Atahualpa 3.7.6 released

Download Atahualpa 3.7.6 at wordpress.org

Please check if the new version 3.7.6 is already published at wordpress.org

Changelog 3.7.6:

  • renamed is_pagetemplate_active() to bfa_is_pagetemplate_active() – http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/7404
  • update the POT file
  • fixed and error where an index was missing effecting excerpts
  • fixed an error where php was put into the ‘POST Container: STICKY’ styling
  • changed the default option to include no CSS Inserts
  • added a documentation example of putting H1 – H6 in the CSS Inserts
  • fixed an error where a <!-nextpage–> was being ignored

The following direct download link below is meant for downloading an “older Atahualpa, in the future”, in case you need it sometime, or if the new version has not been published yet at wordpress.org :

Atahualpa (11339)
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  1. Kevin:

    Very good improvements for the excellent tool. thank you

  2. JeffK:

    I fixed the text box sidebar widget issue, but irks me to no end that I had to rebuild all the sidebar widgets to begin with just because I updated the theme.

  3. JeffK:

    Now I’m also noticing that text box widgets are not showing up in the side bar one the site. What the heck is going on? With each passing day, I have to think about why I’m using this theme because I keep finding a lot of inadequacies with this theme.

  4. JeffK:

    I just downloaded 3.7.6 and activated it. I’m extremely upset that when I did that all of the widgets that I had in the side bar were all deleted and I had to create all of them from scratch.

  5. Bruno:

    is not working

    I have now changed to


    Now, the ad before the post and social media buttons after the post are displayed on All Posts is a category / tag / home page

    I want them to be displayed on first post in a category / tag / home page

  6. Learn OpenGL ES:

    Thank you for the update, but the update seems to have deleted my site logo.

  7. Lasse Karlsson:

    No, it,s not there now at least.

    version 3.7.5 is not there any longer, i downloaded it yesterday.