaded into into its own directory, only had to move a logo to the new images folder and bingo!

  68. Jim Maas:

    If possible I too would like to find out if I can update to the new version without loosing my changes, images and other things?

    Thanks for the hard work.


  69. RichardF:

    re Rowley comments: If I upgrade, will this reset all my settings? please can this be answered as it is something I will need to take in consideration if I upgrade as well.

  70. Rowley:

    If I upgrade, will this reset all my settings?

  71. xxxevilgrinxxx:

    thanks for getting this fixed so quickly!