All open comments answered, updates coming next

I answered all open questions as far as I can see. Within a few days I should have installed WP 2.5 along with a neater system to test and showcase the current themes in various WP versions up to 2.5) and on a huge sample blog loaded with lots of content to test all kinds of real life blog situations. After that I’ll release my newest theme (white, 3 col., drop downs) and finally I’ll update the existing themes with some maintenance fixes, like missing next/previous links, some floating issues and others.

Had to take a little timeout

My wife bought a house and I had to replace the mouse with the rotary hammer for a while. I’ll need another few weeks before I can get back to my WP themes. Just letting you know that this site and the themes are still being maintained. Theme updates and new themes are coming soon – stay tuned. Here’s a little preview of the next theme, it has multi level drop downs for pages and cats, avatars built in, author comment highlighting, and a few other things:

Newest theme, Drop Down Mania, soon to be released

Cats Drop Down not 2.2 / 2.1 compatible yet

Although featured as 2.2/2.1 compatible by me, “Cats Drop Down” doesn’t work with WP 2.1 or 2.2 yet, only with 2.3. I will have a fixed version online within a couple days, need to finish my newest theme first which is almost done.

I am also in the process of changing my internal setup and this site here to allow for better/faster theme testing, downloads, ratings etc. You’ll be able to test all themes online, just like now, but additionally in 2.2 and 2.1, and on a huge sample site with all kinds of posts, comments, pages, categories.

Just to let you know that a lot of good WP stuff is going to be released here, so stay tuned.

Cats Drop Down

WordPress theme with 3 level drop down / fly out menu for the categories and 2 tier navigation for the pages. Other features include: Adsense ready, widget ready, options page, auto seo features, valid XHTML, browser-safe (IE6, IE7, Opera, Safari, Firefox). Instructions on how to add your Adsense code or your own header and/or footer image are included in the theme. Scroll down to download / test run “Cats Drop Down”:

Cats Drop Down WordPress Theme

Download “Cats Drop Down” v. 1.0

Test run Cats Drop Down

New WP Theme: Montezuma

A new WordPress theme: Montezuma

3 columns, fluid width, widget ready, options page, Auto SEO features, optional 2-tier navigation for “Page” pages, and some more…

Visit the test run and download page for “Montezuma”

New WordPress theme: Atahualpa

This just in: Atahualpa, a new 3 column, fluid width, white Theme with changeable logo and header image. Go to the download and test run page for Atahualpa

BFA Imageless

A new 3 columns fluid WordPress theme, widget ready ready and with options page.

This theme is totally imageless. You can customize every single color of this theme on the options page.

Auto SEO options: Add “nofollow” or “noindex, follow” to specific pages and links, auto generation of meta keywords and meta description, and optimized title tag.

Go to the BFA Imageless download page.

“Bytes For All”, “BFA Round Tabs” and “Willy the Cat” updated

Updates available for all three WordPress themes, Bytes For All, BFA Round Tabs and Willy the Cat.

This is not a critical update, especially if you do not notice any strange behaviour on your site. It really depends on your style of writing posts and pages. The error occurs only if you do things such as

  • using the default float:left setting
  • AND: using images within list items
  • AND: the text that wraps around that image is not long enough to wrap around the whole image

Nonetheless the site-wide float setting can produce some ugly results under specific conditions such as the one mentioned above, so I dropped that “feature” alltogether and the new versions do not have it anymore.

Instead, you are now encouraged to use the old style “alignment” setting in the WordPress editor’s image editor (click the Tree icon when in the editor). That is a more intuitive way of dealing with text wrap around images, and besides that you can align images left and right at the same time with that, whereas the site-wide image float allowed only one alignment direction.

Willy the Cat

A new, fixed width WordPress theme with 2 columns. It is widget ready and has an options page. Changing the header image is easy, in case you don’t like Willy.

Go to the Willy the Cat download page

Willy the Cat

Both WordPress themes updated

4 minor CSS fixes for both themes. Click the “WordPress themes” in the top navigation bar above for more info.

Download Bytes For All v. 1.15

Download BFA Round Tabs v. 1.04