Atahualpa 3.6.7 released (was 3.6.6)

UPDATE:  Atahualpa 3.6.7 released.

In 3.6.7:

  • custom widget areas work again, same usage
  • plus 2 more bugfixes (1 Typo and this )

In 3.6.6:

This version has 2 big changes due to changes in the requirements for themes listed at wordpress.org (no file operations, no custom PHP code):

  • No file operations: Import settings by copying the (content of) the settings file and pasting it into the Atahualpa Theme options – instead of being able to directly upload the settings file. Not a big hassle I think. You probably won’t be importing styles all the time.
  • No custom PHP code anymore: After the “Eval” function was not permitted anymore in themes, the alternative “stream wrappers” caused issues on all hosts where Suhosin was installed. The remaining option “temp. files” isn’t an option either because that requires file operations again. Atahualpa was one of few themes, if not the only one, to offer the ability to add custom PHP through theme options. This is not possible anymore in themes listed on wordpress.org. There might be workarounds or even alternative theme options in the near future, here or on the forum


See all 8 Bugfixes of Paul, at http://forum.bytesforall.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12, everthing with 364-XX and a few more by me.

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  1. Lutz Lagemann:

    I’m developing a website for a friend (no blog) with your nice theme Atahualpa. If I do an update of the theme all my theme images for the header and the background are deleted.

    Can I prevent the deletion of own images instead of backup and restore?

  2. Ovcio:

    It seems to insist on doubling the post title even if I check the box not to. Anytime I make changes to the post I have to go back and delete the title that is autofilled. This is extremely annoying.

  3. Palem-id:

    Nice theme with great feature

  4. Amanda:

    like question 43, I am trying to figure out why the posts are scrunched up as the spaces after punctuation get swallowed up?

    I tried to go on forum and also am banned forever.

  5. Shannon:

    II have the same problem as metabarb, above. updated to the newest version yesterday and now my headings are messed up. It’s created duplicates for every post and page. I tried manually fixing it on the most recent two posts but it didn’t really work. I also noticed that it’s swallowing spaces after punctuation marks in the headings.

    Please let me know how to fix this (I tried the support forum already); I really like this theme and did a lot to get my blog looking the way I want it, I don’t want to change it and start all over again.

  6. Umesh:

    Thanks Flynn!

  7. Flynn:

    I suggest to move to the newest version as you seem to be using 3.5.3. If you want to stick with that version, make sure you have all files uploaded from that one version, and not a mixture of files from different versions. It seems you’re missing a file, the one that contains the “bfa_html_inserts” function

  8. Char Bennett:

    Im using your theme on one of my clients sites: http://www.arizonamortgageguru.com/ and he just recently called me and said the site is down and its displaying an error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bfa_html_inserts() in /home/toddschw/public_html/wp-content/themes/atahualpa353/header.php on line 22

    I opened the header.php file and line22 is:

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  9. Robert Betz:

    I have the same problem with google adwords…

    anyone has a solution?

  10. Flynn:

    @Umesh: Yes your ISP was blocked. I lifted the IP ban, please try again.

    I issued some heavy handed IP range banning in the past weeks. We were spammed into pieces by this new type of spam bots. I am lifting the bans again, slowly, one by one. Our new spam measures seem to work without IP bans

  11. Umesh:

    Why is the forums down? I get a Forbidden error…or is my ip address blocked?

  12. Kekcsi:

    Why does it swallow spaces after colons and commas?

  13. Trevor:

    I cannot get google ads to work on the new theme, works ok with other themes and Atahualpa 3.4.9 anyone with ideas on how to solve this problem.

  14. Sakshin:

    I would like to update from 353 to 367. In the themes preview i get an error message straight away, error 500. How do I upgrade? What files do i need to copy? The settings file for example I cannot locate. Please advise.

  15. Mario:

    Hi, I started using this theme, but cannot change it to use the Spanish translation. MO and PO files are in the correct path, changed wp-config.php tu use ‘es_ES’ but comments dialogs are still in English. Any help on this will be very appreciated.

  16. Adiyansyah:

    Amazing theme for free,wow

  17. ve may bay gia re:

    I met problem with font Vietnamese when changing host from Dreamhost to another. I don’t know why it is? My site also use wordpress too. Are there any one here meet this before?

  18. Darren Littlejohn:

    I love the theme but it has a strange bug. It seems to insist on doubling the post title even if I check the box not to. Anytime I make changes to the post I have to go back and delete the title that is autofilled. This is extremely annoying.

  19. Beverley:

    I have just installed new WordPress, but it does not seem to allow me to install Atahualpa theme. There is no ‘install themes’ tab on the Themes page… there is only an option to use the default theme or choose from a list of others. When I search for Atahualpa, it claims to know nothing!
    I ahve been using Atahualpa for several other sites and do not want to change from this familiar and great theme. Am I doing something wrong?

  20. Jimmy Craig:

    I forgot… I also get a message “Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy.” in the footer that is related to the Official StatCounter Plugin ver 1.6.1 – which inserts a notice at the bottom of the page. No plugin, no message, plugin installed, message.

  21. Jimmy Craig:

    @tmr – I upgraded to 3.6.7 after 3.6.5 crashed with the new WP 3.2.0 upgrade. Irreversibly. Now I have the same problems as tmr. I found part of it – I use the WPUnique plugin and that seems to aggrevate the problem. It disappears when I delete WPUnique, reappears when I reinstall. I have another problem – the title on posts is repeated, like “Hey there I’m Back!Hey there I’m Back!” That one I haven’t traced down yet – I think there are still a few glitches in Atahualpa 3.6.7 – hope you sort them out soon – geocogen.org is a corporate website and I can’t wait much longer!

  22. David:

    I am a newbie. A friend of mine swears by the Atahualpa theme.

    The page template — when it is adjusted through the “control panel” options, if I can call it that, is the template set globally for all pages?

    My website has three sections and I’d like to use this Theme but I need to have a different page template for the different sections. Is that possibole with this Theme and can someone point me to where I can learn to make it work?

  23. TheBabe:

    I absolutely love this theme but it doesnt work with the wp ecommerce grid layout 🙁 any chance it ever will?

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  25. Rāma Putra Īśvara:

    We really need footer widgets.

  26. mg:

    Thank u so much, I use your theme on my blog, no doubt it is the BEST wp theme in the world.

  27. Lauren A:

    Hi – have you noticed or had any reports of Atahualpa crashing in WordPress 3.2.1? I’m getting a fatal error message and wondering if it’s connected to the WordPress update, given forum comments that it can crash certain themes. Anyone else having this issue?

  28. Craig Hesser:

    P.S. I forgot to add that “fatal error” here means that I cannot get into the WP admin function or see the site in any way – this is an urgent case!

  29. Craig Hesser:


    I set up on Atahualpa 3.5.4 a few months ago, and with the recent WP upgrade to 3.2, there is a fatal error in bfa_footer.php:

    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘”‘ in /home/…/wp-content/themes/atahualpa/functions/bfa_footer.php on line 8”

    Do you have a fix? I would rather not upgrade the theme because there are a lot of modifications here and there…

    Is a child theme possible with Atahualpa? Theoretically, this would be the solution for carrying over modifications (although I have never done this before).

    Thanks in advance…

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  31. Debra:

    I for one am glad to see the big changes in this version. Since moving from GoDaddy to A Small Orange, the most recent version I’ve been able to use was 3.5.3. Anything newer resulted in a plain white screen being displayed. And since I have WP set up as what was MU, I also have three versions of Atahualpa installed so not to have to mess with the header image plug-in for multi-site use. I’m glad to be able to ditch 3.5.1 for good and get full use out of custom menus now on all of my sites that are using this theme.

    I understand some people’s unhappiness over this though, if I was using custom PHP inserts I’d be a little upset too.

  32. James:

    I’ve upgraded to 3.6.7 (although the theme options say “new in 3.6.6” while just above that it says “Atahualpa 3.6.7”.) After the upgrade, my rotating header images don’t rotate with js. I get a new image on each refresh, but before this update, they were rotating every 6 seconds. What happened? And yes, I confirmed that “Rotate header image with javascript” is still set to 6.

  33. Kreativ Theme:

    Thanks for the theme and the new update. Atahualpa has major influence in creating my own theme, Oceania.

    Thanks once again your work!

  34. Carolyn:

    Thank you for doing away with those stream wrappers. I was advised to go with another theme entirely because of this issue and I wasn’t about to change hosts. I really love this theme and I’m glad that I can keep using it.

  35. JoNova:

    Help! Yes, I depend on allowing custom php on a couple of my pages, and I don’t want to lose that. My INDEX for starters is one of my favourite essential compilations.

    Oh No! Can I use an older theme?? My current theme is a very old atahaulpa, but I don’t want a full upgrade if I lose that…

  36. tmr:

    Since I upgraded to 3.6.7 from 3.6.4 the text on my pages runs together. The sentences looklikethis. I went back and installed 3.6.4 again but that didn’t help. In WordPress it says that my current site theme is Atahualpa 3.6.4 but when I go into theme options, it still says 3.6.7. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? I also tried going in through the back end and rolling the site back to the date before I did the upgrade. No luck there either.

  37. Dustin- muscari:

    I find this extraordinary tool bytesforall, but I want to buy.
    Want to know if I can edit with it other wordpress themes?

  38. holake:

    atahualpa.mo not affect after change in atahualpa.pot…..can anybody help me?

  39. melani:

    a beautiful theme… Thank you! atahualpa theme’s very cool, I like it and use

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    […] šablonu vzhledu WordPressu jsem zaměnil za šablonu Atahualpa, s jejíž starší verzí jsem dříve v menších obměnách znetvořil web IPA – CZECH […]

  41. Ame:

    I am more than satisfied with this theme. However can you tell me if there is any way to upload my own choice of fav icon.

  42. Russ Woodman:

    I love the Atahualpa theme. I use it for almost all of my web sites running WordPress. Would you consider adding a feature called %pagecat where you can list selected pages and categories in a single menu bar rather than separately? Otherwise, Atahualpa has everything I need. Thanks!

  43. KaMaToZzz:

    In new version doesnt work JavaScripts, in themes, in plugins.
    How turn on JavaScripts?

  44. Are:

    How to control caching? Some of features of my blog are incompatible with caching anf it looks like atahualpa started to do more agressive caching of the widgets and posts?

  45. KaMaToZzz:

    This http://www.clickonf5.org/related-posts-slider plugin is not work on this version themes. Help some one to fix it?

  46. metabarb:

    After upgrading to version 3.6.7, all my post titles are displaying twice, the second one running right behind the first. It does not look good. Any ideas?

  47. Lythande:

    Custom widget areas work again, but I can no longer add them to my front page without editing index.php, right?

  48. Jon May:

    This has broken support for a nice photo gallery plugin, WordPress Flippingbook, that employs Adobe Flash. When a page with one of the flipping book gallery displays, it thinks Adobe Flash is not installed. I had to go back to v3.6.4 to fix the problem. As much as I have liked Atahualpa, guess I’ll have to be more careful about automatically upgrading to new versions of from now on, too. 🙁

  49. Mindoza:

    Hi guys. I am using this theme for 2 years already and I am very happy with it.
    Not many things missing here. But one of them is a possibility to set a background picture for the menus. Or even two fields for background picture.
    With something like that more light weight volumen effect could be reached

    background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #fcfcfc, #000 23%, rgba() 56%, #f2f2f2 63%, #bfbfbf);
    background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, center top, center bottom, from(#fcfcfc), to(#bfbfbf), color-stop(23%, #000), color-stop(56%, rgba()), color-stop(63%, #f2f2f2));

    Thanks again

  50. Patrick Koning:


    Great job, the plugin works partially. Before it didn´t work anymore. Only having problems with the tag cloud widget wich doesn´t take the colours of link def and link hover settings.

    Can you fix this?

    Thanks, Patrick

  51. Scott:

    IS there a way for an older version (3.6.4 in my case) to be automatically upgraded? I had thought that was available at one point.

  52. sudipto:

    NO PHP from theme options — That means its an end of theme upgrading for me and many like me who uses a lot of php for the design. Since eveytime from now on if there is a version update then we will have to manually edit the theme files to update to the newer version.

    Flynn please come up with something so that we can update the theme easily. May be something like Thesis theme or Hybrid which has hooks so that we can easily insert PHP without editing the theme.

    Anyways thanks Flynn for creating such a marvelous theme

  53. Jakob Smith:

    Thank you very much. I’m very happy that the ability to add custom widget areas stays in the theme.

  54. wittyusername:

    “No custom PHP code anymore” wtf?

    1. So if i upgrade will all my custom php get trashed?

    2. how the heck do i customize the theme now? template files? this seems like a HUGE step backwards no?

    3. can i continue to install 3.6.4 and use custom php?

  55. Hobbiespanama:

    LOL, I just installed 3.6.4 2 days ago. Any problems if I install this normally?