Atahualpa 3.3.1 released

3 bugs where found within hours and I had to release another version. The following files are changed since 3.3, it would be sufficient if you upload just these:

  • index.php
  • header.php
  • style.css
  • functions.php

These were the bugs:

  • Auto image resizing didn’t work anymore for the image height
  • Post titles were linked to the wrong permalinks
  • Setting the font-weight on widget list items did not work

To update from an earlier Atahualpa version, I recommend this technique: Upload the new 3.3.1 version as i.e. /atahualpa331/. This way you can keep your existing version and change back in case something goes wrong. You’d be running both Atahualpa versions at the same time. The older version at /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/ or /wp-content/themes/atahualpa3/ or similar, and the new version at /wp-content/themes/atahualpa331/

Both versions would share the same Theme Option settings (as those are saved in the central database). But each theme version would have its own theme files. If you edited theme files in the older version, you’d have to apply these edits on the files of the new theme version as well. If you were using custom images, you’d have to copy or upload them to the new version’s directory as well.

After you uploaded the new theme version, activate it at Appearance -> Themes. To distinguish between 3.3.1 and i.e. 3.2: In 3.3.1, the theme description (which you see below the screenshot) says “Over 20 language files …” whereas 3.2 lists the languages as “DE, FR, JP …”. Or, simply hover over the Theme name and watch the browser’s status bar for


You can run more than 2 theme versions at the same time, too.

3.3.2 released with a bug fix, download 3.3.2 or apply the patch for 3.3.1->3.3.2:

Since 3.3 the Atahualpa theme links to wordpress.bytesforall.com and another site of mine, themeframe.com, instead of www.bytesforall.com. Themeframe is a new theme (framework) I am working on, the themeframe.com domain will be updated within the next days. The credit links in the footer are also differently worded based on page type.

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  2. deli:

    Hello, is there anyway I could choose which post shows up under what category bar main menu item? Some of them should only show up under the submenu items.

  3. qn:

    Flynn: It suddenly worked. Yesterday it didn’t matter what I did, the border was the same grey one. Might be the 3.3.2-patch that fixed the problem, or perhaps it was PEBKAC. Thanks anyway!

  4. yeliz:

    üzgünüm nerede bu Atahualpa sevdiğim bir tema zevk ile kullanıyorum ancak bazı sorunlarım var buradan türkçe yazan yokmu?

  5. Flynn:

    @Joe: 18
    You can style the category menu bar at Atahualpa Theme Options -> Category Menu Bar

  6. Patrick:

    Im sorry im really a dude and solved the problem – it was an additional insert i didnt code correct

  7. Patrick:

    After applying the 3.3.2 theme I have now a “>” above my logo-bar. Any hint on this? thanks for the theme!

  8. mve:

    Never mind the issue with 404 I posted above — sorry that was related to my WP MU install not atahualpa theme.

  9. Joe:

    Thanks for a great theme. Question…how can i change the category menu tab? I have another page that has a category tab at the top of the page. How can I alter the athapula category tab so that they will match? I am using the most updated version of athapula. Thanks.

  10. mve:

    Thanks for the great theme! I found one bug — for any non-existent page the theme still generates a “200 OK” header. This is not good if you change your permalink structure — the search engines will continue sending visitors to the old pages never knowing that they no longer exist … It should use 404 Not Found header instead.

  11. Kris:

    @Flynn – got it, pasted the whole fix in, thanks!! If I have any code comments in future, I’ll head over to http://forum.bytesforall.com/ Again – awesome theme

  12. Daniel:

    Flynn: It suddenly worked. Yesterday it didn’t matter what I did, the border was the same grey one. Might be the 3.3.2-patch that fixed the problem, or perhaps it was PEBKAC. 🙂 Thanks anyway!

  13. Flynn:

    @Daniel: 4
    It’s working for me on both the page and category menu bar. What are you putting there? Should be something like, i.e.

    solid 1px #000000


    dotted 1px red


    dashed 1px #ccc

    … without semicolon at the end

    If you did all that and it still doesn’t work, perhaps you have a cache running which displays the old version?

  14. Flynn:

    @Lionel: Fixed in 3.3.2, thanks

    @Kris: You’re right, but there was actually more missing, and this is fixed in 3.3.2
    Posting code is really a bit messy here even with the WP-Syntax plugin. I prefer the forum http://forum.bytesforall.com/ to exchange code, posting code is a breeze in Vbulletin

  15. Lasse:

    Thank you. This theme really includes it all. I love it. With all the theme options you can almost make your blog look like no others.

  16. P. A. Njualem:

    Hi Flynn:

    Congratulation for the excellent work you are doing by providing us with such this great WP theme for easy unique customization. I strongly want to use this them for my new website and I want to know how to transform the right sidebar into multiple sidebars-in-one (i.e. north, south, east and west format) an example of what I mean can be seen hear http://quickinsider.com/?attachment_id=6

    Please I will highly appreciate any form of help.

    Thanks, once more I appreciate your efforts.

  17. Bill Corrigan:

    I had the same problem with some php code I put in the HTML Inserts: Body Top in Atahualpa Theme Options. I fixed the problem by editing the plug-in and removing the last bracket in some of the html code it generated. The plug in works fine now.

  18. Kris:

    <code><pre lang=”php”><body<?php bodyclasses(); ?><?php echo ($bfa_ata[‘html_inserts_body_top’] != “” ?
    apply_filters(widget_text, $bfa_ata[‘html_inserts_body_top’]) : ”); ?>></pre></code>


    <code><pre lang=”php”><body<?php bodyclasses(); ?>><?php echo ($bfa_ata[‘html_inserts_body_top’] != “” ?
    apply_filters(widget_text, $bfa_ata[‘html_inserts_body_top’]) : ”); ?></pre></code>

  19. Kris:

    Oh darn hmmm -didnt look like the php code posted correctly in my comment event with the pre lang inserts – it’s lines 823 and 824 of header.php. The ending double carat after the statement close on line 824 should be single, and the extra closing carat should be moved to after the statement on line 823 right after the end of the bodyclasses statement. That fixed it for me! kris

  20. Lionel:

    I upgraded from 3.2 to the current version. All my pages now have a > centered at the very top of every page, above the page tabs. When I switch back to 3.2 it is gone. Help!

  21. Flynn:

    @kris: Use

    <pre lang="php"> ... </pre> to post code here, also provide a bit more details please

  22. xxxevilgrinxxx:

    thanks again for the great update!

  23. Daniel:

    With the new update, the “Border around all menu items” for the Category menu bar stopped working. Nothing happens, no matter what values I put in.

    Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks!

  24. kris:

    hey I noticed the comment action pulled out the code, probably for security reasons, basically the second end carat was closing the statement a little early I think… I am no php expert, and am in awe of all your programming, email me if you’d like me to copy paste into an email for you

  25. Kris:

    I changed




    in the header.php to get the insert after tag to work

    my php include

    still doesn’t get pulled in though…. ideas? thx! I LOVE your theme!

  26. Tony:

    Thanks for the fast update, Flynn!

    And best of luck with your new site! Nice domain name, by the way. 🙂