ThemeFrame at Beta 6 now

We are at Beta 6 now and moving forward quickly.

Get lifetime access to ThemeFrame with a donation of $80 at forum.bytesforall.com.

HowTo: Become a (free) member at forum.bytesforall.com first, then – while being logged in at the forum – make your donation by clicking the Donate button, then send a PM (Private Message) to Flynn to get added to the ThemeFrame user group (already over 300 users!).

Once the ThemeFrame Release Candidate 1 is available – which won’t take very long from now on –   this opportunity for early adopters will be gone, and ThemeFrame will cost well over $100.

If you get in now you only pay the reduced price of $80 and get lifetime access to all future upgrades of ThemeFrame.

What is ThemeFrame? ThemeFrame is a WordPress Theme creation application for Windows & Mac.

  • “WYSIWYG” (What you see is what you get) functionality
  • Drag & Drop
  • Live Preview
  • Creates white-label, standalone WordPress Themes.
  • No coding (neither PHP nor CSS) required.
  • Thousands of settings, all done with the mouse – no coding
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  1. LeanneBoyd:

    I’m afraid I must agree:

    May 26th, 2010 at 8:59 pm
    I agree here, no screenshots, video links are all down, all links go nowhere, no feature list, no demo, wiki is down, how do we even know this program exists let alone plonk $80 down on it?

    The first two video links are broken; I did get to video #3.

    But with all these peeps who’ve donated, coming back asking WHERE is the info/download link/etc …. this, to a newcomer to your site, does NOT look good. Very non-pro. And unfortunately, we’ve all reached a saturation point on all things Internet. You need to make this place more user-friendly… step by step information is what most people want. I can see/guess that this will outdistance Artisteer (someone mentioned up top)… and I would hope this is true. I have Artisteer, and the disappointment was great.

    Meanwhile. I ran into Atahualpa 3.4.6 and built an astounding site with it… in hopes to be able to clone and use it for an upcoming small ton of niche Web sites. I’ve now played with trying to do that for two very hard days……. and no luck at all. Now I will play with Ata 3.5.1 and see what happens.

    You guys could lick the floor clean, you know. But I feel that you should take some of these suggestions very seriously. Start with a wonderful overview page for ThemeFrame, with all the bells and whistles, and videos that work. Do something about this donation process so you don’t have a long page of gripey-type messages about “where are the goods.” Again… this does not inspire a newcomer to your site to jump aboard.

    Here is why I have been so excited over Atahualpa…. and if you go to the other 4 book sites in this series, you will see why I would love to clone this site:


  2. Vesa Tiirikainen:

    I’m a happy user of Atahualpa, but Themeframe looks even better and I would like to change into Themeframe as soon as there is a stable version available.

    your payment method sucks. There is already a huge number of payment methods available either with a credit card or debit card (at least in Finland where I live). I will not start to use another payment system just for your theme.

    If you happen to have an interest to get against-PayPal users like me who do not object to pay 80 USD from a beta version, you have to add standard credit card payment methods. Optionally you should just drop the payment at least for the beta version like all other software developers do.


  3. Jacqui:

    I agree here, no screenshots, video links are all down, all links go nowhere, no feature list, no demo, wiki is down, how do we even know this program exists let alone plonk $80 down on it?

  4. Peter:

    I’ll wait for website demo to see if the themeFrame worth to buy.

  5. alfie:

    I arrived at WordPress and Atahualpa from a direction that seems to be different from anyone I have yet to see forum posts from. My background has been with C, C++ and Visual Basic. These languages allowed me to have considerable control over implementation with little dependence on forum advice.

    I first attempted to use Dreamweaver which is a WYSIWYG tool similiar to Visual Basic. What was missing was the Content Management System (CMS) which has made WordPress very popular. To save time I decided to try wordpress although I had never heard of php before. I did find a great deal of familiarity with php and C, C++ and Visual Basic. Now I hear of ThemeFrame and it sounds very similiar to Dreamweaver which I dropped because I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel. WordPress and then Atahuapa were to be a giant step to propel me closer to my destination (a CMS application)

    It sounds as if ThemeFrame is very similiar to Dreamweaver which is a WYSIWYG drag and drop type of object oriented tool. Flynn if you are listening will you please comment.


  6. dyuane:

    with ThemeFrame can you have a vertical flyout on theleft hand side on all pages but the first page?

  7. John:

    And how about the queries mentioned?

  8. bluebone:

    I agree with tcd.. No demo, “donation” raised from $40 to $80. No video or screenshot will satisfy me. I already own a theme creator for WP (and it suports multiple CMS and html / aspx) and in early adopters stage it was much cheaper. I’m really excited about this product, but i don’t trust it’s usability yet – i’l rather wait till it’s finished and pay extra $20.

  9. Oscee:

    What about code validity/reliability/speed?

    I never really liked drag’n’drop/WYSIWG editors. Maybe it’s caused by some childhood FrontPage abuse…

  10. Раскрутка сайта:

    tcd, you are right!

  11. tcd:

    Aside from the fact that, for Deaf people like me, 90% of the videos available on internet are kinda useless without captioning… Especially if the gist is conveyed more thru the voice-over than thru the purely visual medium. ^_^

    I’ll wait for the demo website, but only IF you guarantee that the theme of the website in question has been generated with ThemeFrame.

    I cannot hit “view source” on a video to evaluate on my own the code being generated :p

    Remember, on the Net there is always someone that totally hates the pseudo-code “created” by OpenOffice/Word/FrontPage/Dreamweaver 🙂

    Best regards.

  12. Flynn:

    A demo video for ThemeFrame is available at forum.bytesforall.com, a web site with demo videos and screenshots etc. is coming soon.

  13. tcd:

    Your ThemeFrame *sounds* interesting, but paying 80$ blindly isn’t in my mindset. I would prefer to have a chance to visit a “demo” where I could gauge on my own the results of generating a theme with that “demo” (e.g. the number of queries WP calls for just loading up the theme, the kind of javascript/CSS/PHP code generated by it…)

    Atahualpa is, so far, the only WP theme that I managed to tweak to suit my aesthetic taste, but its CSS/Javascript code is kinda cumbersome (imho) and I had to tweak it up a bit in order to lighten the load on the server…

    Of course, as it is donation-ware, my complaints with it are just due to me being kinda pickypickypicky 🙂

    Good luck with your endeavour with ThemeFrame 🙂