Atahualpa 3.2 released

The Feedburner/Google issue is fixed, plus a few more minor bug fixes, a few more options, and 10 new languages thanks to:

See http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=109 for the changelog for version 3.2

Download Atahualpa Version 3.4.9
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  1. Sanjeev:

    Great Free WordPress theme.

  2. Sanjeev:

    Great theme, but now required few cosmetic change as per latest trends.

  3. Sarkari Naukri:

    Great Theme with lots of features. Recommend for everyone who wants a premium theme at zero cost.

  4. Lisa:

    I have used the Atahualpa theme for years. I upgraded to the 3.7.1 and when I did, my flickr widget no longer loads. Is there a Flickr widget available that I can use. I use a Picasa widget on one side bar but also had a Flickr widget on the opposite sidebar and now it has vanished. Does ANYONE have a solution. I have a GREAT Flickr array I want to access.

    See Site: http://realisa.org/
    And flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/realisa/sets/72157624308502630/

  5. Julienne Mcbryde:

    Hello are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create my own. Do you need any coding expertise to make your own blog? Any help would be really appreciated!

  6. Thomas:

    Hi Everyone,

    I wonder How do you center the the Page Menu Bar so that both edges have equal distance?

  7. Sarkari Naukri:

    great theme. recommended to everyone.

  8. mahjong:

    I’m usually to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and hold checking for brand spanking new information.

  9. rent to own car directory:

    This is one of the best themes out there. Super easy to use, even the non techie can figure it out. I ended up using another theme just because it was already customized for my auto loan needs, but atahualpa is an awesome theme for anyone starting from scratch not wanting to pay for a custom made one.

  10. Jackie:

    Great work Flynn! thank you for this enormous theme… The included Export/ Import feature is not working for me either


  11. Nitish Kumar:

    Its Good that you might have included Export/ Import feature, but its not working and I am always getting “doesn’t appear to be a valid Atahualpa Settings File” message.

    Downloading the exported file from one installation and trying to import on some new installation, but its a complete fail

  12. Claire:

    Hi everyone,

    I just started working with this theme and am new to web development. I am having trouble figuring out how to put my own pictures in the header area. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thank you so much!

  13. Sarkari Naukri:

    Thanks for making this beautiful Theme. We are using Atahualpa 3.2 from last one year.

  14. clicknepal:

    I’ve got a problem, I install the accessibility widget for font – WP-chgFontSize ( should be in right sidebar), but it seems doesn’t work in my website.

  15. Kevin Finneran:

    Atahualpa is the best theme for wordpress yet!

    I have 2 questions:
    1. Where can I find the instructions for auto-updating to 3.4.6? Do I just download the new version and upload the files??

    2. For some reason my current version lost a “/” between the domain name and catagory. the catagory links look like this. http://coachesonfire.comcatagory/… What file do I need to go to to fix this??

  16. Mike:


    I want translate your plugin to belorussian language. Please tell me Your email, simply reply me.

    Thanks, Mike

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  18. MRC轴承:

    hello , i am newbie in this story and i have a problem : i want to insert a php code(goldencan) into my website ,in index.php , but were i put ???,because i put it :

    but no happened nothing in my site !please help me !
    i specify that i want to insert this code to display on “about page “(renamed)!
    thank you so much !

  19. gözde:

    hello Web developer – view source , but it doesn’t allow me to make any corrections inside, so even if I paste this code inside the W3C validator

  20. Tenny:


    How do I get my logo into this wp/atahulpa… so I can upload my logo, please?

  21. Mark @ Alchemy United:

    Hey BFA!

    Great theme. Love it! Very thorough and very flexible. I believe I’m on the latest version. For that it’s worth, here’s a couple things I noticed that might help:

    1) The color picker doesn’t allow no colour. I believe there were times I just wanted the deeper “layer” to show through but had to manually set the upper “layer” bacause no colour is not an option.

    2) The Commenting doesn’t use the date format set via the WP settings. Oddly enough, the post do, but the comments do not. NBD, just tweaked it myself but not everyone can.

    3) The Add/Submit Comment form is bordered with a box using rounded corners (in Mozilla). Nice touch, I like it. But then the Blockquote isn’t rounded. I just thought it might be nicer if the default for both was consistent one way or another.

    4) It probably just me but the Post Option isn’t clear to me. I added a bogus title thinking it would show up in the browser’s tab and nuttin’. ?? What am I not understanding?

    5) That said, it would be nice to some how make this optional. If you’re already using an SEO plugin then this gets in the way (and the less we have to explain to clients/users the better, eh?)

    I realize I’m being picky but it’s such a well done theme that you’re really just down to nitty gritty details like these. Great job! I promise to donate soon.

  22. Jim:

    Hello Boldizar:

    First, you have quite the site! I got “lost” over there for quite a few minutes before I remembered I many “many mile to go before I sleep.” lol

    I’m with you completely on the sad lack of satisfactory “image handling” ..though, I’d encompass the whole WordPress scene and not just zero in on Atahualpa. You might consider either locking the width of your site or, at least, setting min and max widths. I’m noticing a lot more fixed width sites these days. Another cure might be to look into having your thumbnails and comments handled by a plugin such as NextGen Gallery or somesuch.

    I’d suggest asking questions at the Atahualpa forum at BytesForAll http://forum.bytesforall.com/ — there are A LOT of Atahualpa users and some of them are very clever AND helpful! 🙂

  23. Boldizar:

    This is hands-down the best theme out there. I’m extremely happy with it. There’s only one aspect of it that drives me a bit bonkers, and that’s image alignment. I publish print articles at least once a month, and since the rights revert to me I try to put them on my site, using thumbnail images to link to articles. But since the magazines in which I publish have slightly different sizes, and the titles vary in length, it takes me hours to adjust the thumbnails so that they align left, one after the other, rather than leaving one dangling by itself when the screen is resized. http://www.boldizar.com/blog/nonfiction/

    Even with this one problem, however, there’s no contest. Your theme beats out all others I’ve looked at.

  24. Jim:

    Hey Dan:
    You have to use an FTP program to upload your favicon file — the same one you used to originally upload all the Atahualpa files into the WordPress /wp-content/themes/ directory.

    The exact path to your /favicon/ directory will vary by the name of the directory in which you installed WordPress. As an example, the URL for mine is: …/wp/wp-content/themes/atahualpa342/images/favicon/, where I have WP installed in /wp/

    BTW: this comment stream here on the BytesForAll homepage isn’t a very good place to be looking for help. If you need more assistance you should move over to the forums at either WP http://wordpress.org/support/ or BytesForAll http://forum.bytesforall.com/

  25. dan:

    hello, I’m using atahualpa3 and would like to change the favicon to one I’ve made myself but cannot figure out how to upload it – the instructions are simply to ‘upload’ to /atahualpa3/images/favicon/ but this doesn’t explain anything… or am I missing something crucial after 12 hours of sitting in front of my pc? all help appreciated, atahualpa for dummies needed here! lol

  26. badcreditcars:

    I absolutely love this theme. Its made by life 10 times easier since installing. I have had trouble getting adsense on sidebars though. Still havent figured that out. I tried on widgets but it didnt work.

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  29. Newbs:

    Great theme! Is it possible to change the Images in Posts: Caption Style to allow captioned images to be centered (no wrapping text beside them), leave width unspecified, and not have their borders stretch to the width of the column?

  30. Bove:

    This theme is fantastic. Leaves the hability to the user to do absolutely what he wants for the architecture as well as the design, with a secure and CSS compliant background !!

  31. adem:

    merhaba http://www.meilbox.com sitemde daha önce alt versiyonunu kullandım güzel bir tema şimdi 3.2 yükselttim ama reklam kodlarını koyamıyorum. single.php yani sayfafa olan kod ana fayfadada oluyor

  32. Jekaterina:

    I’ve got a problem, I install the accessibility widget for font – WP-chgFontSize ( should be in right sidebar), but it seems doesn’t work in my website.

  33. Jekaterina:

    I failed to make the validation both for HTML and CSS, because I couldn’t actually find the HTML code for my website pages in wordpress ( I could only see the code of my pages in Filezilla using adds on – Web developer – view source , but it doesn’t allow me to make any corrections inside, so even if I paste this code inside the W3C validator ( http://validator.w3.org/ ) and validate it and make local corrections I don’t know how to paste the correct code back to my web pages code) so I didn’t manage to validate my website. So I just tried to paste the validation sign to my website footer, also I know that I don’t have this right, but hoping till the end to find the way to local wordpress source code for web pages.

  34. Aspen:

    Fantastic theme. Is there anyway of editing the search widget? I have managed to remove the magnifying glass as it looked out of place on my site but would like to be able to have text in the search field ie. search…

  35. alabastru:

    hello , i am newbie in this story and i have a problem : i want to insert a php code(goldencan) into my website ,in index.php , but were i put ???,because i put it :

    but no happened nothing in my site !please help me !
    i specify that i want to insert this code to display on “about page “(renamed)!
    thank you so much !

  36. Hannes:

    I installed the “BFA Round Tabs 1.10” wordpress theme to my blog. It gets shown nicely on Firefox and Opera but on IE both sidebars glide down to the bottom. Any idea how to change that?

  37. Laura Morris:

    I have copied the directory that the pic is in (changed to Montezuma, but problem is the same)


    What now? Can you please look at my site and help me out?

    I don’t know what else to do and it’s obviously something I am doing or in the code somewhere. But if it is happening on Atahualpa and Montezuma what does that tell you?

  38. admin:

    @Laura Morris: 146
    Put the images into
    instead of
    wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/New Directory

    Also: Don’t use spaces in directory names either. All this works on Windows but not on Linux which most web hosting server run on. This is not related to Atahualpa or WordPress, it should be kept in mind for anything web hosting related.

  39. Lynn:

    I know where to find the section with lots of tabs. I just have little idea what to do with these tabs. It could be in Chinese, except I recognize the titles of most. All it does is tell how it’s set up, as if the way it’s set us automatically makes me able to know what the heck it’s talking about and how to change any of it. My real desire isn’t that big a deal – I want to change the top picture, make a header, so the picture and blog’s purpose remains there, and well, understand the rest, in case, I do want to change some of it. But, thanks for trying to help me.

    Apparently, I’m supposed to pay some money to get help, but, seems to me, I should be able to see what I’m getting, before paying for it. So far, you’re the only one trying to help me. (Glad someone answered your question.) Can’t say I’m impressed, so far.

  40. Laura Morris:

    Hi Flynn…thank you for being so quick! I looked again and the file name is longbeachpic.jpg It is in wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/New Directory
    what am I doing wrong? It’s probably something simple.

  41. Flynn:

    @Laura Morris: 144
    It’s not finding any images in /wordpress/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/

    Are you sure there are images in that directory, ending on .gif, .jpg or .png, with no spaces or special characters in the file name, only a-z, A-Z, 0-9, – (dash) or _ (underscore) ?

  42. Laura Morris:

    I love this theme. I am stuck at an impass though temporary I’m sure. I want to change the Header Image to my own image. I followed the instuctions found on another forum, which were to upload it to wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header.

    The header is now blank. I saw one post that said “no funny charachters or spaces” in the file name, so I took out a -3 that was there. It still is blank.

    What other suggestions do you have? I am not hip on CSS yet, just some html so far.


  43. woomik:


    Many thanks for the solution to post #126 – works like a charm!

    Take care.


  44. Flynn:

    @sam 117: Most users donated around $20 for this. I suggest that you become a member at http://forum.bytesforall.com/ and donate after you’re member so your user name gets tagged as donor, to receive author support at the forum.

    @Mark Fitzpatrick: 116
    I think that’s normal for IE6, not all browsers have RSS display integrated.

    @Marcos A.T. Silva: 115
    Perhaps the file permission is wrong, should be 644, (but others usually work too, depending on your web server settings), or something went wrong when you uploaded the file, i.e. it was upladed as Binary instead of ASCII

    @Colin: 111
    You’d add %wp-email% into one of the textareas at A. Theme Options -> Post / Page Info Items. Also the plugin needs to be installed and activated.

    @Melinda Swenson: 114
    The only page template in Atahualpa is index.php. You can put it there, and to restrict it to a specific page, use the code like this

    <?php if(function_exists('ip_tracker_draw_map') AND
    is_page('Title of Page')) {ip_tracker_draw_map();}

    This would display it only on a page titled “Title of Page”

    Alternatively create a new page template by copying index.php as title-of-page.php and put the plugin code there, this time not altered. Upload title-of-page.php to the theme’s root directory /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/. “title-of-page” refers to the “page name” or “slug” of the page in questions, this is the part in the URL that represents this page: yourdomain.com/title-of-page/.

    @thiefer: 110
    Don’t edit style.css, instead, add your custom styles at A. Theme Options -> HTML/CSS Inserts -> CSS Insert. This way your styles will be preserved when you update to a newer theme version.

    @thiefer: 106
    Yes means “Yes, noindex them”. All SEO options have a passive default setting. Use the opposite of the default setting to activate something.

    @Ana: 105
    Delete the lines in the images section in style.css with “width”, “max-width” and “height”. BTW, if you’re using 3.3 or newer, the auto-image resizing should be limited to local images that were inserted through the WordPress editor as “full size”, and this should not cause issues.

    @Zach: 103
    You could do this with a HTML/CSS Inserts -> CSS Insert such as

    td#left a:link,
    td#left a:visited,
    td#left a:active,
    td#left a:hover,
    td#right a:link,
    td#right a:visited,
    td#right a:active,
    td#right a:hover {
    color: #12346;
    text-decoration: underline; /* or "none" */
    font-weight: bold; /* or "normal" */

    @John Mauer: 102
    Looks like you got it working. On a side note, Atahualpa is very browser safe, so the usual “broken in IE” that many themes and sites suffer from does normally not apply.

  45. Flynn:

    @Nathan 140:
    You can do this by installing the WP-PageNavi plugin. Atahualpa is fully prepared for that, no file edits required.

    @PatrickM: 139
    Putting 6-favion.ico there works for me. You may have to clear your browser cache in certain browsers, esp. IE. If your own favicon doesn’t work make sure it is in fact an favicon and not an png, gif or jpg named “ico”. You’d need to use a favicon software for that such as http://www.towofu.net/soft-e/. If it still doesn’t work make sure you don’t have a WP cache running such as WP Cache 2, WP Super Cache

    @newby 138:
    At Atahualpa Theme Options -> Page Menu Bar -> Exclude pages from Page Menu Bar?, put the IDs of the 3 pages. At Atahualpa Theme Options -> Footer -> Footer: Content put the links for the 3 pages: %page-XX% – %page-YY% – %page-ZZ%, with XX, YY, and ZZ being the IDs of the 3 pages.

    @Botv0091: 136:
    See if there’s a current Russian file at http://forum.bytesforall.com/forumdisplay.php?f=11. The language files are not included in the theme anymore, similar to how WordPress ifself deals with translations. I am going to make the language section of the forum more organized soon

    @Dan: 131
    Make sure you’ve downloaded the whole /atahualpa/ (or /atahualpa332/, or similar) directory to /wp-content/themes/ so you end up with /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/. Or perhaps something did go wrong while uploading. Are you able to upload another theme and get that working?

    @Lynn: 130
    Here are several screencasts showing how to install and customize Atahualpa: http://pinkspoonmaker.com/
    Here are several WordPress video tutorials on Youtube:
    Also check out WordPress TV:

    To replace the header images, upload your own images to /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header/ and delete the default images that are there.

    To have your own logo image, upload it to /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/ and at WP Site Admin -> Appearance -> Atahualpa Theme Options -> Header -> Show Logo Image?, put the file name of your logo, i.e. mylogo.gif.

    To change the favicon, the small image that show in browser tabs and the browsers URL field, see WP Site Admin -> Appearance -> Atahualpa Theme Options -> Favicon

    @rafael: 129
    The language file needs to be put into the root directory of the theme, i.e. /wp-content/themes/atahualpa/. From there it should work automatically. Check http://forum.bytesforall.com/forumdisplay.php?f=11 for new updated language files

    @Jane 128:
    Please subscribe to the forum and donate while being logged in, this will tag your user name as donor, and I answer all donor questions there: http://forum.bytesforall.com/

    @Katie 127:
    See WP Site Admin -> Appearance -> Atahualpa Theme Options -> RSS Settings

    @woomik: 126:
    You can turn sidebars ON/OFF based on page type and page ID at WP Site Admin -> Appearance -> Atahualpa Theme Options -> Sidebars. To turn single widgets on/off based on page type of page ID, install the PHP code widget http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/php-code-widget/, put one instance of it into a sidebar, and into the widget put

    <?php if ( is_page('Page Title Here') ) { ?>
    YOUR CONTENT HERE, to be displayed on the page with the title "Page Title Here"
    <?php } ?>

    @Mac 123:
    At WP Site Admin -> Appearance -> Atahualpa Theme Options -> Posts or Ecerpts, choose “Full Posts”. The “read more” only works when the full post is (supposed to) being displayed.

    @steel pipe: 122
    That’s way to generic. Post a URL please

    @jvgreene: 121
    The old version might be keeping the old widget in its sidebar even though it is not active, and old and new widget might interfere. Change back to the old theme version, remove all widgets from its sidebars, the switch to the new version again, and put your widgets into the sidebars there. This is not specific to Atahualpa, previous themes holding widgets hostage can happen with any theme.

  46. Nathan:

    hello, i was wondering, on the posts when you go into a category, is there anyway to put page numbers in the categories so you dont have to keep clickng newer or older posts


  47. PatrickM:

    I am new to WordPress and Atahualpa but il looks great. Small issue though: replacement of favicon with my own logo. I think I followed all instructions properly but my new logo.ico does not show in the list and I can not even get rid of the default favicon (20-) when replaced with another one (eg. 6-favicon). Can you help?

  48. newby:

    I have downloaded the Atahualpa theme and think it’s great. It seems to be just the right theme for my site. Question: I would like to put three of my pages down in the footer instead of tabs at the top. How do I do that? As you can see by my name I am a novice at this so take that into consideration in your reply. I am trying hard to learn all of this stuff and do things right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  49. Jim Child:

    I’ve been using Atahualpa for a couple of months and am still loving it. While you can use it straight out of the box it’s really set up to be customized. But, fair warning, to really be making granular changes you go past the “push button” stage and must get your hands dirty with a bit of CSS and HTML.

    But then that brings up Atahualpa’s best features: theme author Flynn and the user Forum. No question is too dumb; Flynn exhibits a high degree of expertise with php, html and css and graciously offers help and instruction.

  50. Botv0091:

    Cool theme! Thx a lot! But i must wait for 3.2.1 realese i need ru_RU locale!! Or i can download ru_RU locale from somewhere??

  51. Leslie:

    Never mind. I did it by adding the plugin “Paged Comments.”

  52. Leslie:

    How do you get the comment numbers to appear on the individual comments?

  53. woomik:


    I, too, am a bit new to this & after stumbling around a bit, I found all the instructions & “control panel” for the theme in the most obvious place!!

    Once within your admin area (Dashboad), look down the left hand side for “Appearance”. Expand that & you will then see “Atahualpa Theme Options”. Click on that & you will find everything you need.

    Hope you see this post, hope it helps & have fun!!!

    Can anyone help me on post #126?


  54. Robert:

    Many, many thanks for Atahualpa, a wonderful theme! I was able to redesign my entire site in a day. Everytime I wanted to make a change to something, I was able to find was I was looking for and sure enough, it worked.

    Best Theme Ever.

  55. Dan:

    Hi, my theme is blank after install via ftp? It is showing next to the default theme in the ‘appearance’tab of the admin section. I have the latest software 2.7.1 any idea why this would happen?

  56. Lynn:

    I don’t know css or html, (and, apparently, can’t learn), so had my web hosting company download WordPress for me, including your theme – Atahualpa 3.2. I downloaded it, because the description says it’s easy to change the backgrounds, and design. Was met up with a slew of tabs + a bunch of css. Went to look for what the heck those tabs mean, and how to use the thing. Five hours later (and a post on the main WordPress forum) and here I am – still can’t find instructions on how to use the thing.

    I can figure out how to use WordPress for blogging, but blogging is rather dumb without having a good background and a site that actually relates for my purpose. So, where are the instructions for your theme? Specifically, how do I change the title pictures, the number of columns I want, add on links, comments, extra pages (and how many can I add), etc., and basically, how do I get it to look like MY blog? Please don’t send me back to WordPress for documentations (again.) Their documentation tells how to use their standard skin. I’m really not into standard “Microsoft blue,” and I really do want to be able to fix my own choice for theme – Atahualpa 3.2.

    This sounds like I’m angry. I’m not. I’m completely and untterly lost with your theme. Your theme has a 5 star, so I know it has to be good. I just want to work it. Please?!

  57. rafael:

    how change the language.
    i see that have es_ES.mo – (Spanish: Javier Vasquez)
    But How can i use ?

    thank´s at all

  58. Jane:

    Hello, a $10 PayPal donation for help with this? I upgraded to the latest WP, and the “more” tag is no longer working. Several posts are unanswered on the WP support forum about this issue. Is there a hack someone can give me? I have a long post coming up and need my more tag!

  59. Katie:

    I wondered if anybody knew how to remove the “Comments” and “Posts” buttons from the header? It’s not a widget on a sidebar, I’m fairly sure, because it’s definitely in the header. How do I do it?


  60. woomik:

    Hi there!

    Many thanks for a great theme – its so user friendly & easy to format the different sections. Job well done!

    Is there any way of having different sidebars appearing on different pages? For example a golfing photo & links in the right sidebar on a golf related page and a skiing photo & links in the right sidebar on a skiing related page etc. etc.

    Your help would be very much appreciated.


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  62. Mac:

    OK… in the meantime I’ve found the solution 🙂 The problem was in “Posts or Excerpts” configuration…

  63. Mac:

    I can see “Read more…” sentence only on main page but when I select come category or use search option the output list of posts doesn’t contain that. What is wrong and how to fix it?

  64. steel pipe:

    my header and menu bar get all messed up. What am I doing wrong?

  65. jvgreene:

    I have upgraded to the 3.2 version but the Subscribe Widget I have in right toolbar is still showing the old version of the subscribe.php in my admin panel. I want to get the feedburner email subscriptions to work but am still having trouble.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  66. jvgreene:

    Well I figured it out, it turned out to be some funky formatting inside an actual post that caused the problem. It’s fixed now.

  67. jvgreene:

    Actually it just seems to be my homepage that’s not loading all the way, the other pages seem to load just fine in IE 7.

  68. jvgreene:

    My whole page won’t load completely and my right sidebar and widgets don’t appear in IE7. All is correct in Firefox. What could be happening?

  69. sam:

    How much can I donate in exchange for getting rid of the footer links?



  70. Mark Fitzpatrick:

    Hi, we are using Atahualpa 3.2 for the website of Brickhill Parish Council. If I click on ‘Posts’ or ‘Comments’ in the top right hand corner of the screen, it works fine when accessing via IE 7 (version 7.0.5730.11) but when clicking on these buttons when using IE 6 (version 6.0.2900.2180) I am presented with the raw xhtml code.

    Is this a known problem?



  71. Marcos A.T. Silva:


    I uploaded a single.php file (a index.php renamed), but it does not appears on theme editor.

    Do you have some idea of how can I edit a “single” page? I have already made this on Atahualpa, but on one domain it does not runs.


  72. Melinda Swenson:

    I’m trying to use the Visitors map generator plug in (link below). The instructions say to Insert the plug-in in your template pages using:

    But there is no pages template. Any clue where I paste this code? Is it different for Atahualpa theme?

    Here is the Visitor map generator instructions – http://aichholzer.name/item/ip-access-map-maker/

  73. Veronica:

    Michael Souris: Thanks for the reply. If you visit http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=660 you will see the update on my progress. Even when I upload the unzipped version, it still isn’t working for me and I have tried everything I can think of. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  74. Michael Souris:

    Veronica; you need to extract the contents of the zip file and upload them, maintaining the same directory structure. At the momnet WOrdPress can only see the ZIP file and not the stylesheet etc. that it contains.

  75. Colin:

    Can’t get wp-mail to appear in post and don’t know where to find this(See Atahualpa Theme Options -> Post / Page Info Items), although I have looked in the appearance etc section theme options but can’t find the associated variable to add %wp-email% to. Can you advise? Thank you

  76. thiefer:

    Hi all,
    in style.css, there is :
    /* comment submit button */
    form#commentform input#submit {
    /* more … */

    How to customize .button & .buttonhover regarding the following header.php code ?
    .button, .Button {


    .buttonhover {


  77. thiefer:

    Hi Zach,
    Use the admin panel :
    – Click “Body, Text & Links”, chose your link default color.
    – Click “Widgets”, choose your link text (& also hover)colorin the rows widget list items 1st to 3rd levels.
    Hope this helps,

  78. Veronica:

    Hello, I am very excited to start using this new theme. I created a folder called atahualpa3 under themes. I uploaded atahualpa32.zip into this folder.

    When I returned to WP to activate the theme, I got this error message.

    Broken Themes

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.
    Stylesheet is missing.

    Can you please help?


  79. glitch:

    Its okay, Flynn. I figured out the 404 error. _vpi.xml error was caused by visitors looking for the site’s index. I still don’t know if I should be bother by this. I have to research more on this.

  80. thiefer:

    Hi guys and congratulations for your great works !!!

    As a wordpress newby, and also more with atahualpa ;-), I wonder why there’s no sidebar.php file for the theme. Where should it be possible to modify the code?
    And one more thing about the SEO configuration. I’m a little bit in pain with the negative sentence for “Noindex Date Archive Pages?”. I want to avoid the duplicate content then should I respond Yes or No ?

  81. Ana:

    I have a fixes layout blog and want to turn off the auto image resizing. When I delete everything below .post img.size-full { my images do get resized, but my header and menu bar get all messed up. What am I doing wrong?

  82. hodek:

    Zach mammoth add to style.css :
    .widget a:link {..}
    .widget a:hover {..}

  83. Zach:

    Loving the theme… with one thing. Is there any way to change the color of links in the sidebar? There doesn’t seem to be an option in “sidebars” or “links”.

  84. John Mauer:

    I tend to use FireFox for my browser and everything works great. However, I can’t seem to set the background color in IE 7. Is the anything I missed?


  85. Sherley:

    I beleive this is the best theme I have run into by far in the world wide web! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have never donated to things like this in my life but your work is well deserved for this.

  86. tommy:


    I appreciate your time and assistance, but the left sidebar still won’t display. Using the conditional didn’t help at all. Please don’t worry about it. I’ll figure something else out. Thanks again.

  87. Flynn:

    @hodek: 92
    I’ll keep these features in mind but my to-do list is already quite long so I will have to postpone what you suggested

    @Jack: 93
    There have been various threads about putting flash in the header at http://forum.bytesforall.com/

    @Arun: 94
    On a blank install with no plugins and only the “Hello World” post it is about 90-100 milliseconds slower than the “Default” theme. SEO-wise the only thing that may not be good is that if you choose the link the rotating header image, a “non breaking space” will be linked, and there’s no alt tag either. Also, the code is not source ordered (content markup & text before sidebars) as Atahualpa 2 used to be (but it’s also much more browser safe, i.e. no dropping sidebars in IE6 even if the content is too wide)

    @glitch: 96
    I’ve never seen that error, please try with the “Default” theme and see if the error goes away. If it does, switch back to Atahualpa and remove plugins one by one to track this down.

    @hodek: 97
    You might have something in the stylesheet that is not closed, or you pasted text from Word? Please post a URL if you cannot find anything like that.

  88. Flynn:

    @tommy: 83
    Put the code into index.php after

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    wrapped into a conditional statement like this

    <?php if ( is_front_page() ) { ?>
    <?php } ?>

    @Nikko: 85
    Please surf http://forum.bytesforall.com/ – there have been various threads about that

    @BJones: 86
    See Atahualpa Theme Options -> Comments -> “Allow comments on “page pages, too?” and
    Atahualpa Theme Options -> Post/Page Info Items if you meant the “leave a comment” links below posts

    @Md: 87
    See Atahualpa Theme Options -> Post/Page Info Items

    @Linda: 88
    Manual theme file edits you’d have to apply again, settings you made through the theme option pages would be preserved as they are saved in the database. You can also upload the new version as another directory such as /atahualpa-new/ or /atahualpa3/ vs. /atahualpa/ and run both side by side until everything is the same. See also http://forum.bytesforall.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12

    @Candice: 89
    Not yet but here’s how you can add them http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=330

  89. hodek:

    mbbox-comment-quicktags – not working!
    Your old WP Comment Quicktags Plus it works … but only in FireFox and Opera. In Internet Explorer does not appear!

  90. glitch:

    Hi, Flynn. I’m receiving a 404 error, every post with _vpi.xml. Is the template the cause if it? If so, could you please help me remove this error?

  91. Brad:

    I have had the site up for some time, recently converted to WordPress and could not be more pleased. Then finding this theme was the best stumble I made. I love the options one can control. The drop downs work great and I really was looking forward to this feature in the newest version. Well done!

  92. Arun:


    I have used more than 10-15 different themes for my various blogs and I used this one and immediately put it on all of them. The customizations are awesome, I am sure you have spent hell of time to build this theme. I only have one doubt. How does this theme fare when it comes to SEO and loading…two of the important areas when it comes to Search Engine rankings.

  93. Jack:

    Very good!!

    But i feel Atahualpa can be better for me if i will be able to implement WP-Cumulus plugin. I would to put my flash tag cloud on the image header but… how can i do it? Anyone know? Thanks to Atahualpa author… it’s a beautiful theme!

  94. hodek:

    Add the Widget Style settings separately Left and Right sidebar.
    Include settings Links (div.post-bodycopy).
    for example:
    div.post-bodycopy a{..}
    div.post-bodycopy a:hover {..}

  95. tommy:


    I played around with that slider plugin a little bit more, but I still didn’t get it to work. I tried another plugin called “Include It” that allowed me to use a short code in the page text to pull the php script from a file on the webserver. When I did that, both side bars displayed correctly, but the slider plugin didn’t work. I went back to the drawing board and experimented with the page templates again. I tried placing the code right after index.php called for the header. I tried it within the sections that populate the page with content. I tried it right before the footer is called. I refreshed the page and looked at the resulting source code. In every case, the code for the right sidebar wasn’t generated at all, which would explain why it isn’t displaying 🙂 But I don’t know why the code isn’t there. I suppose that’s the real mystery.

  96. yhy:

    thank you Flynn!
    I just make it fine.
    Thank u again for this amazing theme!

  97. Candice:

    Hello, Are there in-line widgets to the theme? I cannot put in my contact form etc without in-line widgets. Please advise. Thanks.

  98. Linda:

    I am just getting my site up and going. This is all very new to me. I spent forever looking for a theme and this one is PERFECT. It does everything I’m looking for and more… and it’s made it easy from day one to learn all this stuff.

    I have one question, and maybe it’s something everyone else knows, but I wasn’t kidding… I’m super new to this… anyway… I am using the previous version and I’ve customized everything. What do I do to update to this newer version without losing all my changes?

  99. Md:

    Do you know how I can take the date out of my posts without losing data when this theme gets upgraded?

  100. BJones:

    This theme is amazing. I`m loving it. As somebody who is new to wordpress, I have 1 question though. Is it possible to allow comments on seperate pages? Right now the theme is only allowing comments on the main posting page…

  101. Nikko:

    Hi Flynn,

    Thank you for a fantastic theme, I have been using it since it first came out and I love it. I recommend it to all my colleagues.

    Question, can a flash header be used in place of the rotating images at the top? If so could you offer some guidance, I have played with it but I cannot seem to get the header behind the two opaque sidebars.

    Thanks for your help.


  102. tommy:

    Blast it, I forgot to block in the PHP code. See, I told you I was dangerous with this stuff. Maybe this will work:

  103. tommy:


    The plugin is found here:

    It requires this line to be placed in the theme code:

    I couldn’t find any directions on specific placement of the code. It just said to put it wherever I wanted the slider to be. I’m using a static page as my home page, so I thought I’d create a page template based on your index.php and insert the code into it. I put that line in just about every conceivable place it could go, and I never got it to work right. The slider would display properly, but the right sidebar would not display at all, and my footer text was crammed into the bottom of the left sidebar. I tried adjusting the padding and margins of the page elements, but that didn’t do any good either. It didn’t break the theme – if I navigated to another page that used the default template, everything displayed properly. I figured it was a CSS or PHP issue beyond my meager comprehension. If you feel like taking a look, I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.

  104. Flynn:

    @??: 79
    Do you want a different icon for each post? If not, you wouldn’t need custom fields. See Atahualpa Theme Options -> Post/Page Styling -> Headline Box and put something like

    background: url(/path/to/icon.gif) no-repeat top left;
    padding-left: XXpx;

    there, with XX being [width of icon] + [space between icon and headline]

  105. Flynn:

    @tommy 78
    I’d need more info about this, where are you supposed to put the code as per the plugin’s instructions?

  106. Flynn:


    it took only a few hours max after your last comment until the first blog posted about Atahualpa “Supposedly, this theme has bloated code and is slow…” from a totally unexperienced person, clearly basing it on your comment, and before others start repeating the same thing all over on their blogs (which some will do regardless): I don’t mind critic from someone with some understanding (like you) but as you can see your point that you don’t find Atahualpa to be slow (and it is, in fact, NOT slow) is being skipped by the selective reading of a few, and others will re-publish that.

    In fact, nobody has complained about speed so far (except for one comment about saving options being slow in an earlier version), after 70,000 downloads, Atahualpa is the best rated theme on wordpress.org with over 130 votes, and I publish all comments, and have an active forum, too. But now after your comment I see how it is going to get blown way out of proportion on the intarweb. After all we’re probably talking about 0.1 seconds here.

    Also, something that I didn’t notice first: This part of your comment: “1,000 calls to get_options for each individual value” used in the theme doesn’t apply, does it?” And after all, this theme has 215 options vs. 0 options in a usual theme, and is still hardly slower, I am sure you know that but it didn’t come across clear enough for other readers I think.

    I have already changed a few things and the numbers should be better in the next version. Please download the new version 3.2.1 in a few days and I would be happy if you could let me know your observations.

    What I also plan to do is to cut down on the get_options loops by putting a few external files back into index or header.php.

    I am not sure yet about putting everything into one big array and accessing the global variable from everywhere yet, because I’d also have to write something to transfer the old user’s current settings to the new format, so this is at least not something for the next version.

    Your my_style.css suggestion is good although the theme already has CSS Inserts which accomplishes the same thing. I’ll see if I can add an additional option for an extra stylesheet soon. I’ll also look into the globals issue you mentioned.

  107. 鱼干:

    Hi Flynn, I really enjoy this amazing theme.
    I have a little question that how can I display a icon before the headline text?
    Maybe the icon can be called from a custom field.

  108. tommy:

    I love the theme, mainly because I know just enough about PHP and CSS to be very dangerous! For instance, I tried to create a custom page template so I could integrate the Dynamic Content Gallery into my home page. I figured it would be easy; I just had to include one line of code, but no matter where I put it, my right side bar disappeared.

  109. xxxevilgrinxxx:

    Thanks muchly for the continued work on updating this theme!
    Little bit of coffee money headed your way 😀

  110. tacitus:

    Hi, Flynn, thanks for replying. Yeah, it’s probably not a major performance hit, and I understand that code isn’t usually the leanest during active development (don’t look too closely at my plugin!).

    I do have a couple of other observations I’ve noted while working on my site. First, it would be great if your code could check for the existence of something like “my_style.css” in the theme directory and add it to the page header, so that people could add their own styles to the theme without risking being overwritten when they upgrade. (I’ve written a short article about how you can do this with a little plugin, which I’ll be putting up on my site in a day or two, but it would probably reach more people if your theme had the code in it).

    Second, another thing I do when debugging is dump out the $_GLOBALS when accessing my settings page. Well, when I did this after installing your theme, there was pages and pages of Atahualpha stuff in there, even though I was on my own settings page and not the theme’s.

    Again, this isn’t really than big a deal in the grand scheme of things (and AZIndex is not perfect yet in that regard) but given the sheer numbers involved, there must be a way to do a URL check so that you only start loading anything to do with the theme when you’re actually in the theme’s settings pages.

    Anyway — keep up the good work!



  111. tacitus:

    Hi there, Flynn. You have put together a beautiful theme which I am using on my plugin site (http://azindex.englishmike.net). Thanks!

    I do have one suggestion, though. I was doing some debugging on my site and I needed to dump out every filter call that gets made as a page is created. (It’s a useful way to find the right hook into WordPress to do unspeakable things to it 🙂 )

    Normally there are a 300-400 filter calls on a typical WordPress page, but when I did it with the Atahualpa theme I was amazed to see over 3,500 apply_filter() calls being made! (And it’s not a particularly complex page either). With a little bit of debugging, I found out that your theme makes about 1,300 calls to get_options() as you are building a single page — each of which translates to a “pre” options filter call and a “post” options filter call being made as well.

    Now, I don’t really have much complaint about the speed of the theme, but it would see to me that making over 1,000 calls to get_options for each individual value used in the theme is a little unnecessary and must be slowing things down at least a little.

    Why not, for example, store the options in a single array, which you can serialize and store as one option? Then, when the page is being built, you can retrieve all the settings in one go at the start, unserialize it, and then just keep it around in a global variable as the page is built.

    That way you save over a thousand calls to the options repository and likely speed things up into the bargain.

    Just something to think about.



  112. John Mauer:

    Thanks Flynn. I don’t know what was awry but i got the plugin “SI CAPTCHA” to work just fine. Thanks again.

  113. Flynn:

    @harbordog: The theme should work pretty well with IE 6/7/8. This may be related to the auto image resizing that I am probably going to drop. Does the plugin output images or tables? If you want me to look at it please post at forum.bytesforall.com

  114. harbordog:

    i found your theme two days ago and have spent every free moment i’ve had playing with it. nice job.

    i was really stoked about how nice everything was working until i checked out the results using IE7 and saw that the datafeedr ad rotation plugin (http://www.datafeedr.com/random-ads-plugin.php) doesn’t work with your theme in IE7.

    not asking you to troubleshoot this plugin – but wondering if you can recommend an ad rotation widget that you know works with your theme.

  115. Flynn:

    John Mauer: Doesn’t that plugin have instructions? Let me know if you cannot match something in the instructions to Atahualpa, but post what the plugin wants you to do

  116. Flynn:

    @Krystyna: Yes, add through text widget, Atahualpa doesn’t do anything with Adsense. I tried NextGen and WPG2 myself an have seen others using Flickr, all of them should work

  117. John Mauer:

    Is anyone using the Authimage plugin with Atahualpa, and, if so, what details does one need to implement this plugin. I’ve tried with Atahualpa 3.1.8 with no success so far. I’ve searched the comments for “authimage”, but found nothing. Thanks for your help, John

  118. Krystyna:

    Your theme is awesome! My site looks fabulous and it didn’t take a lot of time to do.

    – Adsense: do I just place the Google Adsense code in the “Widget” area (right or left side) under the “Appearance” section, or does Atahualpa affect the adding of Adsense code at all?

    -Photo Galleries: I was going to install either Next Gen or a Flickr gallery that pulls content from Flickr. Are they affected by using Atahualpa as a theme?

  119. ray:

    Theme works fine in IE6 as well. Thanks for your quick response.

  120. Look: New Look | Kansas City with the Russian Accent:

    […] think I finally found a template that I like with wider center column that will not require me to shrink photos so much and other […]

  121. Flynn:

    @taglife: 64
    Can you comment line 135 and 145 by putting a hash # sign at the beginning of the line, in functions/bfa_theme_options.php and see if that helps?

    # “escape” => “yes”,

  122. taglife:

    hi~ that Atahualpa Theme Options: Homepage Meta Description and Homepage Meta Keywords Can not use Chinese characters? Become ��

  123. Flynn:

    @PM Philipps: 62
    The default terms in the theme options are not localized yet but will be in one of the next versions. You can edit/translate those terms on the Theme Option pages though. Only the hard coded terms in the theme files are localized. There is nothing to activate. If the “Leave a reply” above the comment form is in your language, then it’s working. See also http://forum.bytesforall.com/forumdisplay.php?f=11

  124. PM Philipps:

    Hi!!! This theme rockkksss! Anyway. I saw, there’s the languages .mo files in the root of the theme but does anyone knows how to use one of them and make it active? In my case the french one… Thaks! PM

  125. glitch:

    Hi. Thanks, I replaced the original search to google search.

  126. Brandon:

    Thanks for the tip on the footer! It didn’t resolve at first, but it’s probably due to the cache. Will figure it out from here on out. Thanks! Great theme!

  127. admin:

    @Brandon: See A. Theme Options -> Footer -> Footer Content. You can put HTML there.

  128. admin:

    @ray: I would have to see the error in action

  129. Brandon:

    Hi there,

    Can I ask where in the footer file you can place links

    I tried to simply enter it into the footer.php file, but it seemed to resolve up top above the header.

    Thanks in advance.

  130. ray:

    i have installed wordpress 2.7.1 and your theme 3.2, everything working fine except getting error-400-bad-request when put a comment in blog. It only happen in IE6 but FF3 or IE7 works fine. posted comment does show up even though it shows above error.
    Please advise. Thanks heaps in advance

  131. Flynn:

    @Sam: 53
    See http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=375

  132. Flynn:

    @Jason: 52
    I looked around but it seems the few free WordPress hosting services I found have a very limited and rather outdated selection of themes and Atahualpa doesn’t seem to be there. And WordPress.com itself rarely includes a new theme in their free hosted selection if at all. If you can speak Hungarian or manage to sign up then http://www.extra.hu/ has all you need for WordPress & Atahualpa and no banners either.

  133. Sam:

    Like everyone else, I’m loving this theme. I have a question: I’m interested in using the nextgen gallery/image rotator as a header image. I’m having trouble figuring out how, given the complexity of the code. Any pointers for me?


  134. Jason:

    Does anyone know of a free blog hosting site that allows you to use Atahualpa?

  135. Alex:

    Just dropped by to say THANK YOU for this wonderful theme. It’s really great work, and so user-friendly! In my opinion, Atahualpa sets new standards for WordPress Themes.

  136. Flynn:

    Replace around line 142-148

    <form .... </form>

    in functions/bfa_header_config.php with your google code

    searchform.php is for the search widget that you can put into a sidebar.

  137. Matthieu:

    I want to use search google in place of search fom wordpress.

    I put the google code in file searchform.php but it doesn’t work.
    How make it to use google search form with your theme ?

    Thanks for your answer.

  138. Help Needed!:

    […] free Atahualpa wordpress theme from here: BytesForAll WordPress WP Themes Atahualpa 3.2 released Atahualpa literally allows you to build fully customized web theme with any possible layout […]

  139. gustavo:

    I found a way to regenerate the thumbnails!
    Thanks anyway!

  140. gustavo:

    Hi Flynn,
    I am concerned about a mal function of my NextGen Gallery inside your theme. Have you been notice about it? The album’s thumbnails are showing empty spaces between some of them. Do you know why?
    Best Regards,

  141. doug:

    cannot get my own image to load into the header…it’s in my headers file as a jpeg. what gives?

    just uploaded this template today

  142. taglife:

    Atahualpa 3 in “WP’s Page” the “Comment” default may seem it is not shown, like my http://taglife.twbbs.org/guestbook
    Others do not have the means to write Comments in my guestbook.

    Threaded Comments I can not use. It only shows Edit, did not show a Reply.

  143. Flynn:

    @Roderick: The form’s input fields are probably not covered by the theme. Look into the CSS and header.php to add the form’s input classes or ID’s to the CSS and to the jQuery effects in header.php

  144. Flynn:

    @Boldizar: Look into the theme options at Header / Header Image as well. You’ll need to put the logo file name there, too. Uploading alone is not enough. To revert back to an older version upload that version. The theme settings should not be affected as they’re saved in the WordPress database

  145. Roderick:

    Very nice theme indeed, I’m creating a volleyball club blog for free, it is their 50 anniversary, and Atahualpa fits their needs perfectly.

    The form fields are not working properly, only the textarea is showing a background and a hover effect, the input fields do not.
    Is it by design? Or could be a problem of the Contact Form 7 pluggin?

    Thanks again m8.

  146. Autodesk Inventor FAQ Blog » Neues Jahr, Neues Layout!:

    […] weswegen ich auf dieses neue Layout umgestiegen bin. Das sog. “Theme” nennt sich Atahualpa und ist absolut top programmiert und das kostenlos! Danke! Wenn ich in nächste Zeit keine […]

  147. otto:

    thnx for forum link

    The background of the bar moved to the right. I added CSS:

    ul.rMenu {
    background: none;
    border: none;

    and it works.

  148. Boldizar:

    Your theme is far and away the best out there, but this new 3.2 release caused me to lose my images. I’d replaced the logo and header image with my own. When I go into theme options, it still shows my own file as the logo image, but it’s not loading.

    How do I undo the upgrade?

  149. Flynn:

    @Taglife: Yes, it supports threaded comments without plugin. The comments on your site seem to be in order. Please provide more details if I failed to see the error.

  150. Flynn:

    @Otto: See http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=122

  151. Flynn:

    @Voxx: Looks like you got the plugin working. The favicon seems to work, too. If not please provide more details

  152. taglife:

    hi~ Pages of the article, part of Comments be not show?
    Does this theme support Threaded Comments(no plugins)?

  153. otto:

    Thnx for your theme.
    How can I center the content in Page menu bar?

  154. Voxx:

    Oh forgotten,
    I use the subdomain co.cc, but the favicon shows only on the seconds Sites, the Homesite show the Subdomain fav.icon.
    What can i do, to show my own favicon on all Sides?

    Better see this on my Site!

    And exuse my bad English.

    Thx for yout Help.

  155. Voxx:

    Hi Flynn, another Question about Atahualpa.
    I will use the Snapshot Plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/snap-shots-for-wordpressorg/.
    Where in the Code is the right Place for this?

    Plugin says 😉 here: “Then go to your HTML document and paste the code snippet before the tag.”

    But i dont found in the Header.php?!

    Thx for your help!

  156. Francoise:

    Works perfectly now. 🙂 Thanks so much Flynn!!

  157. Flynn:

    @Francoise: That did again not go through but I looked at the plugin. To include it at the top of the main (content) column in the middle, find, in atahualpa/index.php (or atahualpa3/index.php), around line 12, this:

    <?php get_header(); ?>

    and put the code after it, so that you end up with:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php if ( is_home() AND !is_paged() ) {
    include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/content-gallery/gallery.php'); } ?>

    If you’re using a static page as the homepage, use this instead:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php if ( is_front_page() ) {
    include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/content-gallery/gallery.php'); } ?>
  158. Flynn:

    @Francoise: Use <pre lang="php">...</pre> to post code

  159. Francoise:

    Sorry the code I pasted into my comment didn’t save…


  160. Francoise:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on 3.20! I’ve upgraded successfully and am now in the process of tweaking the settings.

    I’m trying to install a plugin, featured-content-gallery.The instruction call to insert this code

    wherever in the theme files you want the plugin feature to appear.

    Can you tell me where in the new Atahualpa 3.20 theme files should I place this code so that this plugin will appear on my homepage?

    Thanks for all your help!

  161. Joe:

    This is the baddest theme I have found!

  162. Flynn:

    @taglife: Unfortunately not, in Atahualpa 3 the columns aren’t source ordered anymore, the main column comes after the left column in the source code. That is a disadvantage compared to version 2, however the layout of 3 is much more stable than that of 2 and that should easily outweigh the possible loss in SEO performance (and source ordering is one of the least proven SEO techniques with probably rather small impact).

  163. taglife:

    3 versions of it can be the first “Main Column” loading it? Like previous versions such as 2.21.
    “Main Column”, or can be put on the most left side of it?

  164. Thomas Greve:

    Hello Flynn,

    Thank you very much for your hard work. I like your Atahualpa Theme. We use it on my personal playground (my Website) and the official WorldCampusBlog.org All volunteers and staff of WCI are happy about the websites new and fresh look.

  165. Matthieu:

    Thanks, it’s working very well 🙂

  166. Flynn:

    @Matthieu: Try copying index.php to a new file 404.php and edit that file (404.php), that should work.

  167. Matthieu:

    Thank for your advise.
    I have a question, in your theme, they doesn’t have a page 404.php (sime like official theme).

    How can i add one ? Or how can i manage error 404 ?

  168. Flynn:

    Looks good. Seems you have not enabled “Email Subscriptions” at Feedburner yet, the Feedburner email link in the header throws an error.

  169. Matthieu:

    Thank you very much for this good theme. I used it on http://www.delfiweb.com

  170. Gustavo:

    Thank you very much Flynn!

    As you offer almost everything as a “click here to customize” I thought it would be the same way! But its ok! Its perfect!

    I am in Brazil! Where are you from? Please add me in your chat lists so we can talk! Right now I am going to bed, but some other time…later!

    Best Regards!

  171. Flynn:

    @Gustavo: Do you know how WordPress widgets work? Once you put your first widget into a sidebar that text in that sidebar will disappear. If you wanted to let the sidebars empty, you’d have to look into both header.php (left sidebar) and footer.php (right sidebar) and delete that text including the echo before and the semicolon after. Delete this:

    echo “text text …..”;

  172. Gustavo:

    Hi Flynn! I never thought I would find something like this. Your work is one of the best I have ever seen! My congratulations my friend!

    I have just upgraded to your new version, but now I got a big text on the sides of the website, like this: To put some content here, go to Site Admin -> Appearance/Presentation -> Widgets -> Select “Left Sidebar” -> Click “Show” -> Click on “Add” on one of the widgets on the left side -> Click “Save changes” -> Done…

    How can I make this disapear?

    Best Regards!

  173. glitch:

    uploading…. thank you so much. I hope I can see to the upgraded version what I really want, a full recent post and excerpts on the rest. If it is, I’ll be using the template to my other blogs.

  174. José Antonio Pastor González:

    Great work Flynn!!! Congratulations for your patience and skills and thank you for this enormous theme…

    Thanks again from Murcia, Spain

  175. Voxx:

    @ Flynn
    Thx for your Help, my Friend!

  176. Flynn:

    @Cartoon: Yes it would if you manually modified header.php. Same rules as with any FTP upload apply. See http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=200

  177. Flynn:

    @Wolforg: Once a month maybe but you wouldn’t need to follow each new version. It’ll be rather small updates, the theme is reaching a mature state.

  178. Cartoon:

    I have a question here, I’m using the 3.1.9 version, if I have modify the code in header.php, when I upgrade to 3.2 version, will the header.php turn back to normal??

  179. Wolforg:

    Hi Flynn,
    I’ll try it now, but will you make an update all the weeks ? 🙂

    Thanks for the link

  180. Najib Hassan:

    haih so fast update. just upgrade to 3.1.8 and suddenly got 3.2 😀 good work man!. and amazing custom menu too 🙂

  181. Flynn:

    See Atahualpa Theme Options -> Widgets -> Widget Title. Put something there like this:

    font-size: 1.2em;
    font-weight: normal;

    The default setting is font-size: 1.6em and font-weight: bold.

  182. Voxx:

    Thx for this nice new Version. I love your Theme!
    BTW how in the Code is the Size for the Widgets or Sidebar Titleheads?

  183. Flynn:

    @Jason Brantley: It works like any FTP upload. Existing files with the same file name would be overwritten. But theme options are in the database, and would not be affected by uploads. See http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=200

  184. Jason Brantley:

    Are there any gotcha’s to be aware of when upgrading to a new version of the theme, so I don’t lose any of my customizations?

  185. Beeswax:

    Thanks! I love this theme – it is amazing how customizable it is!