ThemeFrame RC1 released

ThemeFrame Release Candidate available at ThemeFrame.com 

Get ThemeFrame at a reduced price while it is in Release Candidate stage.  The price will increase in steps as ThemeFrame improves, and will reach its regular price once the RC stage is over. Existing users aren’t affected by any price increases, you get a lifetime license, no recurring payments. The earlier you get ThemeFrame the more you will save.

ThemeFrame lets you create WordPress themes in a visual environment that runs in your browser, on your desktop computer. ThemeFrame is not a theme itself (like “Premium WordPress Themes” usually are), but a program that CREATES WP themes:

Check out the ThemeFrame screenshots, docs, videos, forum at themeframe.com

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  1. David:

    the Themeframe link takes me to a search results page. Is the site still fiunctioning?

  2. M.Akif:

    Great Stuff! But does it work really!

  3. Fast:

    @ Flynn – Do you have something in place for affiliates??

  4. Rey:

    @Flynn – Where can I see sample templates done by ThemeFrame? Thanks

  5. Flynn:

    Beta is over, but you can still get ThemeFrame at a reduced price while it is in Release Candidate stage.

    The MAC issues were mainly caused by unusual PHP settings like “magic quotes” set to ON, in the default settings of Xampp and Mamp installations on Mac’s. This can usually be fixed with a few mouse clicks.

    All these “wrong” settings are usually set correctly on Windows & Wampserver/Xampp.

  6. Bedarf:

    Is this an investment worth? Have someone experience with it?

  7. AharonMoshe:

    Great Stuff! But does it work really!
    I have seen two web sites using this thing. If it was so easy to use this software I would think there would be dozens of sites to show!

    Being stuck in Beta sounds like a great marketing method, but does the product work well now. Paying between $7-$30 for various templates is one thing, while paying in the area of $80 to $180 is quite another. I have been considering two or three other products in this range.

    Flynn reading the comments here and being a newly “evolved” Mac OS user who now dables in Unbuntu and is thinking of going Open Source CMS like Drupal, I am not yet sold. Show us how this thing works, and give us some kind of trial that requires some cash to really kick in to “all that it can do”

    Its much easer to spend money than make money in the webworld! So sell it to us, or let us take it for a test drive!



  8. AharonMoshe:

    Just looking for some assurance that maybe you will have a version that will work on a Mac? Why not a 30-day trial?

  9. janpolsen:

    Is there any update on the mac issues?

    I am very eager to buy a license, but having read that there are some serious mac issues gives me seconds thoughts.

    Are the current mac issues being looked into and promised fixed in the near future or have you given up on fixing them?

    … and how seriouse are the issues in the first place? Is TF unusable on a mac or?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Acouphene:

    Same question…

  11. Googler:

    is the beta version still available?

  12. Hubert:

    Is the beta over or is there still a place open ?


  13. john:

    nice. can’t wait to try it.

  14. AharonMoshe:

    “..Count me in the Mac users with issues – I assume you are talking about the lack of pop-out when right-clicking????”””…
    ……….@Les Hall:
    The CSS Inspector now pops up on “left double-click” instead of single right-click.”….

    Perhaps if you listed some of the “Mac” issues then perhaps some new to Mac but love it people like me would consider plunking down the $80 bucks. As you can see from my website I love your them so much I sometimes hesitate to customize it. I have kept it so long it has become part of the “look” of my site!

  15. Flynn:

    @Les Hall:

    The CSS Inspector now pops up on “left double-click” instead of single right-click.


    No, but you can get a refund within 30 days. billing AT themeframe.com

  16. John:

    Is there a way to test themeframe before to invest?

  17. Les Hall:

    Count me in the Mac users with issues – I assume you are talking about the lack of pop-out when right-clicking????

  18. Flynn:

    @mrsdesignsherman: We have a *few* Mac users with issues, which I am looking into, out of currently over 1,000 Beta users. I am sorry to hear that TF didn’t work out for you. Refund sent.

  19. mrsdesignsherman:

    @Flynn: I am a Mac user and I have been disappointed that I paid $80 for software that I spent time and money on and haven’t been able to use successfully. Will this new version work well on a Mac? I really hope so!! If not, you should let Mac users know so that they don’t waste their money.

  20. Flynn:

    Some MAC users still have issues but overall most users can create themes with it now. The development was slow for a few months but now the updates are coming in more frequently. A new version is coming out within a few days.

  21. mrsdesignsherman:

    So glad to hear this! I was starting to worry that development on this product had stopped and I didn’t find the most recent version to be very stable.