Atahualpa 3.7.7 released

Download Atahualpa 3.7.7 at wordpress.org

Please check if the new version 3.7.7 is already published at wordpress.org

This version has mainly changes requested by wordpress.org: removing checks for older WP versions and namespacing functions that were not namespaced yet.

Changelog 3.7.7:

  • removed ‘function_exists’ for get_avatar, dynamic_sidebar, is_front_page, is_tag, wp_list_comments, wp_nav_menu, register_sidebar_widget
  • removed files /legacy.coments.php, /functions/bfa_body_class.php, /functions/bfa_bodyclasses.php
  • namespaced many functions with ‘bfa_’, mainly in functions.php

The following direct download link below is meant for downloading an “older Atahualpa, in the future”, in case you need it sometime, or if the new version has not been published yet at wordpress.org :

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  1. Deepika:

    The option/setting to load header images dynamically doesn’t seem to work, all the images get loaded at start up. As a result, there seems to be a limit on how many images can be loaded, because the slide show stops working after about 500M worth of images are loaded. Is there a fix for this?

  2. Michel:


    is it possible to deactivate the Borderline around of images at the articles?

    Thanx so far

  3. Glitch:

    I updated atahualpa version to one of my sites. Title tags are gone. I viewed the source file, it shows:

    How can I resolve this?

  4. Scott Allen:

    Never mind — no sooner did I say that than I found the answer in the forum.

  5. Scott Allen:

    Is there a fix yet for the fact that upgrading the Atahualpa theme deletes any custom logo files in /images? I’ve searched, but haven’t yet found a solution. It’s a real pain to have to re-upload all the logos on all my sites.

    How about just letting us specify the full URL for the logo, instead of requiring it to be in /images?

  6. Anita Nelson:

    @Shannon From what I have read now, it is both. I am switching to another theme. Yes, very curious how everything is fine until the upgrade.

    I killed my blog even further attempting repair. This is a beautiful theme, but as many of my friends told me, it is not worth the extra work keeping it running. I will miss you, nevertheless, Atahualpa =(

  7. Shannon:

    @Anita – are you sure? Cos it didn’t happen until I upgraded my theme. And friends who also have wordpress have used the “i” code on my blog and discovered the problem – but they’re not having the same problem on wordpress.com. Is it a wordpress.org thing? I’m not familiar with “php”, why is “em” okay but not “i”? They’re both the same thing. “i” is a lot easier to type!

    Isn’t it curious how we often have different problems whenever we upgrade the theme?

  8. Jane:

    Hi– thanks for the upgrade to 3.7.7. Unfortunately, now the word “permalink” appears on every page because I don’t use titles. How do I eliminate it? (I am unable to access the forum. I keep getting a “forbidden” page.) Thanks.

  9. Anita Nelson:

    @Shannon it’s really WordPress that disallowed php coding – there’s nothing atahualpa or any other theme that had php can do about that now, sadly. I’ve had a lot of trouble with images with this upgrade. Wish I had not done it at all~!

  10. Jane:

    I’m using Atahualpa 3.7.7 and use $bfa_ata[‘postcount’] in index.php. But why it doesn’t work ?
    It works in 3.3


  11. Shannon:

    I figured out what the difference was – I use the html code for italics with an “i” but the new version of atahualpa only likes the “em” code. I’ve been typing the longer “em” code since I realised, but I really don’t want to have to go back over some 900 posts to fix the formatting on them all! Can you please make Atahualpa go back to accepting the code? Thanks!

  12. Shannon:

    Hi, I just updated my theme to 3.7.7 yesterday and it’s now doing this weird thing where after every use of italics, it drops the text to the next line. Messes with my formatting and looks very weird when you use italics in the middle of a paragraph! (Go here to see. There are grey flags down the side of the post for each one, too.) Can I switch back to the previous version until this is fixed?

    Sorry to be commenting with a complaint – otherwise I still love the theme!

  13. Jim:

    Is possible to remove “Meta” from the right sidebar and “A sample text widget” from the left sidebar?