ThemeFrame Beta is available

The Beta version of ThemeFrame, a WYSIWYG WordPress Theme creator, is available at forum.bytesforall.com

We’re at Beta 3 at the moment and you can get lifetime access to TF downloads and the TF community & WIKI as a $40+ donor at http://forum.bytesforall.com/

Become a (free) member at the forum first, then click the donation link to make a $40 donation, to be added to the ThemeFrame member group.

The price will go up as ThemeFrame is being improved and extended. If you become a TF member now, you won’t be affected by this.

ThemeFrame Beta is available

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  1. Lassana:

    I tried to register, but I keep getting a message that reads “You have left a required field blank” after i click on the register button located on the rules page.

    Can anyone help?

  2. Sue Sandford:

    Hi! I ned to know if you do any services for cleaning up my kids’ recently hacked travel website? I use your theme in a wordpress blog and it has been hacked twice in the last two weeks. Can you help or do you know who can? Thanks,


  3. WordPresser:

    “If you become a TF member now”

    means “If you pay the 40$ now” ?

    I mean, I would register now, but right now I can’t pay for it. If I register now and the price get higher later, would I still get it with 40$ ? or do I have to register now and pay now?