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Changing colors in Atahualpa 2, and what’s coming next

I will have to postpone the custom color stylesheet because Atahualpa may be getting some color related changes under the hood. Sorry Other things I am working on, in no particular order: A new theme, very solid and browser-safe, 2-3 col fluid width with minimal design footprint as a base to build your own theme, […]

Atahualpa 2.2 WordPress Theme released

Please consider voting for this theme at WordPress.org: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/atahualpa Test Drive Atahualpa 2.21 Changelog v. 2.21 Had to fix one error in the BFA Recent Comments widget: The blog owner would be linked with a broken link, instead of not being linked at all. Fixed in v. 2.21 Several users reported a “headers already sent” […]

Atahualpa 2.2 is coming soon

I should have Atahualpa 2.2 ready Friday or Saturday, in worst case Sunday 8-24-2008. Basically all remaining issues and suggestions that were brought up in the comments of the release post for Atahualpa 2.0 / 2.01 will have been dealt with.

Atahualpa 2.0 WP Theme released

v 2.01 released, see below v 2.2 is coming soon, v 2.2 v 2.21 released – click here you may want to wait a day or three before making too many manual modifications on v. 2.01. (Settings that you made on the theme’s options page will be recognized and carried over to the new version […]